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NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings

The most common way to judge teams in any sport is by using power rankings. You’ll find power rankings for any of the major sports on every big website, and there are more NFL power rankings available than any other sport due to its popularity in the American consciousness. You can use power rankings to just group teams on a basic level, or if you want to go in depth you can use quantitative analysis to influence your opinion on each week’s NFL betting lines.

2020 NFL Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs – There is no change at the top this week, as the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs are 2-0. It was a lot tougher for the Chiefs last week, but they pulled out a win against the Chargers.

2. Baltimore Ravens – You could make a case for Baltimore as the top team in the league, but there will be no discussion after this week because the Chiefs and Ravens meet on Monday Night Football to decide the issue.

3. Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks are scoring a ton of points and Russell Wilson looks like a potential league MVP. It is worth noting, however, that the Seahawks were one play away from being 1-1.

4. Green Bay Packers – The Packers are another team scoring a lot of points, but the Packers have yet to be tested, so we’ll hold off judgment on just how good they are for now.

5. Buffalo Bills – Is it time to believe in the Bills? They look like a serious contender in the AFC this season and it could be that New England’s reign in the AFC East is over.

6. Tennessee Titans

7. Los Angeles Rams

8. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers drop down in the rankings because of a plethora of injuries.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Dallas Cowboys

11. New England Patriots

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13. Las Vegas Raiders – The Raiders looked much better last week in a win over New Orleans, but the upcoming schedule for Las Vegas is difficult.

14. New Orleans Saints

15. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals are a team that is going to continue to move up the rankings if Kyler Murray continues to play well.

16. Chicago Bears

17. Minnesota Vikings – You can already make a case that the Minnesota Vikings are the most disappointing team in the NFL so far this season. Kirk Cousins looks lost and it is becoming obvious that Mike Zimmer is overrated as a head coach.

18. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts got a win last week to move up a bit in the rankings, but we’ll see if a win over the Vikings is really anything to get excited about as the season goes on.

19. Cleveland Browns

20. Denver Broncos

21. Houston Texans

22. Los Angeles Chargers

23. Philadelphia Eagles – If the Vikings are not the most disappointing team then that dubious honor goes to Philly. The Eagles have some real problems and it could be that the ton of money they shelled out to Carson Wentz was misspent.

24. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons are coming off one of the most heart-breaking losses in recent memory. If they can’t bounce back this week against the Bears their season may be over after Week 3.

25. Washington Redskins

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

27. Miami Dolphins

28. Detroit Lions – The Lions are a mess from the GM and the head coach to the players on the field. You could make a case for Detroit being the worst team in the league, but when you look at both New York teams, the Lions still rank higher.

29. Carolina Panthers

30. Cincinnati Bengals

31. New York Giants – The Giants got a lot worse this week and it wasn’t because of their loss on the field. The Giants lost running back Saquon Barkley to a season-ending injury, so now there is no reason to watch Big Blue.

32. New York Jets – It is going to be a long season in New York, as both the Giants and the Jets are bad.

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