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Pac-12 Football Conference Odds

Pac-12 Football Conference Odds

All but the ACC have two top dogs expected to compete with one another for conference championship glory this upcoming season. The Pac-12’s version of that duo is the Washington Huskies and Oregon Ducks with both squads expected to be the best the conference has to offer this upcoming season. The odds to win the Pac-12 for just about every one of these teams have gotten longer since first hitting the board at online sportsbooks. Both the Huskies and Ducks have seen their pay-offs bloat up a bit, while the Utah Utes and Arizona Wildcats have seen their value get cut in half or even worse since originally hitting the board. The conference was by and large a big disappointment a season ago with only two teams tallying double-digit wins and the seven teams that qualified for bowl games amassing a 4-3 overall record. The Conference of Champions it wasn’t, but there is some optimism that the product as a whole will be much better in 2019-20.

Pac-12 Championship Betting Odds

Washington +175

Oregon +200

Washington State +700

USC +900

Utah +1000

Stanford +1400

California +2500

Arizona State +2800

Arizona +2800

UCLA +3300

Colorado +5000

Oregon State +10000

Chris Petersen has now been in Seattle for six seasons. Throughout his stay overlooking the Huskies football program, it’s flourished and is expected to once again be a threat to win the conference this upcoming season. The Huskies odds to win it all have jumped to +225 from the +175 opener, but that’s likely more the market correcting more than anything else. Washington won the Pac-12 title for the second time in three season a year ago. While the program is currently going under a rebuild – especially on the defensive side of the ball – you’d be a fool to count this team out. Behind a huge and experienced offensive line, Georgia transfer Jacob Eason should integrate nicely into an offense badly in need of a jolt after struggling numerous times with Jake Browning at the helm.

College football bettors know exactly what to expect when Justin Herbert takes to the gridiron to partake in his senior campaign in hopes of getting the Ducks back to the Promised Land. Especially after throwing for over 3,100 yards and a 29:8 TD/INT ratio a short season ago. Mario Cristobal’s troops were much better than their 9-4 overall and 5-4 record in Pac-12 play suggests. While the losses to Arizona and Wazzou were of the blowout variety, the other two against Stanford and Utah came by an average of 7.0 points. That overtime loss at home to the Cardinal still stings for those that took the points! With a roster filled with excelled veteran talent and already being bantered about as one of the top-15 teams in the country, the Quack Attack just might be back in 2019-20 and find a way to get back to the College Football Playoff.

This season is a big one for Clay Helton and USC. The Trojans enter it off their first losing campaign in 18 years. Many came away surprised Helton was able to survive that, but his bosses were willing to give him another chance. Unfortunately, he’s faced with taking on what looks to be a treacherous schedule right out of the chute with games lined up against Fresno State, Stanford, BYU and Utah over the first month. If that’s not enough to upset Trojans fans, they got Washington and Notre Dame immediately after; on the road no less! That schedule is likely one of the main reasons why USC’s odds to win it all fattened up to +1200 after initially hitting the board at 9-1.

Two teams whose odds to win it all have gone in completely different directions make for two of the more intriguing teams to wager on the futures odds this season in Washington State and Utah. The former came from out of nowhere to challenge the Huskies for North Division supremacy a short season ago. Are we at a point now in the program’s maturity under Mike Leach that we should just expect the Cougars to reload and not skip a beat? It was a special season in Pullman a year ago, but I’m not buying it! As for Utah, it certainly looks to have one of the best teams in the conference even though linemakers didn’t give them their just do initially. Since lining them 10-1 dogs to win the conference though it went to the title game last season, Utah has seen its odds to win the conference shorten up dramatically to 3-1. Entering 2019-20 as Pac-12 South champions for the first time in school history, it will be interesting to see how this team deals with being the hunted instead of the hunter like it had been numerous times in the past.

Fans and bettors of the conference will no doubt be keeping tabs on Stanford and UCLA this season. The Cardinal played a much different style of ball last season. While it amounted to a hard fought bowl win and 9-4 overall record, Stanford was handled by all four of the better teams it ran up against and should’ve incurred a loss to the Ducks in Eugene as well. Cardinal backers will get all warm and fuzzy once again if David Shaw goes back to running the ball and playing hard-nosed defense. The Bruins are mentioned only because this is the second season of the Chip Kelly regime. Say what you want about him, but he’s experienced loads of success coaching at the collegiate level. It will be interesting to see what a more confident UCLA team brings to the table now that it’s got over a year’s worth of his schemes and philosophies under their collective belt.

