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2019 NFL Online Betting

NFL Betting Online

While other sports are trying to catch up, the NFL remains the most wagered on sport in the country. Fans are diehards of their own team, and because each club only plays once a week, there is plenty of time to examine how well the others are doing in a given year. Some of the perennial contenders are set to be good again in 2019, as the defending champion New England Patriots will no doubt be on the shortlist to win another Super Bowl with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick leading the way. The New Orleans Saints are another top team led by the longtime duo of Drew Brees and Sean Payton.

There is also a new guard of teams trying to break through as well. The Los Angeles Rams made it to the Super Bowl a season ago but fell short of the championship. The Kansas City Chiefs are another team with great firepower, led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

NFL Week 6 Betting Preview

Five weeks are in the books and NFL bettors have even more data to make informed decisions on how the games could play out moving forward. Week 5 saw the Houston Texans vent some frustration upon the Atlanta Falcons, the Denver Broncos log their first win of the season, the Indianapolis Colts avenge their playoff defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers let it be known that they’re for real after taking the Cleveland Browns out behind the woodshed and serving up a good ‘ol fashioned beating on Monday Night Football. Week 6 has four teams on bye which includes the Oakland Raiders who sprung a pretty surprising upset in London over the Chicago Bears. All of the 28 other teams will be in live action so let’s dig into the prime time games and see what they offer up! Continue

Odds to Win NFL Super Bowl LIV

New England Patriots +235
Kansas City Chiefs +541
New Orleans Saints +690
San Francisco 49ers +1300
Green Bay Packers +1306
Philadelphia Eagles +1508
Dallas Cowboys +1725
Los Angeles Rams +2200
Seattle Seahawks +2200
Minnesota Vikings +2725
Full List
Baltimore Ravens +2929
Houston Texans +3300
Chicago Bears +3600
Carolina Panthers +3650
Indianapolis Colts +4250
Los Angeles Chargers +4500
Buffalo Bills +5500
Cleveland Browns +5500
Detroit Lions +8500
Tennessee Titans +10000
Jacksonville Jaguars +10500
Oakland Raiders +11500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +20000
Atlanta Falcons +32500
Pittsburgh Steelers +32500
New York Giants +40000
Denver Broncos +60000
Arizona Cardinals +100000
New York Jets +200000
Cincinnati Bengals +600000
Washington Redskins NL
Miami Dolphins NL

Odds To Win NFL American Conference

New England Patriots -118
Kansas City Chiefs +235
Baltimore Ravens +1480
Houston Texans +1685
Indianapolis Colts +2165
Los Angeles Chargers +2275
Cleveland Browns +2700
Buffalo Bills +2750
Tennessee Titans +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars +5300
Oakland Raiders +6000
Pittsburgh Steelers +15000
Denver Broncos +30000
New York Jets +100000
Cincinnati Bengals +300000
Miami Dolphins +500000

Odds To Win NFL National Conference

New Orleans Saints +315
San Francisco 49ers +580
Green Bay Packers +593
Philadelphia Eagles +685
Dallas Cowboys +815
Los Angeles Rams +985
Seattle Seahawks +985
Minnesota Vikings +1250
Chicago Bears +1635
Carolina Panthers +1685
Detroit Lions +3850
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9000
Atlanta Falcons +16000
New York Giants +18500
Arizona Cardinals +46500
Washington Redskins +500000

View updated odds to Win Super Bowl LIV for all 32 teams here!

NFL Betting Props

NFL Regular Season Win Total Odds

Among the most popular features of pro football betting is NFL regular season win totals. In fact, that rise in popularity is such that most online sportsbooks are aggressive about promoting win total wagers and getting the numbers up as early as possible. For gamblers the possibilities are endless. As are the opinions. One of the most overlooked factors about wagering on regular season win totals is the fact that such a bet gives you action for the entire season. Not only is it economical but it’s a fun way to stay in the game for the entire year. As with any other form of pro football wagering assessment of value is key. More

NFL Offensive Player of the Year

Patrick Mahomes, the record setting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, is the likely favorite to repeat as NFL Offensive Player of the Year for the 2019 season. Mahomes won the 2018 award going away and gamblers are likely to flock to him for a repeat as the Chiefs are tabbed as one of the top alternatives to the New England Patriots as far as winning the Super Bowl. One NFL betting factor that gamblers must keep into account is the fact that, with the exception of San Francisco 49ers receiver Jerry Rice in 1993, a quarterback or running back has won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year every year. And in fact, quarterbacks have won four of the last five seasons. Two active quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, have won the award twice. More

