NFL Monday Night Football Betting Online

NFL Monday Night Football Betting

NFL Monday Night Football Betting

NFL fans and gamblers enjoyed a significant upgrade in quality both in the boot and on the field for 2022 Monday Night Football. The broadcasting tandem of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman was first-rate and far better than what fans and gamblers have been subjected to for the past several years.

Monday Night Football began in 1970 as an experiment that immediately became a national sensation. The program became the week's biggest game until NBC Sunday Night Football took over that status in 2006. After the success of NBC Sunday Night Football, the NFL stopped making Monday Night Football a serious priority. The quality of matchups suffered, and the broadcast teams became second-rate. Finally, ESPN and the NFL decided to fix Monday Night Football, and those efforts showed in 2022.

The first regular season game was a great example of the ESPN and NFL partnership for Monday nights. The Seattle Seahawks hosted the Denver Broncos in a high-profile game that marked the return of QB Russell Wilson to Seattle in his debut with the Broncos. The Seahawks scored a thrilling 17-16 win in a game that set the tone for both teams’ seasons.

Another game that served warning to fans and gamblers was in week four when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-9. The Rams may have been defending Super Bowl champions but were no match for the 49ers, who would go on to dominate the NFC West. Los Angeles began its descent into a lost season from hell that ended without a playoff berth.

One of the best Monday night games of the year came from one of the NFL’s top rivalries. In week five, The Kansas City Chiefs got past the Las Vegas Raiders 30-29 in a thriller that ended when Raider receiver Davonte Adams stormed off the field and shoved a cameraman down to the ground that was in his way. It was another thriller in a rivalry with its share of controversy, high stakes, and incidents.

In week six, the Los Angeles Chargers helped set the tone for their playoff push with a 19-16 overtime win over the Denver Broncos. Denver began the season as the favorite to unseat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. But the arrival of QB Russell Wilson proved to be all hype and no substance. Denver suffered one of its worst campaigns since its 1960 founding.

In week seven, the woeful Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots 33-14 in a game with historic context. Patriots coach Bill Belichick was trying to break the late great Bears legend George Halas for the most career wins in NFL history. But the Bears would have none of it. Had New England prevailed, they would not have been in the position of needing a win in their final game to gain the playoffs.

In week 12, the Pittsburgh Steelers began their climb toward playoff contention with a 24-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were favored to win the AFC South but instead suffered through a lost season that has fans wondering if a rebuild is coming.

The Green Bay Packers began their comeback campaign with a 24-12 win over the Los Angeles Rams in week 15. Green Bay was given up for dead earlier in the season, but the win over the Rams gave them a shot to gain the playoffs.

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Monay Night Football Betting Schedule

Week 1 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 17-16
Week 2 Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans 41-7
Week 2 Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings 24-7
Week 3 New York Giants Dallas Cowboys 16-23
Week 4 San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Rams 24-9
Week 5 Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders 30-29
Week 6 Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos 19-16 (OT)
Week 7 New England Patriots Chicago Bears 14-33
Week 8 Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals 32-13
Week 9 New Orleans Saints Baltimore Ravens 13-27
Week 10 Philadelphia Eagles Washington Commanders 21-32
Week 11 San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals 38-10
Week 12 Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers 17-24
Week 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints 17-16
Week 14 Arizona Cardinals New England Patriots 13-27
Week 15 Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Rams 24-12
Week 16 Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Chargers 3-20
Week 17 Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills Postponed

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