NFL Wild Card Round Betting - NFL Playoffs Odds

NFL Wild Card Round Betting

NFL Wild Card Round Betting

This will be the most action-packed Wild Card Weekend yet. Rather than our usual slate of four games, there are six games in the first round of the playoffs due to the expanded playoff format. That means we will have football throughout the weekend with three games evenly spaced out on both Saturday and Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will have the week off after earning the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences, making them the favorites to play in Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.

Super Bowl Odds (Jan 8)

Baltimore Ravens +1050 Buffalo Bills +555 Chicago Bears +11500
Cleveland Browns +5800 Green Bay Packers +445 Indianapolis Colts +4500
Kansas City Chiefs +207 Los Angeles Rams +2950 New Orleans Saints +670
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800 Seattle Seahawks +1475 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +865
Tennessee Titans +2800 Washington Redskins +9500 -

Saturday, January 9 Games

Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis Colts, 1:05 p.m. ET (CBS)

Buffalo Bills -6.5

Indianapolis Colts +6.5

Total: 51

Buffalo’s first division title in 25 years means the Bills are hosting a postseason game for the first time this century. Only a small percentage of fans will be able to see the team in person, but those fans are sure to make their presence felt when the Indianapolis Colts come to town.

The Bills have one of the best offenses in the league with Josh Allen having a breakout season. Allen fell apart against Houston in the Wild Card Round last year, but he is looking to put that poor performance behind him.

Meanwhile, Philip Rivers is holding out hope he can reach the Super Bowl at least once in his career. Rivers currently has the dubious distinction of being the quarterback with the most passing yards and touchdown passes that has yet to make it to the biggest stage in football.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams, 4:40 p.m. ET (FOX)

Seattle Seahawks -3

Los Angeles Rams +3

Total: 42

This will be the third time these teams have met this season. Homefield advantage mattered in the previous two meetings with the Rams beating the Seahawks 23-16 in Los Angeles, but Seattle returned the favor at home two weeks ago with a 20-9 win that resulted in the NFC West title.

John Wolford might see his second career start against Seattle on Saturday. Jared Goff is currently listed as questionable, but there are many observers that believe his status is optimistic. Wolford didn’t play poorly outside of an early pick six last week against Arizona. However, Seattle’s defense has been superb over the last half of the 2020 season transforming from one of the worst pass defenses to one of the top ten.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 8:15 p.m. ET (NBC)

Washington +8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -8

Total: 44.5

Get ready to see Tampa Bay in every tease this week. The Buccaneers are likely to be the most popular team to bet this week after getting matched up against the NFC East winner. Washington is just the third sub .500 team to win its division and host a playoff game.

The allure of Tom Brady will be too much for many bettors to ignore. Brady was 30-11 in the playoffs during his time with the New England Patriots, and he holds almost double the postseason wins of any other quarterback. Tampa Bay is red hot coming into the playoffs, but Mike Evans is banged up and Washington has one of the most fearsome pass rushes in the NFL.

Sunday January 10 Games

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens, 1:05 p.m. ET (ESPN/ABC)

Tennessee Titans +3

Baltimore Ravens -3

Total: 54.5

It’s rare to immediately have a chance to avenge a postseason disappointment, but Baltimore has that opportunity this week. The Ravens collapsed against the Titans last season. Baltimore had won 12 straight games prior to facing Tennessee in the playoffs, but league MVP Lamar Jackson had one of his worst performances, and Derrick Henry ran all over the Ravens.

Henry became the most recent 2,000-yard rusher with his performance against the Texans last week, but Tennessee’s defense was exposed for the second straight week by a top tier quarterback. Jackson will certainly have chances against this defense, and he needs to make the most of those for Baltimore.

New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears, 4:40 p.m. ET (CBS)

New Orleans Saints -10

Chicago Bears +10

Total: 47.5

Will the New Orleans Saints have Alvin Kamara back for this game? No one knows at this point. Kamara and the rest of the running backs missed last week’s season finale due to COVID. It’s currently unclear whether or not they will be cleared from COVID protocol by kickoff, but the fact this game is on a Sunday helps a little bit in that regard.

Ty Montgomery and Tony Jones Jr. will be the running backs if Kamara and Latavius Murray can’t play. That would likely lead to Drew Brees taking to the air often, and Taysom Hill might be involved more than usual too.

Chicago has no choice but to trust in Mitchell Trubisky one last time. Trubisky has put up better numbers than you might think when he’s on the field, but everyone knows what kind of quarterback he is at this point. That has led to the Saints being the biggest favorite of Wild Card Weekend.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns, 8:15 p.m. ET (NBC)

Pittsburgh Steelers -6

Cleveland Browns +6

Total: 47.5

Cleveland almost fumbled at the goal line with the NFL’s longest active postseason drought on the line last week. The Browns were massive favorites against a Pittsburgh team resting most of its starters, but they still needed a goal line stand to beat the Steelers.

