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2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League Betting

CONCACAF Nations League Betting

The inaugural CONCACAF Nations League is slated to kick off in September 2019. All 41 countries in CONCACAF will take part in the competition, and they have been separated in three different leagues after an initial qualifying period that encompassed four matchdays between September 2018 and March 2019.

The league was founded in order to increase the number of matches between member nations. As we have seen with the UEFA Nations League, this is particularly beneficial for smaller countries and their soccer federations. While they are unlikely to ever play some of the giants of the region, they will get to have more competitive matches between countries of similar quality, and that will only help the state of soccer in the region.

2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League A

United States Mexico Honduras Costa Rica
Canada Panama Trinidad and Tobago Haiti
Cuba Bermuda Martinique Curacao

The 12 teams in League A will be looking to make it to the CONCACAF Nations League Final Championship in March 2020. The winners of each of the four groups will advance to the final, which will be played in a knockout format. The location of these games has yet to be determined, and the exact dates have yet to be determined as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, the four teams that finish in last place in their groups will be relegated to League B for the next iteration of the CONCACAF Nations League.

There are clear favorites in three of the four groups in League A. The United States is the giant in Group A, and the Stars and Stripes will look to capitalize on their relatively recent emergence as a regional soccer power. Virtually every expert will predict Group B to finish with Mexico on top, Panama in second, and Bermuda at the bottom. Group D has a substantial favorite as well with Costa Rica projected to waltz into the final over Curacao and Haiti.

Group C is the only group with a perception of ambiguity with regard to its winner. Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago are the top two teams in the group, and one of those two is almost certain to make it to the Nations League Final. Martinique will likely finish in last place, but the tiny island did draw with Trinidad and Tobago last year.

2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League B

Belize El Salvador Jamaica Nicaragua
Saint Kitts and Nevis Dominican Republic Antigua and Barbuda Dominica
French Guiana Montserrat Guyana Suriname
Grenada Saint Lucia Aruba Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

There are 16 teams in League B for the initial CONCACAF Nations League starting this September. They have been divided into four groups of four teams, and the winner of each group will earn promotion to League A for the next iteration of this competition. The last place team in each group will be relegated to League C.

We are going to have some heavy favorites in some of these groups as well. El Salvador and Jamaica are both ranked in the top ten in the CONCACAF region, and they are expected to dominate Groups B and C. However, we could see some surprises in Groups A and D as the teams in those groups are more evenly matched.

2019-20 CONCACAF Nations League C

Barbados Bahamas Guatemala Guadeloupe
Cayman Islands Bonaire Puerto Rico Sint Maarten
Saint Martin British Virgin Islands Anguilla Turks and Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands - - -

League C is the lowest tier league in the CONCACAF Nations League. This league is almost exclusively made up of Caribbean teams, with Guatemala being the lone exception. Guatemala is only in this tier because they were suspended by FIFA during the qualifying phase. The winner of each group will be promoted to League B for the next tournament.

Guatemala being stuck in League C is wild since they are ranked eighth in the region, and they are likely to run roughshod over their two group foes. The rest of the groups are going to be more closely fought as none of the other nations in League C are ranked in the top half of CONCACAF.

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