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NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round Betting

Upon the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, a new playoff format began with one wild card team in each conference that joined the three division winners to form a four-team playoff in the AFC and NFC. The format was so popular that an additional wild card team was added to the playoffs in each conference in 1978. Still, the public and TV networks could not get enough. Now, there are three wild card teams in each conference, 14 total playoff teams, and a total of six wild card games. Indeed, Wild Card Weekend has become one of the most popular sporting events in the United States.

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The last pure wild card team to win the Super Bowl was the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They were the seventh team in the merger era to do so. Keep in mind the 2023 Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl as a division champion but were one of the three division champions in the AFC to have to play in the wild card round. In the current iteration of the NFL, only the top seed in each conference avoids the wild card round.

In the last pre-merger season, the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs were the first non-division champion to win the Super Bowl, but the term wild card was not used in that era.

2024-25 NFL Wild Card Playoff Schedule (ET)

Saturday January 11, 2025

Wild Card Game - 1:00 PM CBS or FOX

Wild Card Game - 4:30 PM NBC/Peacock

Wild Card Game - 8:00 PM Peacock

Sunday, January 12, 2025

Wild Card Game - 4:30 PM CBS or FOX

Wild Card Game - 8:15 PM NBC

Monday, January 13, 2025

Wild Card Game - 8:15 PM ESPN/ABC

NFL Wild Card Results (2000)

2023 Houston Texans Cleveland Browns 45-14
Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins 26-7
Green Bay Packers Dallas Cowboys 48-32
Detroit Lions Los Angeles Rams 24-23
Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers 31-17
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Philadelphia Eagles 32-9
2022 San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks 41-23
Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers 31-30
Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins 34-31
New York Giants Minnesota Vikings 31-24
Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens 24-17
Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-14
2021 Los Angeles Rams Arizona Cardinals 34-11
Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers 42-21
San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys 23-17
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Philadelphia Eagles 31-15
Buffalo Bills New England Patriots 47-17
Cincinnati Bengals Las Vegas Raiders 26-19
2020 Buffalo Bills Indianapolis Colts 27-24
Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks 30-20
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Football Team 31-23
Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans 20-13
New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears 21-9
Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers 48-37
2019 Houston Texans Buffalo Bills 22-19 (OT)
Tennessee Titans New England Patriots 20-13
Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints 26-20 (OT)
Seattle Seahawks Philadelphia Eagles 17-9
2018 Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans 21-7
Dallas Cowboys Seattle Seahawks 24-22
Los Angeles Chargers Baltimore Ravens 23-17
Philadelphia Eagles Chicago Bears 16-15
2017 Tennessee Titans Kansas City Chiefs 22-21
Jacksonville Jaguars Buffalo Bills 10-3
Atlanta Falcons Los Angeles Rams 26-13
New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers 31-26
2016 Houston Texans Oakland Raiders 27-14
Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins 30-12
Seattle Seahawks Detroit Lions 26-6
Green Bay Packers New York Giants 38-13
2015 Kansas City Chiefs Houston Texans 30-0
Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals 18-16
Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings 10-9
Green Bay Packers Washington Redskins 35-18
2014 Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers 30-17
Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals 26-10
Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals 27-16
Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions 24-20
2013 Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs 45-44
San Diego Chargers Cincinnati Bengals 27-10
New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles 26-24
San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers 23-20
2012 Houston Texans Cincinnati Bengals 19-13
Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts 24-9
Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings 24-10
Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins 24-14
2011 Houston Texans Cincinnati Bengals 31-10
Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23
New Orleans Saints Detroit Lions 45-28
New York Giants Atlanta Falcons 24-2
2010 New York Jets Indianapolis Colts 17-16
Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs 30-7
Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints 41-36
Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles 21-16
2009 New York Jets Cincinnati Bengals 24-14
Baltimore Ravens New England Patriots 33-14
Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles 34-17
Arizona Cardinals Green Bay Packers 51-45
2008 San Diego Chargers Indianapolis Colts 23-17
Baltimore Ravens Miami Dolphins 27-9
Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons 30-24
Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings 26-14
2007 Jacksonville Jaguars Pittsburgh Steelers 31-29
San Diego Chargers Tennessee Titans 17-6
Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins 35-14
New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-14
2006 Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs 23-8
New England Patriots New York Jets 37-16
Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys 21-20
Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants 23-20
2005 New England Patriots Jacksonville Jaguars 28-3
Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals 31-17
Washington Redskins Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10
Carolina Panthers New York Giants 23-0
2004 New York Jets San Diego Chargers 20-17
Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos 49-24
St. Louis Rams Seattle Seahawks 27-20
Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers 31-17
2003 Tennessee Titans Baltimore Ravens 20-17
Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos 41-10
Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys 29-10
Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks 33-27
2002 New York Jets Indianapolis Colts 41-0
Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns 36-33
Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Packers 27-7
San Francisco 49ers New York Giants 39-38
2001 Oakland Raiders New York Jets 38-24
Baltimore Ravens Miami Dolphins 20-3
Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9
Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers 25-15
2000 Miami Dolphins Indianapolis Colts 23-17
Baltimore Ravens Denver Broncos 21-3
New Orleans Saints St. Louis Rams 31-28
Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-3
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We have seen 11 Wild Card teams go on to reach the Super Bowl, and seven of those teams ended up winning the Lombardi Trophy. The first Wild Card team to reach the Super Bowl was the 1975 Dallas Cowboys. They went on the road to upset the Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Rams before losing the first of two Super Bowls to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.

The Oakland Raiders were the first Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl in 1980. They went 11-5 in the regular season, and they turned it on after the first five games as Jim Plunkett led the Raiders to 13 wins in the 15 games he started.

The other Wild Card teams to reach the Super Bowl are the 1985 New England Patriots, 1992 Buffalo Bills, 1997 Denver Broncos, 1999 Tennessee Titans, 2000 Baltimore Ravens, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2007 New York Giants, 2010 Green Bay Packers, and 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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