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2020 NFL Preseason Betting

NFL Preseason Betting

Once upon a time preseason games were used to get starters in shape for the regular season. Before the 1978 season pro football teams played an astounding six exhibition games each. Starters would often play into the second half and, more often than not, teams actually tried to win.

However now days each team plays four preseason games and key players are barely utilized. New players and reserves get most of the playing time as they compete for final roster spots. Concurrently in this era, the object of a preseason game is to simply make sure that key players are not injured for when the regular season opens. Teams with new head coaches or coordinators will use preseason to iron out new schemes and play calling systems. Additionally, NFL preseason games are known for having a lot of mistakes and penalty flags.

The NFL preseason is supposedly disliked by almost everyone for the poor-quality farce it has become. Yet even those who rip the exhibition matchups must be watching and wagering as these games draw higher TV ratings and betting handle than regular season games from any other sport.

Some sharps like betting on preseason games when they can get information on which teams will play their top players more or less in a game. Live betting has become quite popular in NFL preseason for that reason as well.

Preseason Week 1 Schedule

Thursday, August 13
New York Giants at New York Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams
Las Vegas Raiders at Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts
Detroit Lions at New England Patriots
Friday, August 14
Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers
Saturday, August 15
Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers
Tennessee Titans at Washington Redskins
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers

Both the Rams and Chargers will make their respective debuts at new SoFi Stadium, which they share, in week one of the NFL Preseason.

Preseason Week 2 Schedule

Thursday, August 20
New York Jets at Detroit Lions
Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans
Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers
Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins
Friday, August 21
Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals
Las Vegas Raiders at San Francisco 49ers
Saturday, August 22
Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers
New York Giants at Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals
Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos
Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, August 23
New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers
Monday, August 24
Washington Redskins at Indianapolis Colts

Week two preseason national TV action includes the Jets at Lions on ESPN, Jaguars and Buccaneers on CBS, Saints at Steelers on FOX, and the Redskins at Colts at ESPN.  Most important of all Tom Brady will be making his home debut for Tampa Bay.

Preseason Week 3 Schedule

Thursday, August 27
Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Chargers at Seattle Seahawks
Detroit Lions at Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles
Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints
Friday, August 28
Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets
Saturday, August 29
San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears
Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars
Green Bay Packers at New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, August 30
Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns
Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

For week three preseason, the Bengals at Falcons game is on CBS with the Vikings at Browns on FOX and the Panthers at Ravens on NBC.  Week three is known as the most important week of preseason with regular starters getting the most playing time of any exhibition game on the schedule. 

Preseason Week 4 Schedule

Thursday, September 3
Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals
New England Patriots at New York Giants
Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins
Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams at Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans
Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans
Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers
New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions

There are no national TV games in week four of preseason. The fourth preseason game features the most substitutions with regular starters often held out of the game completely.

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