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Gamblers were surprised and impressed with the Atlanta Hawks in their 116-105 play-in-game win against the Miami Heat. Atlanta was a 5.5-point road dog but won impressively. Now the Hawks advance to face the Boston Celtics in the best-of-seven opening round. Despite their win over Miami, Atlanta is not getting any love against the Celtics.

On the positive, the Atlanta Hawks have qualified for the postseason. And with Trae Young, Atlanta has one of the most prolific offensive threats in the NBA. However, Atlanta is not a serious threat in the 2023 NBA Playoffs. The reason is that the Hawks lack a strong supporting cast, reliable secondary scoring, and don’t play much defense. Still, Trae Young can steal games by himself on a hot night. But asking Young to have the hot hand against the NBA’s best teams is not a sustainable formula.

Atlanta Hawks NBA Betting Lines

Atlanta Hawks Seasons (2000)

2022-23 41-41 Lost First Round
2021-22 43-39 Lost First Round
2020-21 41-31 Lost Eastern Conference Finals
2019-20 20-47 -
2018-19 29-53 -
2017-18 24-58 -
2016-17 43-39 Lost First Round
2015-16 48-34 Lost Second Round
2014-15 60-22 Lost Eastern Conference Finals
2013-14 38-44 Lost First Round
2012-13 44-38 Lost First Round
2011-12 40-26 Lost First Round
2010-11 44-38 Lost Second Round
2009-10 53-29 Lost Second Round
2008-09 47-35 Lost Second Round
2007-08 37-45 Lost First Round
2006-07 30-52 -
2005-06 26-56 -
2004-05 13-69 -
2003-04 28-54 -
2002-03 35-47 -
2001-02 33-49 -
2000-01 25-57 -
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You might not think it, but the Atlanta Hawks are one of the oldest franchises in the NBA.  They were founded in 1949 as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks and played in Moline, Illinois.  The legendary Red Auerbach was their head coach for most of that first season, but they could not draw big crowds and left the area after just two years.

The franchise was unable to have much success in its next home either.  The Hawks moved to Milwaukee and never posted a higher winning percentage than .380 during their four seasons there.  That led to another move, and it looked like they had finally found their forever home in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Hawks made it to the NBA Finals four times in five years from 1957 to 1961.  Bob Pettit was the franchise's first superstar, winning the NBA MVP in 1956 and 1959, and he led the Hawks to the NBA title in 1958.  They continued to be a real contender throughout the 1960s. But the team was sold to a group from Atlanta that moved it there in 1968.

The Atlanta Hawks have been to the playoffs 35 times since moving to their current location, but they have never been able to make the NBA Finals.  Atlanta has had some exciting teams with stars like Pete Maravich and Dominique Wilkins over the years, but the franchise has been unable to take that next step.  The Hawks made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2015 and 2021, where teams with transcendent superstars defeated them.

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