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The NFL Draft is in the books. Some teams greatly improved their roster, while others fumbled and stumbled their way through it and got themselves fired. The futures odds to win Super Bowl LII moved after every 1st round pick went off the board. With that the case, it’s time to reexamine the numbers and see if there’s some newfound value to be had.


Arizona Cardinals +4400

Atlanta Falcons +1206

Baltimore Ravens +4200

Buffalo Bills +9500

Carolina Panthers +2830

Chicago Bears +11000

Cincinnati Bengals +6000

Cleveland Browns +19000

Dallas Cowboys +873

Denver Broncos +1864

Detroit Lions +6000

Green Bay Packers +1165

Houston Texans +2212

Indianapolis Colts +3444

Jacksonville Jaguars +8000

Kansas City Chiefs +2117

Los Angeles Chargers +5700

Los Angeles Rams +13500

Miami Dolphins +4800

Minnesota Vikings +3779

New England Patriots +441

New Orleans Saints +4700

New York Giants +2330

New York Jets +15000

Oakland Raiders +1408

Philadelphia Eagles +3629

Pittsburgh Steelers +965

San Francisco 49ers +17696

Seattle Seahawks +903

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3650

Tennessee Titans +4500

Washington Redskins +6300

FAVORITE TO BACK: Dallas Cowboys (+873)

Big D made a huge splash on the offensive side of the ball in the 2016 draft when they selected Ezekiel Elliott in the first round and Dak Prescott in the fourth. All the former went on to do was rush for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns, while the latter was calm as a cucumber leading the offense in throwing for 3,667 yards and an impressive 23:4 touchdown/interception ratio.

With the offense set for years to come, the Cowboys knew they had to improve themselves on the defensive side of the ball and that’s exactly what they did. I love the selection of pass rusher extraordinaire Taco Charlton in the first round, and then following it up with secondary help in the forms of Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis was superb. Dallas is going to trot a much better pass defense onto the field this season, and that in and of itself will once again make it a Super Bowl contender out of the NFC.

LONGSHOT TO BACK: Jacksonville Jaguars (+8000)

The Jags were trendy dark horses to at the very least win the AFC South and head to the playoffs for the first time since 2007 last season. Those that plopped their money down on Jacksonville for any type of futures bet were better off taking a lighter to it instead. That is unless you bet their season win total under.

Surprisingly, it was the much heralded offense that took a major step back last season. It did absolutely nothing to compliment a much improved defense. With that, the newly installed front office went out and improved themselves on the offensive side of the ball by selecting Leonard Fournette with the No. 4 pick and then followed it up by snagging Alabama OT Cam Robinson in the second who many thought would go in the first. These two should immediately pay dividends for Blake Bortles and company. If the defense can build off last season’s output, Jacksonville could grossly outperform much lower expectations in 2017-18.

ODDS MOVEMENT: Houston Texans (+2212)

It’s now or never for the Texans who originally opened up as +3322 choices to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Houston was forced to unload top draft picks the next two seasons to rid themselves of Brock Osweiler, as well as to move up in the first round to snag who they hope is the quarterback of their future in Deshaun Watson. The pieces are in place to be a force offensively. All the unit needed was a field general capable of leading them. Watson has played on the big stage and excelled each of the last two seasons. He’s likely the most NFL ready of all the quarterbacks selected in the first round. Now he has to prove it.

The Texans defense returns a bulk of last year’s unit that allowed the fewest total yards in the league. Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney are two of the best pass rushers in the league. With a healthy J.J. Watt thrown back into the mix, the Texans defense will once again be elite. Should Watson flourish under center out of the gate, Houston will be in an excellent position to at the very least make a deep playoff run.

