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BookMaker Cryptocurrency Betting

BookMaker Cryptocurrency Betting

Bookmaker offers cryptocurrency as an easier, cheaper, safer and more reliable option for deposits and withdrawals. BookMaker Sportsbook is now accepting more than 60 cryptocurrencies for daily transactions. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and more than 90% of our customers use Bitcoin for funding their BookMaker accounts. Regardless of which cryptocurrency you choose, setting up your cryptocurrency wallet is easy to do, transaction fees are low and the cryptocurrencies are anonymous and not controlled by a central authority or government.

A cryptocurrency is basically an Internet currency that is not controlled by any central authority. Most cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which is basically just a digital ledger that records all transactions. The first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology was Bitcoin, released in 2009. Bitcoin is now the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and used to buy and sell goods around the world. There were over 17 million bitcoins in circulation as of February 2019. There are now nearly 2,000 other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin in circulation today.

There are many advantages to using cryptocurrencies to transfer funds, including speed and anonymity. There is also the huge plus of transferring funds without a third party such as a bank or credit card company. Users simply transfer their cryptocurrency from what is called an e-wallet to wherever they want it to go, whether that is to an individual or a business. Crytpocurrency fund transfers are done with low processing fees and done very quickly.

The best way to think cryptocurrency is as an Internet currency. You can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just as you would other currencies. The cryptocurrency is typically based on a blockchain that is basically a digital transaction database. Bitcoin is considered the first decentralized crytpocurrency and it was released in 2009.

Cryptocurrency actually dates back to 1983 when ecash was developed, but none of the early cryptocurrencies gained any traction. In 1995 it was Digicash that was developed, but it also didn’t attract a big following. It was not until 2009 when bitcoin hit the market that people really started to pay attention to cryptocurrency.

There are many advantages to using crytpocurrency instead of currencies like the dollar or Euro. A cryptocurrency has no central authority and that means there is no government in control of the currency. The transactions made using cryptocurrencies are also more anonymous than those used with dollars or Euros, and anonymity is oftentimes very important to sports gamblers. Sending and receiving a cryptocurrency like bitcoin is also very fast and the transactions are reliable.

Each cryptocurrency has a list of records of their transactions called a blockchain. It is simply a digital record with a timestamp and transaction data. Once recorded, the data in a block can’t be changed unless the entire network is changed.

People who use cryptocurrency to send and receive money to sportsbooks or other businesses have what is called an e-wallet. It is simply a place where the addresses for the cryptocurrency are stored. It is similar in some respects to an online bank, although the control of the e-wallet is with the individual.

Simply buy a cryptocurrency and use it to fund your BookMaker account today!

BookMaker Cryptocurrency Options
BCH Bitcoin Cash BTC Bitcoin ETH Ethereum
LTC Litecoin XMR Monero DASH
1ST FirstBlood ANT Aragon BAT Basic Attention Token
BNT Bancor BLK Blackcoin BTS Bitshares
CVC Civic CLAM Clams DCR Decred
DGB Digibyte DOGE Dogecoin EDG Edgeless
EOS ETC Ethereum Classic FCT Factom
FUN FunFair GAME GameCredits GNO Gnosis
GNT Golem GUP Matchpool KMD Komodo
LBC LBRY Credits NMC Namecoin XEM NEM
NMR Numeraire NXT OMG OmiseGO
POT PotCoin REP Augur RDD ReddCoin
RLC iExec SALT SC Siacoin
SNT Status START Startcoin SNGLS SingularDTV
SWT Swarm City TRST WeTrust VRC VeriCoin
XRP Ripple ZEC Zcash ZRX Ox
BTCD BitcoinDark DGD DigixDAO DNT District0x
EMC Emercoin ICN Iconomi LSK Lisk
MAID MaidSafe OMC Omnicoin NBT NuBits
NVC Novacoin PAY TenX PPC Peercoin
TKN TokenCard USDT Tether VOX Voxels
XCP Counterparty
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