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The 2023 USFL season was another success. For the second consecutive year, the Birmingham Stallions won the championship. Most importantly, the league completed its schedule without a blip, and everyone was paid on time. The USFL proved itself as the best spring football league in history, just as it was in its first iteration from 1983-85.

Still, TV ratings were not strong, and there is a reality that the league must confront. Spring football can work; in the USFL’s case, it has a niche. But the USFL is not a major league. And Second-rate football in the spring is a tough sell against the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and major league baseball.

USFL Betting Odds

USFL President of Football Operations, Daryl Johnston, expressed surprise at the slight drop in the league’s second-season TV viewership compared to the revamped XFL’s numbers

According to figures, the USFL viewership across all games in 2023 dropped 16% from its debut season to 601,000 viewers, 3% lower than the XFL’s first season, despite the USFL having a more favorable distribution. The XFL chose not to comment on this.

Aside from viewership concerns, Johnston also highlighted the USFL’s challenge with attracting attendance for teams not playing in their home markets. Despite the USFL’s growth from hosting all games in Birmingham the previous year to four locations this year, five of the eight teams still do not play in their markets. Johnston acknowledged the difficulties of a hub model and expressed his commitment to rectifying this.

On a positive note, Johnston acknowledged several wins in the league’s sponsorship and football operations for the season. Notably, sponsorship has been strong, with big names such as FedEx, Gatorade, Henry Schein, Jersey Mike’s, Mars, Molson Coors, Rocket Mortgage, T-Mobile, and Wendy’s supporting the USFL. Upper Deck also produces USFL playing cards.

Johnston praised the league’s small staff for effectively managing the transition to four game sites and handling the replacement of four head coaches who left their teams after the first season. Moving forward, Johnston indicated that the USFL aims to keep teams and their players more visible during the offseason.

In sum, there is enough interest to keep the league going. Because the USFL keeps salaries under control, there is no financial crisis. Sportsbooks like the league for the extra handle it draws, modest as it is.

In conclusion, the USFL is a nice diversion for football fans and gamblers. But it has a ceiling.

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2023 USFL Regular Season Recaps

Birmingham Stallions (8-2, 4-2 in South)

The Stallions are head and shoulders above every team in the USFL. They finished the season with five straight victories. Birmingham didn’t need to win in Week 10 against Memphis because they were guaranteed to play at home anyway, even if they didn’t clinch the top Southern seed.

Memphis Showboats (5-5, 2-4 in South)

The Showboats might’ve made the postseason without an 0-3 start. However, Todd Haley’s group saw their postseason hopes wash away in Week 9 when mother nature and the Breakers trounced them.

Houston Gamblers (5-5, 2-4 in South)

Houston was a much-improved bunch in 2023. They were very competitive right down to the very end. But inconsistent quarterback play and some questionable weekly coaching decisions did them in. Curtis Johnson’s team played hard but wasn’t good enough to overcome the hump.

New Orleans Breakers (7-3, 4-2 in South)

The Breakers are sailing into the postseason on a high thanks to a three-game winning streak. After starting the season off red hot, New Orleans experienced some turbulence during its campaign but weathered through it.

Philadelphia Stars (4-6, 2-4 in North)

Despite all their flaws, Philadelphia was in striking distance of getting back into the postseason three weeks ago. They stood toe to toe with Birmingham and pushed them to the limit. But two awful losses to the Generals and Sunday night’s meltdown against Michigan sealed the Stars’ fate.

Michigan Panthers (4-6, 3-3 in North)

No matter what happens from here, it’s all house money for Mike Nolan’s Michigan squad. The Panthers are in a nothing to lose, everything to gain situation.

Thanks to their special teams, the Panthers finally won a game at home and found a way to rally from behind in week ten and knock the Stars out of the postseason.

Pittsburgh Maulers (4-6, 3-3 in North)

At 2-6, Ray Horton’s Maulers took care of business, winning their last two against the Panthers and Generals to get into the playoffs. They will host the North Championship game at their hub site in Canton.

New Jersey Generals (3-7, 3-3 in North)

Mike Riley’s troops struggled all season long to recapture the magic they had in 2022. For a brief moment in week 9, it looked like the Generals would change the trajectory of a lousy season filled with poor play and coaching in crucial situations.

2023 USFL Season Schedule

USFL Week 1

Philadelphia Stars 27, Memphis Showboats 23

New Jersey Generals 10, Birmingham Stallions 27

Michigan Panthers 29, Houston Gamblers 13

Pittsburgh Maulers 15, New Orleans Breakers 22

USFL Week 2

Houston Gamblers 31, New Orleans Breakers 38

Memphis Showboats 2, Birmingham Stallions 42

New Jersey Generals 20, Pittsburgh Maulers 3

Michigan Panthers 24, Philadelphia Stars 10

USFL Week 3

New Orleans Breakers 31, Birmingham Stallions 45

Memphis Showboats 26, Houston Gamblers 30

Pittsburgh Maulers 21, Philadelphia Stars 13

New Jersey Generals 28, Michigan Panthers 13

USFL Week 4

Houston Gamblers 41, Philadelphia Stars 16

Memphis Showboats 29, Michigan Panthers 10

New Orleans Breakers 20, New Jersey Generals 17

Birmingham Stallions 24, Pittsburgh Maulers 20

USFL Week 5

Pittsburgh Maulers 23, Michigan Panthers 7

Houston Gamblers 27, Birmingham Stallions 20

New Jersey Generals 21, Philadelphia Stars 24

Memphis Showboats 17, New Orleans Breakers 10

USFL Week 6

Pittsburgh Maulers 0, Memphis Showboats 22

Birmingham Stallions 27, Michigan Panthers 13

New Orleans Breakers 10, Philadelphia Stars 16

New Jersey Generals 10, Houston Gamblers 16

USFL Week 7

Birmingham Stallions 24, New Orleans Breakers 20

Philadelphia Stars 37, Pittsburgh Maulers 31

Houston Gamblers 20, Memphis Showboats 23

Michigan Panthers 25, New Jersey Generals 22

USFL Week 8

Houston Gamblers 20, Pittsburgh Maulers 19

Philadelphia Stars 24, Birmingham Stallions 27

Memphis Showboats 25, New Jersey Generals 16

Michigan Panthers 20, New Orleans Breakers 24

USFL Week 9

Michigan Panthers 7, Pittsburgh Maulers 19

New Orleans Breakers 31, Memphis Showboats 3

Birmingham Stallions 38, Houston Gamblers 15

Philadelphia Stars 33, New Jersey Generals 37

USFL Week 10

Pittsburgh Maulers 26, New Jersey Generals 6

Birmingham Stallions 27, Memphis Showboats 20

New Orleans Breakers 17, Houston Gamblers 10

Philadelphia Stars 20, Michigan Panthers 23

USFL Divisional Playoff

Michigan Panthers 27, Pittsburgh Maulers 31

New Orleans Breakers 22, Birmingham Stallions 47

USFL Championship Game

Pittsburgh Maulers 12, Birmingham Stallions 28

USFL Teams

Michigan Panthers Mike Nolan Ford Field, Detroit, MI
New Jersey Generals Mike Riley Tom Benson HOF Stadium, Canton, OH
Philadelphia Stars Bart Andrus Ford Field, Detroit, MI
Pittsburgh Maulers Ray Horton Tom Benson HOF Stadium, Canton, OH
Birmingham Stallions Skip Holtz Protective Stadium
Houston Gamblers Curtis Johnson Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium
Memphis Showboats Todd Haley Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium
New Orleans Breakers John DeFilippo Protective Stadium

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