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NFL Regular Season Win Total

NFL Regular Season Win Total

Among the most popular features of pro football betting is NFL regular season win totals. In fact, that rise in popularity is such that most online sportsbooks are aggressive about promoting win total wagers and getting the numbers up as early as possible. For gamblers the possibilities are endless. As are the opinions. One of the most overlooked factors about wagering on regular season win totals is the fact that such a bet gives you action for the entire season. Not only is it economical but it’s a fun way to stay in the game for the entire year. As with any other form of pro football wagering assessment of value is key.

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2019 NFL Win Total Odds at

New England Patriots 11
Kansas City Chiefs 10.5
Los Angeles Rams 10.5
New Orleans Saints 10.5
Philadelphia Eagles 10
Chicago Bears 9.5
Green Bay Packers 9.5
Indianapolis Colts 9.5
Los Angeles Chargers 9.5
Atlanta Falcons 9
Cleveland Browns 9
Dallas Cowboys 9
Minnesota Vikings 9
Pittsburgh Steelers 9
Seattle Seahawks 9
Baltimore Ravens 8.5
Houston Texans 8.5
Jacksonville Jaguars 8
San Francisco 49ers 8
Tennessee Titans 8
Carolina Panthers 7.5
Buffalo Bills 7
Denver Broncos 7
New York Jets 7
Detroit Lions 6.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.5
Washington Redskins 6.5
Cincinnati Bengals 6
New York Giants 6
Oakland Raiders 6
Arizona Cardinals 5
Miami Dolphins 4.5

Betting on NFL Regular Season Win Totals

To wager on NFL win totals you are simply betting on a team to go over or under the total listed on the board. For example, the Arizona Cardinals opened with a 2019 regular season win total of five. That means that to win an over bet on Arizona the Cardinals would have to win a total of six regular season games. By contrast to win a bet on the Cardinals to go under the total, Arizona would have to win less than four games.

Most Common Mistakes and Worst Approaches

The most common mistake that handicappers make in regard to betting on NFL regular season win totals is betting on last year or past records. Which of course leads to the New England Patriots. For the 2019 season the Patriots opened with a regular season win total of 11. Which ironically enough was their win total for the 2018 season. Yet like with anything else in regards to betting on the NFL odds, the causal public will bet on the Patriots reputation for winning championships and bet the over. Of course, New England is the marquee brand in the NFL. But assessing their 11 wins over or under is based on current factors, not the past.

Factors to Consider

Wagering on pro football win totals begins with an honest assessment of a team itself. Roster depth, coaching changes, new and departed players and schedule are all important factors. The division a team plays in is another important factor to consider. The NFC West has been relatively weak the past two seasons with the Los Angeles Rams powering against much weaker competition. That has been a built-in advantage for the Rams but also a factor in betting the other teams in the division under the win total. The schedule of course relates to the ability of other teams which must additionally be assessed.

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The Chicago Bears improved from 5-11 in 2017 to a record of 12-4 in 2018. Resembling a stock that outperformed expectations they should take a step back this year.

NFL Odds: Chicago Bears under 9.5 wins for 2019!

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