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The world of cycling is one which isn't ventured into often by bettors, but often times, it's a great way to make some quick cash while taking advantage of betting lines the general public stays away from.

The cycling calendar is actually a heck of a lot deeper than just the Tour de France, the event which is most recognizable to most casual observers. There's actually some sort of cycling competition held virtually every week of the year, and often times, there are many going on at one time. The only month which road racers tend to take off is in December for the holidays. However, once January revs up again, it's back on the bike to get ready for more.

The biggest events of the year are the Giro d'Italia, the British National Road Race Championships and of course, the Tour de France. The Giro d'Italia is an event held for three weeks in May. The British National Road Race is merely a three-day competition which many uses as one last big-time prep for the Tour de France, an event which spans essentially the entire month of July.

In order to excel at cycling, bicyclists have to overcome a number of terrains. Yes, it certainly helps to be able to ride across a flat surface, but it's mountain climbing and the ability to hit maximum speed which keeps cyclists at the top of their game. It's a skill that not many have, and it's no wonder why there are only a handful of racers every year who seem to have a shot in the top competitions.

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