ASU and Arizona also make for interesting cases with it the second go round for both Herm Edwards and Kevin Sumlin. The former thrived in Edwards first go round in Tempe, but the same can’t be said about the latter with the Wildcats missing out on the bowl season for the second time in the last two seasons. Either way, it doesn’t look like either program has the overall talent to make a run at the title but crazier things have happened in the past. Cal will likely run one of the best defenses the conference has to offer every passing week, but won’t be a factor in any way, shape or form until Justin Wilcox finds a way to get the offense figured out.

While the return won’t make you rich, the Ducks look to be extremely motivated to give its ravenous fan base something to cheer about this upcoming season. That Week 1 neutral field clash against Auburn will be telling. Should it go on to win that game decisively, you can sharpie the Ducks as being a major Pac-12 title threat with the possibility of competing for the CFP.

Pac-12 Football Format

The Pac-12 as we know it today has been around only since 2011. But the roots of the league date back much farther. The eight schools that formed the original Pac-8 Conference have remained in place since 1964 and the league twice added two teams since then to reach its current number. Known as the Conference of Champions, the Pac-12 hasn’t claimed a national championship in football since 2003.

The conference played with the same 10 teams for 33 years before expanding in time for the 2011 campaign. Added were Utah and Colorado to help form the current Pac-12. The league also split into two six-team divisions with the North made up of the Pacific Northwest and northern California schools. The South consists of the southern California and Mountain Time Zone schools.

Teams began playing a nine-game conference schedule in 2006 to determine a true champion in a round-robin format. The nine-game slate continued with the 2011 expansion. Each team plays its division rival as well as four games against teams from the other division. One stipulation has the four California-based schools playing each other every season.

Since 2011, division winners have met in the conference championship game, which has been played at Levi’s Stadium since 2014. The first three matchups were played at campus sites with the best record hosting. The Pac-12 champ has historically played in the Rose Bowl, unless that team was selected for the National Championship game or, since 2014, the College Football Playoff. The league also has connections with the Alamo, Holiday, Foster Farms, Sun, Las Vegas and Cactus Bowls.

