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The 2022 United States Football League worked hard to attain something that its recent spring football predecessors failed to accomplish. The USFL played and completed its entire schedule. The league never folded, nor did any of its franchises. And there was no peep about any financial difficulties during the 2022 season.

It is true that the USFL is not a major league roster-wise. But it is equally true that the league put on an appealing product with decent enough TV ratings to continue for 2023.

The idea of playing all of the regular season games in Birmingham, Alabama, was also smart. It was a maximum cost control measure.

For 2023 the USFL plans to operate its franchises in its home cities. Thus, there will be more financial risk but also the possibility of greater returns.

Next year brings an additional challenge of the XFL returning. That will make for two spring leagues with rosters that are largely not of NFL quality. Will fans and gamblers support both?

The USFL ended strongly with a thrilling championship game won by the Birmingham Stallions over the Philadelphia Stars 33-30.

USFL North Division Teams

Michigan Panthers Michigan Jeff Fisher
New Jersey Generals New Jersey Mike Riley
Philadelphia Stars Philadelphia, PA Bart Andrus
Pittsburgh Maulers Pittsburgh, PA Kirby Wilson

USFL South Division Teams

Birmingham Stallions Birmingham, Alabama Skip Holtz
Houston Gamblers Houston, Texas Kevin Sumlin
New Orleans Breakers New Orleans, Louisiana Larry Fedora
Tampa Bay Bandits Tampa, Florida Todd Haley

2022 USFL Schedule Format

Each team will play ten regular season games.

2022 USFL Playoff Format

All playoff games will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. Four teams will qualify for the playoffs.

2022 Full USFL Season Schedule

Week 1

Birmingham Stallions 28, New Jersey Generals 24

Houston Gamblers 17, Michigan Panthers 12

New Orleans Breakers 23, Philadelphia Stars 17

Tampa Bay Bandits 17, Pittsburgh Maulers 3

Week 2

New Jersey Generals 10, Michigan Panthers 6

Philadelphia Stars 30, Pittsburgh Maulers 23

Birmingham Stallions 33, Houston Gamblers 28

New Orleans Breakers 34, Tampa Bay Bandits 3

Week 3

Tampa Bay Bandits 27, Houston Gamblers 26

Birmingham Stallions 22, New Orleans Breakers 13

Michigan Panthers 24, Pittsburgh Maulers 0

New Jersey Generals 24, Philadelphia Stars 16

Week 4

Philadelphia Stars 26, Michigan Panthers 25

New Jersey Generals 21, Pittsburgh Maulers 13

Birmingham Stallions 16, Tampa Bay Bandits 10

New Orleans Breakers 23, Houston Gamblers 16

Week 5

Tampa Bay Bandits 27, Michigan Panthers 20

New Jersey Generals 27, New Orleans Breakers 17

Birmingham Stallions 30, Philadelphia Stars 17

Pittsburgh Maulers 21, Houston Gamblers 20

Week 6

Philadelphia Stars 35, Tampa Bay Bandits 28

Birmingham Stallions 33, Michigan Panthers 17

New Orleans Breakers 26, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

New Jersey Generals 26, Houston Generals 25

Week 7

New Jersey Generals 20, Tampa Bay Bandits 13

New Orleans Breakers 31, Michigan Panthers 27 (OT)

Birmingham Stallions 26, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

Philadelphia Stars 35, Houston Gamblers 24

Week 8

New Jersey Generals 29, Pittsburgh Maulers 18

Birmingham Stallions 10, New Orleans Breakers 9

Philadelphia Stars 46, Michigan Panthers 24

Tampa Bay Bandits 13, Houston Gamblers 3

Week 9

New Jersey Generals 25, Michigan Panthers 23

Houston Gamblers 17, Birmingham Stallions 15

New Orleans Breakers 17, Tampa Bay Bandits 6

Philadelphia Stars 17, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

Week 10

New Jersey Generals 26, Philadelphia Stars 23

Birmingham Stallions 21, Tampa Bay Bandits 18

Michigan Panthers 33, Pittsburgh Maulers 21

Houston Gamblers 20, New Orleans Breakers 3

USFL Divisional Playoff

Philadelphia Stars 19, New Jersey Generals 14

Birmingham Stallions 31, New Orleans Breakers 17

USFL Championship Game

Sunday, July 3, 2022, 7:30 PM, FOX

Birmingham Stallions 33, Philadelphia Stars 30

Once upon a time, there was a spring professional football league that worked. The United States Football League was a success in its three-season run from 1983-85. The problem was that the USFL decided that it wanted to be a league that would go up against the NFL in the fall. It never came to fruition. Overall, the USFL had the right idea by playing in the spring for the first time.

The USFL returned in 2022 with the same name, logos, and team names as the original product this year. However, the first incarnation of the USFL was something of a major league. Then, the USFL went up against the NFL for the best players available. The USFL paid mega millions for such stars as Herschel Walker and Steve Young.

This edition iteration of the USFL is a semi-major league in its look but quite a minor league in its rosters. Players are paid a flat $45,000 on the active roster and even pay for their hotel rooms. There are no major league superstars on any roster.

But unlike the recent two major spring leagues, the Alliance of American Football (2019) and XFL (2020), the 2022 USFL made it to the end.

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