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NFC Betting Odds

NFC Betting Odds

Unlike the other conference, the NFC has been more wide open in previous years with 10 different champions in the past 11 years. The Seattle Seahawks are the only team with multiple titles in that span going back-to-back in 2013 and 2014. There is a logjam at the top of the conference in 2019 with several teams eager to prove worthy of possessing the Halas Trophy. The Los Angeles Rams ended a nearly two-decade drought by advancing to the Super Bowl last year. The Rams have been a juggernaut under Sean McVay and they are among the contenders.

Super Bowl LIV Betting Odds

San Francisco 49ers +1 54.5 +106
Kansas City Chiefs -1 54.5 -126

List of NFC Winners

2019 San Francisco 49ers
2018 Los Angeles Rams
2017 Philadelphia Eagles
2016 Atlanta Falcons
2015 Carolina Panthers
2014 Seattle Seahawks
2013 Seattle Seahawks
2012 San Francisco 49ers
2011 New York Giants
2010 Green Bay Packers
2009 New Orleans Saints
2008 Arizona Cardinals
2007 New York Giants
2006 Chicago Bears
2005 Seattle Seahawks
2004 Philadelphia Eagles
2003 Carolina Panthers
2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2001 St. Louis Rams
2000 New York Giants
Full List
1999 St. Louis Rams
1998 Atlanta Falcons
1997 Green Bay Packers
1996 Green Bay Packers
1995 Dallas Cowboys
1994 San Francisco 49ers
1993 Dallas Cowboys
1992 Dallas Cowboys
1991 Washington Redskins
1990 New York Giants
1989 San Francisco 49ers
1988 San Francisco 49ers
1987 Washington Redskins
1986 New York Giants
1985 Chicago Bears
1984 San Francisco 49ers
1983 Washington Redskins
1982 Washington Redskins
1981 San Francisco 49ers
1980 Philadelphia Eagles
1979 Los Angeles Rams
1978 Dallas Cowboys
1977 Dallas Cowboys
1976 Minnesota Vikings
1975 Dallas Cowboys
1974 Minnesota Vikings
1973 Minnesota Vikings
1972 Washington Redskins
1971 Dallas Cowboys
1970 Dallas Cowboys

In the early days of the NFC, it looked like the Cowboys and Vikings were going to win every title. Dallas won the first two NFC Championships while a Washington title over Dallas in 1972 became the only crown not won by the Cowboys or Vikings until the Rams captured the league title in 1979. It's been chaos since then. Even in the days of dominance by Troy Aikman and the Cowboys and Joe Montana, then Steve Young with the 49ers, there was never a tremendous run of play by any given team. The NFC has had seven first-time winners since 1996, and that shows just how wide open this conference has been.

The Cowboys won their record eight NFC crowns in the first 25 years after the merger. They haven’t even been back to the conference championship since 1995 when the Troy Aikman-Emmitt Smith-Michael Irvin trio was wreaking havoc on the NFL. The Vikings haven’t come close to matching their success from the 1970s when they appeared in four NFC Championships winning three of them. The Vikings haven’t won the NFC crown since 1976 losing all six times they had a chance to get back to the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship Results By Team

Dallas Cowboys 8 1995
San Francisco 49ers 7 2019
New York Giants 5 2011
Washington Redskins 5 1991
Philadelphia Eagles 3 2017
Seattle Seahawks 3 2014
Green Bay Packers 3 2010
Los Angeles Rams 4 2018
Minnesota Vikings 3 1976
Atlanta Falcons 2 2016
Chicago Bears 2 2006
Carolina Panthers 2 2015
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 2002
New Orleans Saints 1 2009
Arizona Cardinals 1 2008

The poor Detroit Lions. They're the only team that has never won or hosted an NFC Championship Game. Ironically, the Lions and the Redskins played in the NFC Championship Game in 1991, and neither team has been back since then. It's the longest drought in the NFC appearing in the title game.

It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since the Cowboys played in an NFC Championship, yet their eight titles are easily the most in the NFC and tied for the second-most conference titles in NFL history. Since then 12 of the other 15 teams have won a NFC championship with the Lions, Redskins and Vikings abstaining.

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