Pittsburgh has looked shaky over the last month. Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t looked downfield as often in the passing game, and the run game hasn’t been consistent. That has Cleveland optimistic it can win its first postseason game since entering the league.

NFL Wild Card Results (2000)

2019 Houston Texans 22 (OT) Buffalo Bills 19
Tennessee Titans 20 New England Patriots 13
Minnesota Vikings 26 (OT) New Orleans Saints 26
Seattle Seahawks 17 Philadelphia Eagles 9
2018 Indianapolis Colts 21 Houston Texans 7
Dallas Cowboys 24 Seattle Seahawks 22
Los Angeles Chargers 23 Baltimore Ravens 17
Philadelphia Eagles 16 Chicago Bears 15
2017 Tennessee Titans 22 Kansas City Chiefs 21
Jacksonville Jaguars 10 Buffalo Bills 3
Atlanta Falcons 26 Los Angeles Rams 13
New Orleans Saints 31 Carolina Panthers 26
2016 Houston Texans 27 Oakland Raiders 14
Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Miami Dolphins 12
Seattle Seahawks 26 Detroit Lions 6
Green Bay Packers 38 New York Giants 13
2015 Kansas City Chiefs 30 Houston Texans 0
Pittsburgh Steelers 18 Cincinnati Bengals 16
Seattle Seahawks 10 Minnesota Vikings 9
Green Bay Packers 35 Washington Redskins 18
2014 Baltimore Ravens 30 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Indianapolis Colts 26 Cincinnati Bengals 10
Carolina Panthers 27 Arizona Cardinals 16
Dallas Cowboys 24 Detroit Lions 20
2013 Indianapolis Colts 45 Kansas City Chiefs 44
San Diego Chargers 27 Cincinnati Bengals 10
New Orleans Saints 26 Philadelphia Eagles 24
San Francisco 49ers 23 Green Bay Packers 20
2012 Houston Texans 19 Cincinnati Bengals 13
Baltimore Ravens 24 Indianapolis Colts 9
Green Bay Packers 24 Minnesota Vikings 10
Seattle Seahawks 24 Washington Redskins 14
2011 Houston Texans 31 Cincinnati Bengals 10
Denver Broncos 29 Pittsburgh Steelers 23
New Orleans Saints 45 Detroit Lions 28
New York Giants 24 Atlanta Falcons 2
2010 New York Jets 17 Indianapolis Colts 16
Baltimore Ravens 30 Kansas City Chiefs 7
Seattle Seahawks 41 New Orleans Saints 36
Green Bay Packers 21 Philadelphia Eagles 16
2009 New York Jets 24 Cincinnati Bengals 14
Baltimore Ravens 33 New England Patriots 14
Dallas Cowboys 34 Philadelphia Eagles 14
Arizona Cardinals 51 Green Bay Packers 45
2008 San Diego Chargers 23 Indianapolis Colts 17
Baltimore Ravens 27 Miami Dolphins 9
Arizona Cardinals 30 Atlanta Falcons 24
Philadelphia Eagles 26 Minnesota Vikings 14
2007 Jacksonville Jaguars 31 Pittsburgh Steelers 29
San Diego Chargers 17 Tennessee Titans 6
Seattle Seahawks 35 Washington Redskins 14
New York Giants 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
2006 Indianapolis Colts 23 Kansas City Chiefs 8
New England Patriots 37 New York Jets 16
Seattle Seahawks 21 Dallas Cowboys 20
Philadelphia Eagles 23 New York Giants 20
2005 New England Patriots 28 Jacksonville Jaguars 3
Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Cincinnati Bengals 17
Washington Redskins 17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10
Carolina Panthers 23 New York Giants 0
2004 New York Jets 20 San Diego Chargers 17
Indianapolis Colts 49 Denver Broncos 24
St. Louis Rams 27 Seattle Seahawks 20
Minnesota Vikings 31 Green Bay Packers 17
2003 Tennessee Titans 20 Baltimore Ravens 17
Indianapolis Colts 41 Denver Broncos 10
Carolina Panthers 29 Dallas Cowboys 10
Green Bay Packers 33 Seattle Seahawks 27
2002 New York Jets 41 Indianapolis Colts 0
Pittsburgh Steelers 36 Cleveland Browns 33
Atlanta Falcons 27 Green Bay Packers 7
San Francisco 49ers 39 New York Giants 38
2001 Oakland Raiders 38 New York Jets 24
Baltimore Ravens 20 Miami Dolphins 3
Philadelphia Eagles 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9
Green Bay Packers 25 San Francisco 49ers 15
2000 Miami Dolphins 23 Indianapolis Colts 17
Baltimore Ravens 21 Denver Broncos 3
New Orleans Saints 31 St. Louis Rams 28
Philadelphia Eagles 21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3
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