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

It has been a long time since a rookie has had such a league wide impact as has Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. What is most remarkable about Murray that he entered the 2018 college football season as the new starting quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners. In fact, there were considerable doubts about Murray being able to replace OU’s 2017 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Baker Mayfield. Further, Murray was already signed by the Oakland Athletics for what was expected to be a lucrative Major League Baseball career. But Murray flourished under Oklahoma mastermind head coach Lincoln Riley and won his own Heisman Trophy while leading the Sooners to the College Football Playoff. As a result, he flipped the script as the unexpected top pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. Now Murray begins his pro career as the favorite to win the 2019 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. More

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

At the onset of the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award in 1967 with Detroit Lions cornerback Lem Barney, some of the greatest names in pro football history have won the honor. Claud Humphrey, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas, Brian Urlacher, Ndamukong Suh, Joey Bosa and Marshon Lattimore are among those who have won this prestigious award. Last year Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award winner. As for 2019 one of the most talented rookie classes in recent memory means that gamblers will have plenty of great choices with the NFL odds. More

NFL Coach of the Year

Ironically enough the National Football League head coach that wins the NFL Coach of the Year honors is often not the best coach. In fact, most of the time it will go to the coach that led a team to an unexpectedly good season. A perfect case in point was from the 2018 season when Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears led that team from a 5-11 record in the 2017 campaign before he took over to a 12-4 record last year as champions of the NFC North. The same thing happened when Sean McVay won the 2017 NFL coach of the Year honors with the Los Angles Rams. In 2016 the Rams finished 4-12. Following that McVay was hired and led the Rams to an 11-5 improvement. So, wagering on the NFL Coach of the Year is often a wager on which team will be the most improved. More

NFL Season Props

One of the great pleasures of pro football betting is the vast buffet of choices a gambler can make when it comes to prop bets for the season. NFL season prop bets are a great way to have action all season with just one bet. Most important of all you have more choices than ever before entering the 2019 season. Prop bets can be made for virtually any situation or category and can be made well in advance of the season opener. In most cases a prop bet will not be decided until the end of the season which make it an enjoyable pastime for pro football fans and those the wager on the NFL. More

American Football Conference Teams

New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Texans Los Angeles Chargers
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans Oakland Raiders

National Football Conference Teams

Philadelphia Eagles Chicago Bears New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams
Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins Minnesota Vikings Carolina Panthers San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants Detroit Lions Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arizona Cardinals
NFL Football Picks

NFL Regular Season Schedule

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Live Lines

  • Time
  • Teams
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Odds
  • Oct 17

    5:20 PM

    • 303
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • -3-125
    • o48½-105
    • -175
    • 304
    • Denver Broncos
    • +3+105
    • u48½-115
    • +151
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 451
    • Arizona Cardinals
    • +2½-101
    • o48½-110
    • +133
    • 452
    • New York Giants
    • -2½-119
    • u48½-110
    • -153
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 453
    • Houston Texans
    • PK-104
    • o48-105
    • 454
    • Indianapolis Colts
    • PK-116
    • u48-115
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 455
    • Miami Dolphins
    • +16½-105
    • o38½-110
    • +787
    • 456
    • Buffalo Bills
    • -16½-115
    • u38½-110
    • -1275
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 461
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
    • -3-121
    • o44-108
    • -170
    • 462
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • +3+101
    • u44-112
    • +148
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 463
    • Los Angeles Rams
    • -3-109
    • o54-115
    • -155
    • 464
    • Atlanta Falcons
    • +3-111
    • u54-105
    • +135
  • Oct 20

    10:00 AM

    • 465
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • -10-107
    • o41½-105
    • -475
    • 466
    • Washington Redskins
    • +10-113
    • u41½-115
    • +367
  • Oct 20

    1:05 PM

    • 467
    • Los Angeles Chargers
    • +2-110
    • o39-106
    • +110
    • 468
    • Tennessee Titans
    • -2-110
    • u39-114
    • -130
  • Oct 20

    1:25 PM

    • 469
    • Baltimore Ravens
    • +3½-110
    • o50½-108
    • +163
    • 470
    • Seattle Seahawks
    • -3½-110
    • u50½-112
    • -190
  • Oct 20

    1:25 PM

    • 471
    • New Orleans Saints
    • +3+105
    • o38½-105
    • +155
    • 472
    • Chicago Bears
    • -3-125
    • u38½-115
    • -180
  • Oct 20

    5:20 PM

    • 473
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • +3-120
    • o48½-115
    • +135
    • 474
    • Dallas Cowboys
    • -3+100
    • u48½-105
    • -155
  • Oct 21

    5:15 PM

    • 475
    • New England Patriots
    • -9½-115
    • o42-105
    • -485
    • 476
    • New York Jets
    • +9½-105
    • u42-115
    • +374

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