NFL Sunday Night Football Betting Online

NFL Sunday Night Football Betting

NFL Sunday Night Football Betting

The most popular television show in the United States is Sunday Night Football on NBC. The NFL always gives NBC one of the best games on the schedule and the Sunday Night Football game is usually the most popular game of the week for bettors. It used to be that Monday Night Football was the biggest game of the week, but that has not been the case for more than a decade. Sunday Night Football on NBC gets the marquee games, while Monday Night Football gets the third or fourth choice before the season begins. The first game of the season for the Sunday Night Football team of Mike Tirico, Chris Collinsworth and Melissa Stark takes place on Thursday night and it usually features the defending Super Bowl champs in action. The Sunday Night Football schedule then begins a few days later.

The 2022 NFL regular season opener for Sunday Night Football had the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a high-profile matchup between Tom Brady and the Bucs and Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. It was not much of a game, as the Bucs won a dull, defensive game by a score of 19-3. The action didn’t get much better in Week 2, as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers rolled over the Bears 27-10.

Week 3 of Sunday Night Football in Week 3 was a weird game, as the Broncos beat the 49ers by a score of 11-10. It was one of the uglier games of the season, as neither offense did anything. It was almost the exact opposite in Week 4, as Kansas City went into Tampa Bay and outscored the Bucs, winning 41-31.

Sunday Night Football finally got a good game in Week 5 with the Baltimore Ravens pulling out a 19-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Philadelphia Eagles took out the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6, winning 26-17. Another of the ugly games on Sunday Night Football took place in Week 7 with the Dolphins winning 16-10 over the Steelers.

Week 8 had a high-profile matchup between Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills and Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Bills controlled the Packers, winning 27-17.

One of the better games for Sunday Night Football occurred in Week 9 with the Kansas City Chiefs pulling out a 20-17 win in overtime against the Tennessee Titans. Another competitive matchup occurred in Week 10 with the 49ers just getting past the Chargers, winning 22-16.

The Chiefs made yet another appearance on Sunday Night Football in Week 11 and it was one of the better games on the schedule with the Chiefs pulling out a 30-27 win over the Chargers. It was another high scoring game in Week 12 with the Eagles outscoring the Packers 40-33.

The biggest rout of the season on Sunday Night Football took place in Week 13 with the Cowboys routing the Colts 54-19. You may not remember that the Colts actually led that game 10-7.

The Chargers got past the Dolphins in Week 14, winning 23-17 and in Week 15 it was the Giants winning 20-12 in Washington. Week 16 saw an overtime game between the Cardinals and the Buccaneers that Tampa Bay won 19-16. Week 17 was a rivalry matchup between the Ravens and Steelers that Pittsburgh pulled out 16-13.

The regular season finale of Sunday Night Football was a win and get in matchup for the Green Bay Packers, as they hosted the Detroit Lions. The Packers couldn’t do their job and lost 20-16 at home, allowing the Seattle Seahawks to make the playoffs.

The Wild Card matchup on NBC on Sunday Night Football had the Bengals getting past the Ravens 24-17 to advance to the NFL Divisional Playoff round.

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Sunday Night Football Betting Schedule

Week 1 Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-19
Week 2 Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears 27-10
Week 3 Denver Broncos San Francisco 49ers 11-10
Week 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas City Chiefs 31-41
Week 5 Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals 19-17
Week 6 Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys 26-17
Week 7 Miami Dolphins Pittsburgh Steelers 16-10
Week 8 Buffalo Bills Green Bay Packers 27-17
Week 9 Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans 20-17 (OT)
Week 10 San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Chargers 22-16
Week 11 Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs 27-30
Week 12 Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers 40-33
Week 13 Dallas Cowboys Indianapolis Colts 54-19
Week 14 Los Angeles Chargers Miami Dolphins 23-17
Week 15 Washington Commanders New York Giants 12-20
Week 16 Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16-19 (OT)
Week 17 Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers 13-16
Week 18 Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions 16-20

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