2022-23 English Premier League Soccer Betting

2022-23 English Premier League Betting

England Premier League Soccer Online Betting

The English Premier League just finished its 30th season, and it is more popular internationally than ever. While there was a lot of grumbling when six clubs engineered the Premier League’s breakaway from the English FA, that move ended up making English soccer more popular than ever. It has helped maintain some parity in the Premier League too, unlike the other four major leagues that are dominated by one or two clubs. All six teams that qualified for European play can conceivably win the Premier League, but Manchester City and Liverpool are the two favorites.

Current Champions – Manchester City

Once again, Manchester City are the favorites coming into the Premier League season. They have now won four of the last five league titles, and Liverpool is the only club that has consistently been able to challenge their supremacy. Manchester City spent £51 million pounds to acquire Erling Haaland to be their new center forward and £42 million to snatch midfielder Kalvin Phillips from Leeds United this summer, so the Citizens are once again the team to beat although they sold off Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko to Arsenal and Raheem Sterling to Chelsea.

Champions League Teams – Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur

Currently, an English team is favored to win the Champions League. Manchester City and Liverpool are the two favorites, and Chelsea isn’t far behind. We have seen English clubs make it to the Champions League Final six times in the last five years, as two of the Champions League Finals were all-English affairs. That bodes well for all four clubs in this year’s competition, although Tottenham Hotspur are seen as a bit of an outsider despite making it to the finals four years ago.

Europa League Teams – Arsenal, Manchester United

Both Arsenal and Manchester United have the resources and depth to not be as bothered by the rigors of Europa League play as other clubs, but this is not where either team wants to be next year. Although UEFA has tried to make the Europa League more amenable to the larger clubs, it is still hard for these teams to go to far-flung locations for mid-week matches. The Gunners and Red Devils have both been to Europa League Finals in the last five years though.

Promoted – Fulham, Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest

Fulham’s drop down to the Championship was short lived, as the Cottagers ran away with the Championship title last year, netting 100 goals and finishing with a +63 goal differential. Bournemouth finished right behind Fulham to win promotion to the Premier League once more, while the playoff was won by a club that we haven’t seen in the highest tier of English soccer in the 21st Century. Nottingham Forest are one of the oldest clubs in England (founded in 1865), and they won two European Cups in the 1970s, so they have more history than most of the teams playing in the Premier League.

Relegated – Burnley, Watford, Norwich City

Unfortunately, both Watford and Norwich City were one-and-done on their return to the Premier League. They were promoted before the start of last season and were the two worst teams all year as both the Hornets and Canaries finished with under 25 points.

Everton managed to stay up after flirting with relegation for much of the year, and Burnley ended up dropping down to Championship after five years in the Premier League. It’s a tough blow for the Clarets, but the last time they were relegated, they responded by winning the Championship the following year.

English Premier League Winners (2000)

2021-2022 Manchester City F.C.
2020-2021 Manchester City F.C.
2019-2020 Liverpool F.C.
2018-2019 Manchester City F.C.
2017-2018 Manchester City F.C.
2016-2017 Chelsea F.C.
2015-2016 Leicester City F.C.
2014-2015 Chelsea F.C.
2013-2014 Manchester City F.C.
2012-2013 Manchester United F.C.
2011-2012 Manchester City F.C.
2010-2011 Manchester United F.C.
2009-2010 Chelsea F.C.
2008-2009 Manchester United F.C.
2007-2008 Manchester United F.C.
2006-2007 Manchester United F.C.
2005-2006 Chelsea F.C.
2004-2005 Chelsea F.C.
2003-2004 Chelsea F.C.
2002-2003 Manchester United F.C.
2001-2002 Arsenal F.C.
2000-2001 Manchester United F.C.
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