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USFL Week 6 Betting Online

Fifty percent of the USFL 2023 regular season is in the books. As the USFL reaches its midseason point, the race has tightened in both divisions, as the North now has a four-way tie in the standings. And the South has one game separating three teams with a legitimate new threat emerging in the division.

The Houston Gamblers are the biggest surprise of the USFL season so far. They started the season red-hot offensively but sported the league’s worst defense after three weeks. But in the last two weeks, despite an injury to their starting quarterback Kenji Bahar. The Gamblers’ defense has raised their game to match Curtis Johnson’s elite offense.

In Saturday’s 27-20 victory over the defending USFL champion Birmingham Stallions. Houston’s defense kept the Gamblers in the game before their offense scored twenty points in the final quarter. Injuries up and down Birmingham’s roster have affected the quality of their play. The team seemingly has lost significant players every week this season, and it’s caught up to them, as has the rest of the league.

The New Orleans Breakers finally lost their first game of the season on Sunday in a listless 17-10 loss to the Memphis Showboats. New Orleans didn’t look right from the outset against the Showboats. It was the type of performance on Mother’s Day that only a Mother could love.

Mike Riley’s troops blew a grand opportunity in Week 5 to create distance in the North and stay undefeated within their division. The New Jersey Generals wasted a chance to kick their dreaded rival Stars while they were down. Instead, they watched Philly kickstart a dying season with eight field goals made by a lights-out Luis Aguilar.

As a result, New Jersey is now log-jammed in the North Division at 2-3 with Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Michigan.

The Pittsburgh Maulers 2-3 right now looks as good, if not better, than the rest of the sub-500 dwellers. It’s not only about where they currently are but where they are coming from.

Pittsburgh has won two straight games after defeating Michigan 23-7 in Week 5. They are right in the thick of things, thanks to a strong defense, special teams, and an improving offense.

Todd Haley’s Memphis Showboats have righted their ship after a dismal 0-3 start. Memphis, winners now of two straight, are coming off their best performance in 2023, thanks mainly to a spirited defensive performance against previously unbeaten New Orleans.

Sunday’s 17-10 victory over the Breakers is undoubtedly an eye-opener.

The Philadelphia Stars saved their season Sunday, winning 24-21 in improbable fashion against New Jersey.

Philly’s defense played much better in Week 5 than in Week 4, where Houston humiliated them.

While teams like Memphis and Pittsburgh have turned their seasons around for the better in the last three weeks. The exact opposite has transpired for the Michigan Panthers, who are coming off their third straight loss at Ford Field. A 23-7 defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Maulers.

USFL Week 6 Betting Lines and Schedule

Saturday, May 20
Pittsburgh Maulers (-2.5) at Memphis Showboats 41
Birmingham Stallions (-5.5) at Michigan Panthers 44
Sunday, May 21
New Orleans Breakers (-6.5) at Philadelphia Stars 45
New Jersey Generals (-1) at Houston Gamblers 44.5

The USFL will offer three options for extra-point attempts. Teams can try for the 1-point kick from the 15-yard line, just as in the NFL. There is also the option of a 2-point conversion from the 2-yard line, again, just like the NFL. And then there is the 3-point conversion option from the 10-yard line.

Overtime will also be different, with teams attempting three alternate 2-point tries. If the teams are still tied after those three attempts per side, the overtime will go to sudden death, and the next successful 2-point effort will end the game. The visiting team calls the opening coin toss for overtime. Whoever wins the coin toss can go on offense or defense. There is one timeout allowed per try.

Another interesting rule is that teams can utilize two forward passes if both throws remain behind the line of scrimmage. Also, an offensive lineman may advance downfield on a forward pass if the pass does not cross the line of scrimmage.

One rule that will be popular with some fans but hated by others is for pass interference. Defensive pass interference will be similar to college football with a 15-yard penalty or a spot foul if within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. The one exception is if it is ruled that a defender deliberately interfered with an offensive receiver. When pass interference is ruled deliberate, the penalty will be a spot foul, just like the NFL. Finally, pass interference will not be called if the ball fails to cross the line of scrimmage.

A replay review is one of the aspects of both pro and college football that causes a love-hate relationship. Increasingly, replay review is an annoyance that wastes too much time for no good reason. The replay review is also a disservice to fans sitting in the stadium, especially in bad weather. The USFL is looking for solutions to improve replay reviews with that in mind.

Each coach will be allowed one replay challenge per game and will lose a timeout if his challenge fails. If the replay challenge is successful, the coach will keep his timeout. All replay reviews will occur in the FOX studio facilities in Los Angeles. Further, as in the NFL, all replay challenges are automatic in the last two minutes of a half or overtime, besides scoring plays and turnovers.

All kickoffs will be initiated from the kicking team’s own 25-yard line. No kicking team member may line up any further back than one yard, and the receiving team must have at least eight players in the setup zone between their own 35- and 45-yard lines. Should an untouched kick become dead, the ball belongs to the receiving team at that spot. Also, a kicking team may not recover or touch its own kickoff beyond 20 yards from the spot of the kick.

If a team is trailing, it can use a traditional onside kick or a 12-yard scrimmage play from its own 33-yard line. Finally, the clock will stop on the first downs after the 2-minute warning in the second and fourth quarters.

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2023 USFL Schedule

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