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Basketball Betting OddsFrom October to June, there's always something going on for fans who can't get enough action on the hardwood. Basketball season runs from the start of the NBA season in October through the end of the NBA Finals in June. In the middle though, college basketball takes over the main sports scene in February and March, the best months of the year for basketball bettors. With international basketball running year-round though, there's always something out there for bettors who believe that ball is life.


Obviously, the most important form of basketball betting comes in the NBA. The 30 teams in the NBA duke it out over an 82-game schedule followed by a 16-team playoff.

There are more betting options in the NBA than any other sport. Every night, you'll be able to find quarter betting, halftime betting, second half betting, moneylines, totals, spreads and props for virtually every game on the board. When it comes to be playoff time, the list of betting options expands dramatically.


Most don't realize that the college hoops season gets started in November, but by the time the games start to get really serious in January, most can't take their eyes off of the collegiate game.

There are well over 300 teams in Division I college basketball, and well over 200 of those squads have betting lines on their games every single night. The clubs play around 30 games in the regular season before heading to their conference tournaments in March.

And of course, the NCAA Tournament changes all of the rules for betting. Whereas props aren't available for most college basketball games, you can find props on every game in the dance. First half and second half betting along with spreads, totals and moneylines are commonplace though for every game on the board.


There are a number of international basketball leagues and tournaments which has betting lines for. FIBA Tournaments and the Olympics always garner the most attention, though several leagues across Europe also have betting lines available.

Generally speaking, only spreads and totals for full-game wagering are available for international basketball, though for the Summer Olympics held every four years, the betting options are always expanded.


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