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Super Bowl Odds History

Super Bowl Matchup Spread Total Score ATS O/U
51NE/ATLNE -357.5NE 34 – ATL 28 (OT)FavoriteOver
50CAR/DENCAR -543.5DEN 24 – CAR 10UnderdogUnder
49SEA/NEPK47.5NE 28 – SEA 24----Over
48SEA/DENDEN -2.547.5SEA 43 – DEN 8UnderdogOver
47SF/BALSF -4.548BAL 34 – SF 31UnderdogOver
46NYG/NENE -2.553NYG 21 – NE 17UnderdogUnder
45GB/PITGB -345GB 31 – PIT 25FavoriteOver
44NO/INDIND -557NO 31 – IND 17UnderdogUnder
43PIT/AZPIT -746PIT 27 – AZ 23UnderdogOver
42NYG/NENE -1255NYG 17 – NE 14UnderdogUnder
41IND/CHIIND -747IND 29 – CHI 17FavoriteUnder
40PIT/SEAPIT -447PIT 21 – SEA 10FavoriteUnder
39NE/PHINE -746.5NE 24 – PHI 21UnderdogUnder
38NE/CARNE -737.5NE 32 – CAR 29UnderdogOver
37TB/OAKOAK -444TB 48 – OAK 21UnderdogOver
36NE/STLSTL -1453NE 20 – STL 17UnderdogUnder
35BAL/NYGBAL -333BAL 34 – NYG 7FavoriteOver
34STL/TENSTL -745STL 23 – TEN 16PushUnder
33DEN/ATLDEN -7.552.5DEN 34 – ATL 19FavoriteOver
32DEN/GBGB -1149DEN 31 – GB 24UnderdogOver
31GB/NEGB -1449GB 35 – NE 21PushOver
30DAL/PITDAL -13.551DAL 27 – PIT 17UnderdogUnder
29SF/SDSF -18.553.5SF 49 – SD 26FavoriteOver
28DAL/BUFDAL -10.550.5DAL 30 – BUF 13FavoriteUnder
27DAL/BUFDAL -6.544.5DAL 52 – BUF 17FavoriteOver
26WAS/BUFWAS -749WAS 27 – BUF 24FavoriteOver
25NYG/BUFBUF -740.5NYG 20 – BUF 19UnderdogUnder
24SF/DENSF -1248SF 55 – DEN 10FavoriteOver
23SF/CINSF -748SF 20 – CIN 16UnderdogUnder
22WAS/DENDEN -347WAS 42 – DEN 10UnderdogOver
21NYG/DENNYG -9.540NYG 39 – DEN 20FavoriteOver
20CHI/NECHI -1037.5CHI 46 – NE 10FavoriteOver
19SF/MIASF -3.553.5SF 38 – MIA 16FavoriteOver
18LA/WASWAS -348LA 38 – WAS 9FavoriteUnder
17WAS/MIAMIA -336.5WAS 27 – MIA 17UnderdogOver
16SF/CINSF -148SF 26 – CIN 21FavoriteUnder
15OAK/PHIPHI -337.5OAK 27 – PHI 10UnderdogUnder
14PIT/LAPIT -10.536PIT 31 – LA 19FavoriteOver
13PIT/DALPIT -3.537PIT 35 – DAL 31FavoriteOver
12DAL/DENDAL -639DAL 27 – DEN 10FavoriteUnder
11OAK/MINOAK -438OAK 34 – MIN 14FavoriteOver
10PIT/DALPIT -736PIT 21 – DAL 7UnderdogOver
9PIT/MINPIT -333PIT 16 – MIN 6FavoriteUnder
8MIA/MIAMIA -6.533MIA 24 – MIN 7FavoriteUnder
7MIA/WASMIA -133MIA 14 – WAS 7FavoriteUnder
6DAL/MIADAL -634DAL 24 – MIA 3FavoriteUnder
5BAL/DALBAL -2.536BAL 16 – DAL 13FavoriteUnder
4KC/MINMIN -1239KC 23 – MIN 7UnderdogUnder
3NYJ/BALBAL -1840NYJ 16 – BAL 7UnderdogUnder
2GB/OAKGB -13.543GB 33 – OAK 14FavoriteOver
1GB/KCGB -14N/AGB 35 – KC 10FavoriteN/A

Super Bowl All-Time Betting Records

-The most points ever scored by a single team in the Super Bowl is 55 (49ers, Super Bowl 24)

-The most total points ever scored in a Super Bowl is 75 (49ers/Chargers, Super Bowl 29)

-The fewest points ever scored by a single team in the Super Bowl is 3 (Dolphins, Super Bowl 6)

-The fewest total points ever scored in a Super Bowl is 23 (Jets/Colts, Super Bowl 3)

-The biggest point spread in Super Bowl history is -18.5 (49ers vs. Chargers, Super Bowl 29)

-The smallest point spread in Super Bowl history is PK (Seahawks vs. Patriots, Super Bowl 49)

-The highest total in Super Bowl history is 57.5 (Patriots vs. Falcons, Super Bowl 51)

-The lowest total in Super Bowl history is 33 (four times)

-The biggest upset in Super Bowl history was +18 (Jets, Super Bowl 3)

-The biggest cover in ATS history was by 37.5 points (Seahawks, Super Bowl 48)

-The biggest margin of victory in Super Bowl history was 45 (49ers, Super Bowl 24)

Super Bowl ATS Trends

-Favored teams are 27-23-1 ATS in the Super Bowl

-Favored teams are 33-17 SU in the Super Bowl

-The Over is 26-24 in the Super Bowl

-Underdog teams are 11-5 ATS since Super Bowl 36

-The Under is 7-6 since Super Bowl 39

-NFC teams are 26-25 in the Super Bowl

Team Records in the Super Bowl

Team Appearances SU Record ATS Record O/U Record
Arizona Cardinals10-11-01-0
Atlanta Falcons20-20-22-0
Baltimore Ravens22-02-02-0
Buffalo Bills40-40-42-2
Carolina Panthers20-21-11-1
Chicago Bears21-11-11-1
Cincinnati Bengals20-21-10-2
Cleveland Browns00-00-00-0
Dallas Cowboys85-35-33-5
Denver Broncos83-53-56-2
Detroit Lions00-00-00-0
Green Bay Packers54-13-1-14-0
Houston Texans00-00-00-0
Indianapolis Colts42-22-20-4
Jacksonville Jaguars00-00-00-0
Kansas City Chiefs21-11-10-1
Los Angeles Rams31-20-2-11-2
Miami Dolphins52-32-32-3
Minnesota Vikings40-40-40-4
New England Patriots95-43-5-15-4
New Orleans Saints11-01-00-1
New York Giants54-14-12-3
New York Jets11-01-00-1
Oakland Raiders53-23-23-2
Philadelphia Eagles20-21-10-2
Pittsburgh Steelers86-25-35-3
San Diego Chargers10-10-11-0
Seattle Seahawks31-21-22-1
San Francisco 49ers65-14-24-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11-01-01-0
Tennessee Titans10-10-0-10-1
Washington Redskins53-23-23-2

Super Bowl Team Trends

-The most appearances in the Super Bowl is 9 (Patriots)

-The fewest appearances in the Super Bowl is 0 (Jaguars, Texans, Lions, Browns)

-The most wins in the Super Bowl is 6 (Steelers)

-The most appearances in the Super Bowl without a loss is 2 (Ravens)

-The most appearances in the Super Bowl without a win is 4 (Vikings, Bills)

-The most Over games in the Super Bowl is 6 (Broncos)

-The most Under games in the Super Bowl is 5 (Cowboys)

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