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A few generations of NFL fans know nothing but the New England Patriots being the most dominant team in the AFC and the entire league. With Tom Brady and Bill Belichick leading the way, the Pats have collected nine of their record 11 conference championships since 2001. That’s a run of success unparalleled in the salary cap and free agency era. Brady is still kicking now that he’s reached 40 and Father Time will catch up with him at some point. But the guy defies the odds and is playing better now than he was as a rookie.

Super Bowl LIV Betting Odds

San Francisco 49ers +1 54.5 +109
Kansas City Chiefs -1 54.5 -129

List of AFC Winners

2019 Kansas City Chiefs
2018 New England Patriots
2017 New England Patriots
2016 New England Patriots
2015 Denver Broncos
2014 New England Patriots
2013 Denver Broncos
2012 Baltimore Ravens
2011 New England Patriots
2010 Pittsburgh Steelers
2009 Indianapolis Colts
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers
2007 New England Patriots
2006 Indianapolis Colts
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers
2004 New England Patriots
2003 New England Patriots
2002 Oakland Raiders
2001 New England Patriots
2000 Baltimore Ravens
Full List
1999 Tennessee Titans
1998 Denver Broncos
1997 Denver Broncos
1996 New England Patriots
1995 Pittsburgh Steelers
1994 San Diego Chargers
1993 Buffalo Bills
1992 Buffalo Bills
1991 Buffalo Bills
1990 Buffalo Bills
1989 Denver Broncos
1988 Cincinnati Bengals
1987 Denver Broncos
1986 Denver Broncos
1985 New England Patriots
1984 Miami Dolphins
1983 Los Angeles Raiders
1982* Miami Dolphins
1981 Cincinnati Bengals
1980 Oakland Raiders
1979 Pittsburgh Steelers
1978 Pittsburgh Steelers
1977 Denver Broncos
1976 Oakland Raiders
1975 Pittsburgh Steelers
1974 Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Miami Dolphins
1972 Miami Dolphins
1971 Miami Dolphins
1970 Baltimore Colts

The AFC has been all about runs of dominance in its history. First it was Don Shula's Dolphins, who won three straight conference championships in the early-1970s. Then it was the Steel Curtain of the mid- and late-70s which won four AFC titles in six years. Then it was the tough luck Bills, who won four AFC championships in a row to kick off the 1990s, the most consecutive titles in AFC history. And now, it's the Brady and Belichick show.

The Patriots’ run of success under the quarterback/coach tandem has been mindboggling. They’ve appeared in eight straight AFC Championship Games and 13 of their 15 visits have come since 2001, Brady’s first season. Still, the Pats haven’t been to the most conference title games. That distinction belongs to the Steelers, who dropped to 8-8 all-time in the AFC Championship by losing to the Pats in 2016. Their last title came in 2010.

The AFC Championship has been dominated by three quarterbacks since the 2003 season with Brady (8), Ben Roethlisberger (3) and Peyton Manning (4) combining to win 15 times in that 16-year stretch. The only other player to snare a victory was Baltimore’s Joe Flacco, who guided the Ravens to a win over Brady and the Pats during the 2012 season.

AFC Championship Results by Team

New England Patriots 11 2018
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 2010
Denver Broncos 8 2015
Miami Dolphins 5 1984
Oakland Raiders 4 2002
Buffalo Bills 4 1993
Indianapolis Colts 3 2009
Baltimore Ravens 2 2012
Cincinnati Bengals 2 1988
Tennessee Titans 1 1999
Los Angeles Chargers 1 1994
Kansas City Chiefs 1 2019

Dominance personified. Of the 49 AFC Championship Games played, a whopping 27 of them have been won by the Patriots, Steelers and Broncos. New England broke a tie with the other clubs with the first of their current three-title streak. In 2017, the Pats became the first team in NFL history to win 10 conference championships and they added to their franchise legacy with another title last year.

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