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NFL Coach of the Year Betting

NFL Coach of the Year Betting

Did you know that the National Football League head coach that wins the NFL Coach of the Year honors is oftentimes not the best coach? In fact, most of the time it will go to the coach that led a team to an unexpectedly good season. A perfect case in point was from the 2018 season when Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears led that team from a 5-11 record in the 2017 campaign before he took over to a 12-4 record last year as champions of the NFC North. The same thing happened when Sean McVay won the 2017 NFL coach of the Year honors with the Los Angles Rams. In 2016 the Rams finished 4-12. Following that McVay was hired and led the Rams to an 11-5 improvement. So, wagering on the NFL Coach of the Year is oftentimes a wager on which team will be the most improved. There are three main candidates to win the 2019 NFL Coach of the Year Award, Baltimore’s John Harbaugh, San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan and Buffalo’s Sean McDermott.

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NFL Coach of the Year Overview

Although the AP NFL Coach of the Year award is the best known it is hardly the organization bestowing the honor. So be sure to check which organization is sponsoring the Coach of the Year award that you are wagering on. Besides the AP, NFL Coach of the Year honors are awarded by the Sporting News, and the Maxwell Football Club. Let’s take a look at the top candidates to win the NFL Coach of the Year honors.

Before the season began the leading candidates were Cleveland’s Freddie Kitchens, Indianapolis’ Frank Reich, the Chargers Anthony Lynn, and Green Bay’s Matt LaFleur. Of those three, only LaFleur’s team had a good season, but he is not going to win the award. Kitchens no longer has a job and Lynn is lucky to still have one.

Top Contenders

John Harbaugh - Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens went 14-2 in 2019 and finished with the best record in the NFL. It would be a surprise if Harbaugh does not win the award. The Ravens begin the NFL Playoffs as the favorite to win the Super Bowl and there do not appear to be any weaknesses for this team.  Harbaugh has done a great job switching the offense up to suit Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have been tough to stop all season. There is no doubt that Harbaugh is the favorite to win the 2019 NFL Coach of the Year award.

Kyle Shanahan - San Francisco 49ers

If Harbaugh somehow doesn’t win the award then you have to think it will be San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan who gets the nod. The 49ers went from a 4-12 team last season to a 13-3 team this season, and they are the top seed entering the NFC Playoffs. The 49ers were not as dominant as the Ravens, but there is no denying that Shanahan did a great job this season.

Sean McDermott - Buffalo Bills

The Bills made the playoffs for the 2019 season and a big reason why is their head coach Sean McDermott. He turned the Bills into a team that wins by playing great defense and mistake-free football. Buffalo does not have a lot of star power on their roster, but McDermott did a great job of getting his players to buy into his system and the Bills are a tough team to play against.

2019 NFL Coach of the Year Pick: John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

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