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San Francisco Giants Betting Odds

San Francisco Giants Betting

Not that long ago in 2014 the San Francisco Giants were respected as the premier franchise in Major League Baseball. From 2010 through 2014 the Giants won three World Series championships. However, since that peak San Francisco has been in decline and has now suffered three consecutive losing seasons with a last post season appearance in 2016. On the positive the Giants finished with a solid profit on the board last year for the first time since 2014. The mixed results are expected to continue for 2020.

Gamblers want nothing to do with the Giants on the futures board at this time. San Francisco wiped the board clean and will have a new manager and general manager for the 2020 season.

Last year San Francisco had MLB metrics of 28th for runs scored, 27th for batting average, 28th for OPS, 26th for home runs, 28th for stolen bases, 15th for staff earned run average, 10th for WHIP, 23rd for strikeouts, 22nd for quality starts, 13th for fielding, and 6th for bullpen.

Manager Gabe Kapler is a former Major League player from 1998 through 2010. He has the unique experience of coaching Team Isreal in 2012 in the attempt to make the World Baseball Classic. He also worked as a television analyst before joining the Los Angeles Dodgers as director of player development. He was manager of the Philadelphia Phillies the past two seasons.

General manager Scott Harris takes over this year as general manager and has served in the Chicago Cubs front office since 2012 where he was director of baseball operations. He is tasked with getting the Giants back on track and on par with what the Cubs have accomplished as a perennial National League contender. To get that done he must jumpstart a lineup that was one of the least productive in the game and has left a solid pitching staff hanging more often than not.

San Francisco Giants at a Glance

Manager: Gabe Kapler

Home Stadium: Oracle Park

World Series Championships: 8 ( Last, 2014 )

League Pennants: 23 ( Last, 2014 )

Division Titles: 8 ( Last, 2012 )

Current Odds to Win World Series: +38500

Current Odds to Win National League Pennant: +18500

2020 Season Preview

San Francisco will begin the 2020 season ranked in the middle of the pack at 15th in Major League Baseball for team payroll. Catcher Buster Posey is the top paid Giant followed by pitchers Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija along with first baseman Brandon Belt.

Brandon Belt began his career with the Giants in 2011 and has been a regular since the 2012 season. Last year Belt scored 76 runs with 32 doubles, 17 home runs, 57 runs batted in, a .234 average with a .403 slugging percentage and .742 OPS. He was a 2016 NL All-Star.

Right fielder Mike Yastrzemski is the grandson of the famed Carl Yastrzemski. As a rookie last year Mike was solid and impressive. In 107 games he scored 64 runs with 22 doubles, 21 home runs, 55 runs batted in, with an average of .272, .518 slugging percentage and OPS of .852.

Third baseman Evan Longoria is best known for his days of glory with the Tampa Bay Rays. While with the Rays he was a three-time AL All-Star. Longoria has been with the Giants for two years. Last year he scored 59 runs with 19 doubles, 20 home runs, 69 runs batted in with a .254 average, .437 slugging percentage and .762 OPS.

Right hand starter Jeff Samardzija was 11-12 with a 3.52 earned run average in 2019 with a WHIP of 1.11. He has been a regular starter in MLB since 2011 and came to the Giants in 2016 from the Chicago White Sox. While with the Chicago Cubs he was a 2014 NL All-Star.

2020 San Francisco Giants Schedule

March 26-28: at Los Angeles Dodgers

March 30-April 1: at Arizona Diamondbacks

April 3-5: Los Angeles Dodgers

April 6-9: Arizona Diamondbacks

April 10-12: at San Diego Padres

April 14-16: at Cincinnati Reds

April 17-19: at Atlanta Braves

April 21-23: Colorado Rockies

April 24-26: Washington Nationals

April 27-29: Philadelphia Phillies

May 1-3: at Cleveland Indians

May 4-6: at Minnesota Twins

May 8-10: Chicago White Sox

May 11-14: at Colorado Rockies

May 15-17: Atlanta Braves

May 19-20: Detroit Tigers

May 22-25: at Pittsburgh Pirates

May 26-28: at Milwaukee Brewers

May 29-31: Colorado Rockies

June 1-4: San Diego Padres

June 6-7: at Oakland Athletics

June 9-11: Pittsburgh Pirates

June 12-13: Miami Marlins

June 16-18: at Washington Nationals

June 19-21: at Miami Marlins

June 22-25: New York Mets

June 26-28: Los Angeles Dodgers

June 30-July 2: at New York Mets

July 3-5: at Colorado Rockies

July 7-8: Oakland Athletics

July 10-12: San Diego Padres

July 16-19: at Los Angeles Dodgers

July 20-22: at St. Louis Cardinals

July 24-26: Arizona Diamondbacks

July 27-30: Chicago Cubs

July 31-August 2: at Colorado Rockies

August 4-5: at Detroit Tigers

August 7-10: at Philadelphia Phillies

August 11-13: Los Angeles Dodgers

August 14-16: Colorado Rockies

August 18-19: at San Diego Padres

August 20-23: at Arizona Diamondbacks

August 24-26: San Diego Padres

August 28-30: Kansas City Royals

August 31-September 2: at Chicago Cubs

September 3-6: at San Diego Padres

September 7-9: St. Louis Cardinals

September 10-13: Cincinnati Reds

September 14-16: at Arizona Diamondbacks

September 18-20: at Los Angeles Dodgers

September 22-23: Arizona Diamondbacks

September 24-27: Milwaukee Brewers

Statistics By Year (2010)

2019 77-85 35-46 42-39 +761 78-75-9 3rd
2018 73-89 42-39 31-50 -856 69-86-7 4th
2017 64-98 38-43 26-55 -3,778 74-76-12 5th
2016 87-75 45-36 42-39 -754 75-82-5 2nd
2015 84-78 47-34 37-44 -70 79-73-10 2nd
2014 88-74 45-36 43-38 +802 76-76-10 2nd
2013 76-86 41-40 35-46 -2,095 73-80-9 3rd
2012 94-68 48-33 46-35 +1,999 86-70-6 1st
2011 86-76 46-35 40-41 -453 70-85-7 2nd
2010 92-70 49-32 43-38 +1,399 74-81-7 1st

Year-By-Year History (2010)

2019 77-85 3rd -
2018 73-89 4th -
2017 64-98 5th -
2016 87-75 2nd Lost NLDS
2015 84-78 2nd -
2014 88-74 2nd Won World Series
2013 76-86 3rd -
2012 94-68 1st Won World Series
2011 86-76 2nd -
2010 92-70 1st Won World Series
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