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College Football Betting

College Football Betting

There is nothing like being a kid on Christmas morning. Except for one notable exception. The morning of a regular season college football Saturday just might be better.

Each Saturday during the college football regular season, there are dozens of games on the board running from morning through past midnight. The possibilities are endless for gamblers.

And with college football, the various styles of play that different teams use set it apart from the NFL, where everyone basically runs the same thing, but with varying levels of ability. College football has, by all accounts, the best regular season of any sport. However, that may be in danger in the years ahead.

Although college football has the best regular season, its postseason is horrible. The combination of fake bowl games that serve as nothing more than live TV content and competitive imbalance in its playoff is sparking change.

The College Football Playoff will likely expand for the 2022 season to 12 teams. The ramifications of this are both good and bad. Teams that would normally be out of the playoff race in November will be in the thick of the fight. But teams that are guaranteed to make the CFP will certainly turn to "load management" and save their players for the postseason.

With all of this in mind, traditional rivalry games such as Michigan vs. Ohio State and Auburn vs. Alabama, among others, could turn into passionless snoozefests that resemble late-season NFL games with nothing on the line.

As for 2021-22, the format remains the same. There will be four College Football Playoff teams, a fantastic regular season, and some really bad bowl games. Also expected is the same lack of competitive balance that sparked all of these future changes. As usual, Alabama and Clemson are the top two favorites to win it all.

Since the 2014 season, the College Football Playoff has been the postseason mechanism to determine the national championship. In the CFP era, the Alabama Crimson Tide have three national titles and five championship game appearances. The Clemson Tigers have two national championships and four championship game appearances. While the Ohio State Buckeyes have one national championship and two appearances in the national championship game.

With such domination, TV ratings for the CFP have fallen. The national championship game drew the lowest TV ratings on record last year. As a result, the college football conclave of clods finally figured out that their product doesn't sell and that they must try and offer more variety to fans. Thus, the call for playoff expansion.

The problem for the 2021 season is that the same power teams are almost certain to make the CFP yet again. Clemson dominates the basketball-centric Atlantic Coast Conference. At the same time, Alabama is consistently superior in the Southeastern Conference. Ohio State has full command of the Big Ten Conference as the Oklahoma Sooners dominate the Big 12. Recruiting rankings always have these teams at the top of each annual class. The best players in the country want to play for a national championship. They only see a handful of schools that can get them there.

Part of the fun of college football Saturday is the massive amount of available gambling options. Sides, totals, halves, quarters, moneylines, props, and live betting keep things hot all day and night. And don't forget about parlays, teasers, contests, and special promotional offers.

With so many games on the board, it's easier to find weak lines. Especially compared to what's offered in the NFL. Best of all, college football produces weekly upsets and surprises that have fans and gamblers coming back for more!

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