Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LVII Betting

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Betting

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Betting

Head coach Bruce Arians led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the second Super Bowl title in franchise history in 2020.

Last year the Bucs finished 13-4 but lost a heartbreaker in the final seconds to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Playoffs. Brady retired a couple of days after the game. But a few weeks later, Brady returned to the fold. As soon as Brady’s comeback was announced, Arians announced his “retirement” from coaching. He will remain in the Bucs front office.

Later it was discovered that Brady flew to England with the Glazer family that owns the Bucs and the Manchester United soccer team. Brady took in the Man U game with the Glazers and flew back with them. It was speculated that they all agreed to Arians being kicked upstairs in return for Brady coming back.

Todd Bowles was promoted to head coach. What the truth is, nobody knows for sure. But Brady is back, which is what everyone wanted most of all.

NFL Futures Betting Odds

To win Super Bowl LVII: +777

To win NFC Conference: +305

To win NFC South Division: -333

NFL Week 1 Betting Odds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1

Dallas Cowboys +1

Total: 53

*Odds as of June, 2022

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule & Results

Week 1 at Dallas Cowboys - -
Week 2 at New Orleans Saints - -
Week 3 vs. Green Bay Packers - -
Week 4 vs. Kansas City Chiefs - -
Week 5 vs. Atlanta Falcons - -
Week 6 at Pittsburgh Steelers - -
Week 7 at Carolina Panthers - -
Week 8 vs. Baltimore Ravens - -
Week 9 vs. Los Angeles Rams - -
Week 10 vs. Seattle Seahawks - -
Week 11 BYE
Week 12 at Cleveland Browns - -
Week 13 vs. New Orleans Saints - -
Week 14 at San Francisco 49ers - -
Week 15 vs. Cincinnati Bengals - -
Week 16 at Arizona Cardinals - -
Week 17 vs. Carolina Panthers - -
Week 18 at Atlanta Falcons    

Tampa Bay has NBC Sunday Night Football dates in week one at the Dallas Cowboys, week four against the Kansas City Chiefs, and week 16 at the Arizona Cardinals. Tampa Bay is on Prime Video in a week eight Thursday Night game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Bucs will host the New Orleans Saints in a week 13 ESPN Monday Night Football matchup. And then Tampa Bay has a date in Europe against the Seattle Seahawks in a week eight NFL Network morning game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Past Seasons (2000)

2021 13-4 Lost Divisional Round
2020 11-5 Won Super Bowl
2019 7-9 None
2018 5-11 None
2017 5-11 None
2016 9-7 None
2015 6-10 None
2014 2-14 None
2013 4-12 None
2012 7-9 None
2011 4-12 None
2010 10-6 None
2009 3-13 None
2008 9-7 None
2007 9-7 Lost Wild Card Round
2006 4-12 None
2005 11-5 Lost Wild Card Round
2004 5-11 None
2003 7-9 None
2002 12-4 Won Super Bowl
2001 9-7 Lost Wild Card Round
2000 10-6 Lost Wild Card Round

Founded in 1976 as an expansion team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost the first 26 games of their existence. It was a portent of things to come for most of their history.

It is true that the Buccaneers have two Super Bowl championships. But it is also a fact that most of the Bucs' history has been one of losing and ineptitude. From 1976 through 1996, the Bucs made the NFL Playoffs only three times.

Finally, in 1997, the Bucs began a sustained period of success. Head coach Tony Dungy led Tampa Bay to the postseason in four of his final five seasons. But Dungy could not get the Bucs to the Super Bowl. Fairly or not, Dungy was fired and replaced by Jon Gruden in 2002.

Gruden led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl championship in his first season on the job. Many Dungy supporters bitterly said that Gruden won with Dungy’s team. Subsequently, Dungy moved on to the Indianapolis Colts and won a Super Bowl in 2006.

Certainly, Gruden had his share of fans with his “Chucky” demeanor and cocky attitude. But Gruden’s Bucs did not gain the playoffs in the two years after winning the Super Bowl. Gruden produced just two playoff teams in his final six seasons before getting fired.

From 2008 through 2019, the Bucs failed to make the playoffs. All of that changed when Tom Brady arrived for the 2020 campaign. In his first season away from Bill Belichick and the Patriots, Brady led the Bucs to the Super Bowl championship in a dominant upset of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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