Carolina Panthers 2023-24 NFL Season Recap

Carolina Panthers NFL Season Recap

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I can’t even begin to tell you how painful it’s been to cover the 2023-24 Carolina Panthers over the course of the NFL betting season. We’re talking 18 weeks of covering utter failure from upper management to the coaching staff to the overall play on the field. It was ugly folks and I must admit I’m truly grateful that this will be the last time I think about anything Carolina Panthers related until next season.

Before the season even got started I was scratching my head about the moves this franchise made. Can any of you tell me why the front office thought it was a wise move to bring in Frank Reich? The dude failed miserably when it mattered most throughout his time calling the shots in Indianapolis and got fired because of it. But instead of reentering the league as an assistant coach to potentially land another head coaching gig down the line, Carolina made it a point to ink him to a head coaching deal even before Super Bowl LVII was played? Say what! Well, that experiment lasted all of 12 weeks and absolutely zero growth was sustained under his watch. Just terrible decision making from the questionable decision makers of this franchise!

Rewinding a bit here; the Panthers send over a king’s ransom to the Chicago Bears in order to secure the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. They tab Bryce Young as their guy and then go out and surround him with a bunch of young nobody’s as well as veterans Adam Thielen and D.J. Chark Jr. Immediately after that pick was made, the Houston Texans used their No. 2 pick on C.J. Stroud. The rest as they say was history. Houston goes on to win the AFC South. DeMeco Ryans is possibly named the Coach of the Year Award Winner. Stroud wins the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

Meanwhile, Young struggles mightily throughout his rookie campaign playing to a 73.7 QB rating by way of throwing for 2,877 yards and 11:10 TD/INT ratio while completing short of 60 percent of his passes. For reference sake, Stroud played to a 100.8 QB rating, threw for over 4,100 yards, and racked up 23 touchdown passes to just five interceptions. So who were these so-called talent evaluators that clearly swung and missed? They should be shown the door as well! I can’t even imagine what it was like for Panthers fans watching the success in Houston while their franchise set itself back a number of years en route to winning a total of two games and amassing a bankroll killing 4-11-2 record against the closing NFL odds.

And to add even more insult to injury, the No. 1 pick that came from the horrid output has since been handed over to the Chicago Bears. I’m telling you, that trade will go down in NFL history as one of the worst to have ever been executed. To dig the knife in even deeper, Carolina never once lead for a second in the fourth quarter all season long. Not once! That made NFL history with the two wins coming off field goals as time expired- Gross!

Carolina Panthers 2024 Offseason

I truthfully have no clue where this franchise goes from here. It’s about to anoint its fifth head coach in the last six seasons. The team is owned by a billionaire baby that thinks it’s acceptable to throw drinks at the opposing teams fan base. The Panthers don’t have a first round pick and only have six picks in this year’s draft that starts with the first pick of the second round (No. 33).

The running game proved to be the strength of the offense with Carolina ranked No. 20 overall for an average of 104.1 yards per game. Chuba Hubbard earned the starting RB1 gig in my opinion rushing for 902 yards and 5 TD, but he’ll need to improve his 3.8 yard per carry average to make whichever coaching staff takes over a believer. The offense also has a nice young talent at the wide receiver position in Jonathan Mingo who wasn’t nearly used to his full capabilities in his rookie season. The book is also still out on Terrace Marshall Jr. Hopefully the front office unearths a solid offensive mind to call the shots for this young group, but I wouldn’t count on it!

Provided the defense can finally avoid the injury bug, I think Carolina looks decent on that side of the ball. While it ranked No. 29 in scoring defense, much of that had to do with the offense turning it over 20 times and ranking sixth worst in third down conversion percentage. One only has to look at the defense ranking No. 4 overall in allowing fewer than 294 yards per game – only the Jets, Chiefs, and Browns surrendered less! That being said, the unit sorely needs an excelled pass rusher with the Panthers registering a league-low 27 sacks. With that, one of the main priorities of the offseason should be to fill that void.

Carolina Panthers Schedule & Results

Week 1 at Atlanta Falcons L 10-24 0-1
Week 2 vs. New Orleans Saints L 17-20 0-2
Week 3 at Seattle Seahawks L 27-37 0-3
Week 4 vs. Minnesota Vikings L 13-21 0-4
Week 5 at Detroit Lions L 24-42 0-5
Week 6 at Miami Dolphins L 21-42 0-6
Week 8 vs. Houston Texans W 15-13 1-6
Week 9 vs. Indianapolis Colts L 13-27 1-7
Week 10 at Chicago Bears L 13-16 1-8
Week 11 vs. Dallas Cowboys L 10-33 1-9
Week 12 at Tennessee Titans L 10-17 1-10
Week 13 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers L 18-21 1-11
Week 14 at New Orleans Saints L 6-28 1-12
Week 15 vs. Atlanta Falcons W 9-7 2-12
Week 16 vs. Green Bay Packers L 30-33 2-13
Week 17 at Jacksonville Jaguars L 0-26 2-14
Week 18 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers L 0-9 2-15

Carolina won the NFC championship in 2003 and 2015 but failed to win the Super Bowl. The Panthers were born as a 1995 expansion team. Ron Rivera led Carolina to four playoff berths from 2013 through 2017. Cam Newton won 2015 NFL MVP honors as the Panthers' quarterback.

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Carolina Panthers Past Seasons (2000)

2023 2-15 None
2022 7-10 None
2021 5-12 None
2020 5-11 None
2019 5-11 None
2018 7-9 None
2017 11-5 Lost Wild Card Round
2016 6-10 None
2015 15-1 Lost Super Bowl
2014 7-8-1 Lost Divisional Round
2013 12-4 Lost Divisional Round
2012 7-9 None
2011 6-10 None
2010 2-14 None
2009 8-8 None
2008 12-4 Lost Divisional Round
2007 7-9 None
2006 8-8 None
2005 11-5 Lost Conference Championship
2004 7-9 None
2003 11-5 Lost Super Bowl
2002 7-9 None
2001 1-15 None
2000 7-9 None

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