List of Pac-12 Conference Champions

2018 Washington Washington Utah
2017 USC Stanford USC
2016 Washington Washington Colorado
2015 Stanford Stanford USC
2014 Oregon Oregon Arizona
2013 Stanford Stanford Arizona State
2012 Stanford Stanford UCLA
2011 Oregon Oregon UCLA
2010 Oregon N/A N/A
2009 Oregon N/A N/A
2008 USC N/A N/A
2007 Arizona State/USC N/A N/A
2006 California/USC N/A N/A
*2005 USC N/A N/A
*2004 USC N/A N/A
2003 USC N/A N/A
2002 USC/Washington State N/A N/A
2001 Oregon N/A N/A
2000 Oregon/Oregon State/Washington N/A N/A
Full List
1999 Stanford N/A N/A
1998 UCLA N/A N/A
1997 UCLA/Washington State N/A N/A
1996 Arizona State N/A N/A
1995 USC/Washington N/A N/A
1994 Oregon N/A N/A
1993 Arizona/USC/UCLA N/A N/A
1992 Stanford/Washington N/A N/A
1991 Washington N/A N/A
1990 Washington N/A N/A
1989 USC N/A N/A
1988 USC N/A N/A
1986 Arizona State N/A N/A
1985 UCLA N/A N/A
1984 USC N/A N/A
1983 UCLA N/A N/A
1982 UCLA N/A N/A
1981 Washington N/A N/A
1980 Washington N/A N/A
1979 USC N/A N/A
1978 USC N/A N/A
1977 Washington N/A N/A
1976 USC N/A N/A
1975 California/UCLA N/A N/A
1974 USC N/A N/A
1973 USC N/A N/A
1972 USC N/A N/A
1971 Stanford N/A N/A
1970 Stanford N/A N/A
1969 USC N/A N/A
1968 USC N/A N/A
1967 USC N/A N/A
1966 USC N/A N/A
1965 UCLA N/A N/A
1964 Oregon State/USC N/A N/A
1963 Washington N/A N/A
1962 USC N/A N/A
1961 UCLA N/A N/A
1960 Washington N/A N/A
1959 USC/UCLA/Washington N/A N/A
1958 California N/A N/A
1957 Oregon/Oregon State N/A N/A
1956 Oregon State N/A N/A
1955 UCLA N/A N/A
1954 UCLA N/A N/A
1953 UCLA N/A N/A
1952 USC N/A N/A
1951 Stanford N/A N/A
1950 California N/A N/A
1949 California N/A N/A
1948 California/Oregon N/A N/A
1947 USC N/A N/A
1946 UCLA N/A N/A
1945 USC N/A N/A
1944 USC N/A N/A
1943 USC N/A N/A
1942 UCLA N/A N/A
1941 Oregon State N/A N/A
1940 Stanford N/A N/A
1939 Washington N/A N/A
1938 California/USC N/A N/A
1937 California N/A N/A
1936 Washington N/A N/A
1935 Washington N/A N/A
1934 Stanford/Washington N/A N/A
1933 Oregon/Stanford N/A N/A
1932 USC N/A N/A
1931 USC N/A N/A
1930 Washington State N/A N/A
1929 USC N/A N/A
1928 USC N/A N/A
1927 USC/Stanford/Idaho N/A N/A
1926 Stanford N/A N/A
1925 Washington N/A N/A
1924 Stanford N/A N/A
1923 California N/A N/A
1922 California N/A N/A
1921 California N/A N/A
1920 California N/A N/A
1919 Oregon/Washington N/A N/A
1918 California N/A N/A
1917 Washington State N/A N/A
1916 Washington N/A N/A

*USC vacated the Pac-10 title in 2004 and 2005

Since the introduction of a league championship game in 2011, the North Division had just two representatives until Washington broke the cycle in 2016. Stanford (3) and Oregon (2) dominated the first five playings in terms of appearances and wins. It’s been a different story from the South.

UCLA made the first two title games, getting a gift in the inaugural matchup with USC ineligible. The Bruins were just 5-4 in league play and had a losing overall record. They were dropped by Oregon. And the losses continued to pile up for the South, which had yet to win a Pac-12 Championship game even though five different teams tried through the first five years of the game’s existence. That was up until 2017 when USC outlasted Stanford by a 31-28 final count but failed to cover the closing 3.5-point spread.

Utah was the only team from the South that had yet to compete in the championship game until 2018, while Washington State, Oregon State and Cal are still waiting for their initial appearance. With the ugly win against the Utes in 2018, Washington now stands 2-0 straight up and against the spread in its two Pac-12 title game appearances.

Most Pac-12 Conference Championships

39 USC 2008
17 UCLA 1998
17 Washington 2016
15 Stanford 2015
14 California 2006
11 Oregon 2014
5 Oregon State 2000
4 Washington State 2002
3 Arizona State 2007
1 Arizona 1993
1 Idaho * 1927
0 Colorado ---
0 Utah ---
38 USC 2008

* No longer a conference member

The league has been remarkably stable through the turbulent times of realignment and even long before that. Thus every conference championship but one has been won by a current league member. The only exception is the 1927 Idaho team that tied Stanford and USC. And that’s up for debate.

USC joined six years after the formation of the Pacific Coast Conference, the predecessor to the current league, and had titles stripped in 2004 and 2005 due to NCAA violations. Still, the Trojans have been the class of the conference with 38 championships. Cross-town rival UCLA could win the next 20 Pac-12 titles and still fall short of USC’s record.

The Arizona schools joined in 1978 to create the Pac-10 and success has been slow to follow. The two have combined for four league championships with Arizona State getting two outright and one shared. The Wildcats’ only title came in 1993 and was shared with USC and UCLA. Colorado and Utah have yet to win a title, though the Buffaloes did compete in the conference championship game for the first time back in 2016 when they got steamrolled by U-Dub. Though it put up a heck of a fight, Utah ultimately succumbed to Washington 10-3 back in 2018 when the Utes qualified for the Pac-12 title game for the first time in program history.

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