Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting Odds

Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting

Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting

Gamblers are always bullish on the Dallas Cowboys.  At least the casual and fan-oriented players, that is. There is a reason that Dallas is known as "America's Team." The Cowboys have the largest following in the NFL. With that comes a large amount of fanboy money that is factored into the price by oddsmakers. Further, the marketing genius of owner Jerry Jones is a significant influence, too. Jones earns all of the heat he gets for football decisions and results. But when it comes to imaging and marketing of the Cowboys, nobody in pro sports does it better. For the 2021 season, there is a legitimate reason for Dallas fans to have some optimism of winning the NFC East, but beyond that is a reach.

2021 Dallas Cowboys Betting Odds

Odds to win Super Bowl: +3568

Odds to win NFC Conference: +1515

Odds to win NFC East Division: +126

2021 Regular Season Win Total: 9.5

Second year head coach Mike McCarthy arrived with great fanfare from the Green Bay Packers, where he led the Pack to the 2010 season Super Bowl championship. McCarthy arrived at Dallas refreshed and with what he said were new ideas. However, he inherited a team with no defense and lost his quarterback, Dak Prescott, in the season's fifth game. Prescott returns, and the defense has been refortified with the first six picks of the 2021 NFL Draft and new coordinator Dan Quinn.

On the whole, the Cowboys' 2021 NFL Draft was slightly above average. Linebacker Micha Parsons was the 12th overall pick out of Penn State and meets an immediate team need.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott gained 979 yards, just under the 1000-yard threshold he reached three times in his career. He also caught 52 passes in the McCarthy offense.

Despite Prescott missing most of the season, wide receiver Amari Cooper caught 92 passes, good for 1114 yards and five touchdowns. Rookie and first round draft pick CeeDee Lamb added 74 catches for 935 yards and five touchdowns.

If Dallas had just a mediocre defense, they would have won the NFC East. Instead, they ranked 28th for points allowed and were rendered helpless in most games. Quinn arrives from Atlanta, where he was head coach. His Falcons teams were derided for the inability to hold leads, making him a curious choice as a new coordinator.

Dallas Cowboys Schedule & Results

Week 1 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - -
Week 2 at Los Angeles Chargers - -
Week 3 vs. Philadelphia Eagles - -
Week 4 vs. Carolina Panthers - -
Week 5 vs. New York Giants - -
Week 6 at New England Patriots - -
Week 8 at Minnesota Vikings - -
Week 9 vs. Denver Broncos - -
Week 10 vs. Atlanta Falcons - -
Week 11 at Kansas City Chiefs - -
Week 12 vs. Las Vegas Raiders - -
Week 13 at New Orleans Saints - -
Week 14 at Washington Football Team - -
Week 15 at New York Giants - -
Week 16 vs. Washington Football Team - -
Week 17 vs. Arizona Cardinals - -
Week 18 at Philadelphia Eagles - -

It can be argued that the Cowboys' poor on-field results make them unworthy of opening the season on NBC Thursday Night Football at Tampa Bay. However, it can also be argued that Dallas brings TV eyeballs like few other teams.

NFL Football Picks

Cowboys Past Seasons (2000)

2020 6-10 None
2019 8-8 None
2018 10-6 Lost Divisional Round
2017 9-7 None
2016 13-3 Lost Divisional Round
2015 4-12 None
2014 12-4 Lost Divisional Round
2013 8-8 None
2012 8-8 None
2011 8-8 None
2010 6-10 None
2009 11-5 Lost Divisional Round
2008 9-7 None
2007 13-3 Lost Divisional Round
2006 9-7 Lost Wild Card Round
2005 9-7 None
2004 6-10 None
2003 10-6 Lost Wild Card Round
2002 5-11 None
2001 5-11 None
2000 5-11 None

Head coach Jimmy Johnson passed up a shot at a record third consecutive Super Bowl championship following the 1993 season as he couldn't stand to be around the unsufferable Jones for another minute. Barry Switzer won the 1995 season Super Bowl with the team Johnson built, and that was the last time Dallas played on Super Sunday.

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