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NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Betting

NFL Playoffs Conference Championships Betting

With the No. 1 seeds each advancing the early NFL betting line has the AFC’s Baltimore Ravens and NFC’s San Francisco 49ers positioned as favorites and on a collision course to meet in Las Vegas in a few weeks. The Niners overcame Green Bay to reach the championship where they are a 7-point favorite over the Detroit Lions. The Ravens pulled away in the second half of their Divisional Round matchup outscoring Houston 24-0 after the break for a 34-10 cover win over the upstart Texans. The Ravens host the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC title game to open Championship Sunday betting.

The No. 1 seeds don’t always make it this far, but the top teams did what they had to. Both looked a little rusty in the first half of their Divisional Round games, which is understandable since it had been nearly three weeks since many of the starters actually took a snap in a game. The Niners and Ravens had a first-round bye secure heading into the final regular season contest and they elected to sit a number of starters and regulars.

NFL Betting Lines

AFC Championship Game Results

2023 Kansas City Chiefs 17 Baltimore Ravens 10
2022 Kansas City Chiefs 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20
2021 Cincinnati Bengals 27 Kansas City Chiefs 24 (OT)
2020 Kansas City Chiefs 38 Buffalo Bills 24
2019 Kansas City Chiefs 35 Tennessee Titans 24
2018 New England Patriots 37 Kansas City Chiefs 31 (OT)
2017 New England Patriots 24 Jacksonville Jaguars 20
2016 New England Patriots 36 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
2015 Denver Broncos 20 New England Patriots 18
2014 New England Patriots 45 Indianapolis Colts 7
2013 Denver Broncos 26 New England Patriots 16
2012 Baltimore Ravens 28 New England Patriots 13
2011 New England Patriots 23 Baltimore Ravens 20
2010 Pittsburgh Steelers 24 New York Jets 19
2009 Indianapolis Colts 30 New York Jets 17
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 23 Baltimore Ravens 14
2007 New England Patriots 21 San Diego Chargers 12
2006 Indianapolis Colts 38 New England Patriots 34
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers 34 Denver Broncos 17
2004 New England Patriots 41 Pittsburgh Steelers 27
2003 New England Patriots 24 Indianapolis Colts 14
2002 Oakland Raiders 41 Tennessee Titans 24
2001 New England Patriots 24 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
2000 Baltimore Ravens 16 Oakland Raiders 3

The two franchises that have had the most success in the AFC Championship Game are the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. Pittsburgh has been to the AFC Championship Game 16 times in their history, and the Steelers have gone on to the Super Bowl eight times. They are known as ‘Sixburgh’ after becoming the first team to win six Super Bowl titles, but the Patriots have caught them in just two decades.

New England was the greatest dynasty the NFL has seen from 2001 to 2020. The Patriots only made it to the AFC Championship Game twice in the 20th Century, but they made it to the conference championship game 13 times from 2001 to 2018. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady went on to a record nine Super Bowls, and they lifted the Lombardi Trophy six times.

NFL Football Picks

NFC Championship Game Results

2023 San Francisco 49ers 34 Detroit Lions 31
2022 Philadelphia Eagles 31 San Francisco 49ers 7
2021 Los Angeles Rams 20 San Francisco 49ers 17
2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 Green Bay Packers 26
2019 San Francisco 49ers 37 Green Bay Packers 20
2018 Los Angeles Rams 26 New Orleans Saints 23 (OT)
2017 Philadelphia Eagles 38 Minnesota Vikings 7
2016 Atlanta Falcons 44 Green Bay Packers 21
2015 Carolina Panthers 49 Arizona Cardinals 15
2014 Seattle Seahawks 28 Green Bay Packers 22
2013 Seattle Seahawks 23 San Francisco 49ers 17
2012 San Francisco 49ers 28 Atlanta Falcons 24
2011 New York Giants 20 San Francisco 49ers 17
2010 Green Bay Packers 21 Chicago Bears 14
2009 New Orleans Saints 31 Minnesota Vikings 28
2008 Arizona Cardinals 32 Philadelphia Eagles 25
2007 New York Giants 23 Green Bay Packers 20
2006 Chicago Bears 39 New Orleans Saints 14
2005 Seattle Seahawks 34 Carolina Panthers 14
2004 Philadelphia Eagles 27 Atlanta Falcons 10
2003 Carolina Panthers 14 Philadelphia Eagles 3
2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Philadelphia Eagles 10
2001 St. Louis Rams 29 Philadelphia Eagles 24
2000 New York Giants 41 Minnesota Vikings 0

Only three teams have been to the NFC Championship Game 10 or more times. The San Francisco 49ers have made it to the NFC Championship Game 18 times, and they have gone on to make the Super Bowl on seven occasions.

The Dallas Cowboys have won the NFC a record eight times. They haven’t been to the NFC Championship Game since 1995 though, as they have largely struggled over the last quarter decade. Dallas is tied with San Francisco for the NFC teams with the most Super Bowl wins at five.

The Los Angeles Rams went back to the NFC Championship in 2018 and 2021. They beat the San Francisco 49ers after the Niners beat them in the regular season twice, and they are now 5-6 all-time in the NFC Championship Game.

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