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Arsenal F.C. English Premier League Odds

Few clubs can match the historic success that Arsenal has been able to boast. The Gunners have long been one of the top teams in England, playing top flight football in every season since World War I. That has led to a number of trophies, with Arsenal winning 13 League Championships. Those titles make Arsenal the third-most decorated club in English history, trailing only Manchester United and Liverpool.

Their success in the Premier League has been impressive, but where they have really shined is in the FA Cup. Arsenal has won the FA Cup 13 times, more than any other English club. The Gunners didn’t win their first FA Cup until 1930, but they have come to dominate the competition over the last quarter-century. Arsenal has won the FA Cup nine times in the last 25 years, and the south London club has won three of the last five competitions as well.

In recent years, the storied club has had a bit of a fall from grace. Arsenal has been historically seen as one of the Big Five clubs in English football, but the team has not been able to win the Premier League in 15 years. They have not been able to qualify for the lucrative Champions League in each of the last two seasons either, instead being relegated to the Europa League.

2018-19 Arsenal Betting Schedule

12/08/2018 16:00 Arsenal v Manchester City
18/08/2018 17:30 Chelsea v Arsenal
25/08/2018 15:00 Arsenal v West Ham United
02/09/2018 13:30 Cardiff City v Arsenal
15/09/2018 15:00 Newcastle United v Arsenal
23/09/2018 16:00 Arsenal v Everton
29/09/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Watford
06/10/2018 15:00 Fulham v Arsenal
20/10/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Leicester City
27/10/2018 15:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal
03/11/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool
10/11/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Wolverhampton
24/11/2018 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Arsenal
01/12/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur
04/12/2018 20:00 Manchester United v Arsenal
08/12/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Huddersfield Town
15/12/2018 15:00 Southampton v Arsenal
22/12/2018 15:00 Arsenal v Burnley
26/12/2018 15:00 Brighton v Arsenal
29/12/2018 15:00 Liverpool v Arsenal
01/01/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Fulham
12/01/2019 15:00 West Ham United v Arsenal
19/01/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Chelsea
29/01/2019 19:45 Arsenal v Cardiff City
02/02/2019 15:00 Manchester City v Arsenal
09/02/2019 15:00 Huddersfield Town v Arsenal
23/02/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Southampton
26/02/2019 19:45 Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth
02/03/2019 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
09/03/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Manchester United
16/03/2019 15:00 Wolverhampton v Arsenal
30/03/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Newcastle United
06/04/2019 15:00 Everton v Arsenal
13/04/2019 15:00 Watford v Arsenal
20/04/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace
27/04/2019 15:00 Leicester City v Arsenal
04/05/2019 15:00 Arsenal v Brighton
12/05/2019 15:00 Burnley v Arsenal

For the first time in 22 years, Arsenal will have a new manager entering the 2018-19 season. Arsene Wenger had been the longest-tenured manager in the Premier League for a considerable amount of time before he announced that he was leaving the club at the end of the season. He will be replaced by Paris Saint-Germain’s Unai Emery, who signed a two-year deal with Arsenal.

Emery has brought a newfound optimism to the club and its fans, but Arsenal will need more than just a paint job to be able to make it back to the Champions League next year. The Gunners still have to make up a massive talent gap between themselves and the contenders, and that could take some time. It’s never easy to replace a legend like Wenger either, and Emery isn’t likely to get off to a great start with Arsenal’s first two matches coming against Manchester City and Chelsea.

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Past Arsenal F.C. Premier League Results

1992-1993 Premier 15-11-16 10th
1993-1994 Premier 18-17-7 4th
1994-1995 Premier 13-12-17 12th
1995-1996 Premier 17-12-9 5th
1996-1997 Premier 19-11-8 3rd
1997-1998 Premier 23-9-6 1st
1998-1999 Premier 22-12-4 2nd
1999-2000 Premier 22-7-9 2nd
2000-2001 Premier 20-10-8 2nd
2001-2002 Premier 26-9-3 1st
2002-2003 Premier 23-9-6 2nd
2003-2004 Premier 26-12-0 1st
2004-2005 Premier 25-8-5 2nd
2005-2006 Premier 20-7-11 4th
2006-2007 Premier 19-11-8 4th
2007-2008 Premier 24-11-3 3rd
2008-2009 Premier 20-12-6 4th
2009-2010 Premier 23-6-9 3rd
2010-2011 Premier 19-11-8 4th
2011-2012 Premier 21-7-10 3rd
2012-2013 Premier 21-10-7 4th
2013-2014 Premier 24-7-7 4th
2014-2015 Premier 22-9-7 3rd
2015-2016 Premier 20-11-7 2nd
2016-2017 Premier 23-6-9 5th
2017-2018 Premier 19-6-13 6th
2018-2019 Premier - -

2018-2019 English Premier League Teams

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