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The top players in the world are ready for another year of soccer, spread throughout several different leagues and countries. The English Premier League is one of the best in the world, as is the German Bundesliga. The Champions League brings together all the top clubs to face off in some of the most competitive soccer on the planet. The World Cup is a time when the top players return to play for their native countries.

There are top clubs throughout Europe which pay handsomely to get the best players for their clubs. They routinely dominate their leagues and then get together in the Champions League. Barcelona will aim to defend its title but the other clubs are also stacked with stars. Traditional powers like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus will aim to knock them off. The MLS and other smaller leagues will hold their championship matches as well throughout 2018 in soccer wagering.

Major Sports Events Cancelled

So the NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer and all other major sports events have been cancelled. Guess what, it’s not the end of the world. The Corona virus outbreak has had a huge effect on the world of sports. With the major events being suspended indefinitely the betting community has been looking for a place to go. If you use social media then you have probably noticed an increase of post by your friends and others on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This is because most of us are confined to our homes either in a self quarantine or work from situation. We are accustomed to being with or around other people all the time and this virus has all of us stressed out. We are connecting online because of our amazing advances in technology.

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International Soccer Tournaments & Leagues

UEFA Champions League

There is no club tournament more prestigious than the Champions League. Domestic glory is great, but the exclusivity of the Champions League makes this the best competition around. In domestic leagues, you can take some games off or rest your stars. There is typically an enormous gap between the haves and the have-nots, so it’s not hard to do this and not get punished. However, the Champions League is where the best of the best in European football play, and you have to constantly be on your ‘A’ game or else you might be eliminated from the tournament.

UEFA Europa League

The Europa League might play second fiddle to the Champions League on the continent, but it is still an important tournament in its own right. The vast majority of clubs and domestic leagues will never be able to seriously compete for Champions League glory. There is a massive disparity in resources between Europe’s behemoths and everyone else, so it’s just not feasible to think that teams from smaller nations can have much success in Europe’s premier tournament. However, the Europa League gives these smaller clubs a chance on a more level playing field, and we have seen some amazing stories and surprising results over the years.

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English Premier League

The Premier League is beloved by fans across the world. England is considered to have one of the richest soccer histories, and with that comes generations of supporters. Families live and die with their clubs, making matches here some of the most passionate that you find anywhere in the world.

Spanish La Liga

If you want to see the best of the best play, La Liga is the league for you. Over the last decade, the best club football has been played in Spain. Superstars like Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann have been the most well-known names, but there is an abundance of talent in this league.

Italian Serie A

Serie A does not get the respect that it deserves. It doesn’t have the same prestige as some of the other domestic leagues in Europe, even though it has the same tradition and success on the European level. International football is largely what have you done for me lately, so more recent fans don’t have the same appreciation for Italian soccer that they do for other countries. However, the three big Serie A clubs are among the most decorated in the world.

German Bundesliga

Germany has won more World Cups than any other European country, and many of its stars make their living playing in the Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is not as well-followed as some of the other major leagues in Europe, but no league is more beloved by its own country. With an average of over 45,000 paying fans in attendance per game, it has the highest average attendance of any football league in the world. Only the NFL has a higher average attendance among professional sports leagues.


The success of Major League Soccer is now a model for other nascent sports leagues to emulate in America. The MLS was founded as part of a push to get soccer to catch on in the States in concurrence with the U.S. hosting the 1994 World Cup. Interest in the national team surged after the World Cup, and hopes were high for the MLS once it started play in 1996. However, things were touch and go for a number of years before the league stabilized this decade.

Mexican Liga MX

The best domestic league in North America is Liga MX. Although it may be overshadowed by its neighbor to the north and some of the big European leagues, top-flight football in Mexico is some of the best in the world. Numerous stars have come out of, and still play in, Liga MX, and its fans are among the most dedicated you will find. Liga MX has the fourth-highest attendance of any football league in the world.

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