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MLB Betting OddsBaseball Betting Odds:

Here we are at the final weekend prior to the All-Star break. We’re more than halfway through the 2018 MLB season and days away from the start of the official second-half of the season.

While there are still plenty of games yet to play, we have a pretty good picture of the American League playoff picture.

The Boston Red Sox have started to separate themselves from the New York Yankees in the AL East standings though a few games is hardly enough to declare a winner in September, let alone July. That race will go down to the wire, but the Sox have the upper hand.

Whichever team loses that race will have to play a one-game play-in against the other Wild Card team, likely the Seattle Mariners. That’s a tough break for a team on pace for well over 100 wins.

Along with Seattle, the other likely playoff teams in the AL are the Houston Astros who most pick to win the West and the Cleveland Indians who are the likely AL Central champions almost by default.

Given the futility of most of the other AL teams, notwithstanding the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays both of whom are over-.500, the second half of the season in the AL could basically come down to the race for the top of the AL East. With that, it’s important to watch the matchups for those teams. The Sox have the Blue Jays heading into the break while the Yankees have the tougher matchup against the Indians. Can the Tribe hold down the Bronx Bombers and allow the Sox to lengthen their lead?

The National League has a lot more intrigue left and lot more teams still vying for postseason action. The Washington Nationals have struggled in the NL East, but are still in the hunt for the division along with the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. In the Central, three more teams still have a chance with the Milwaukee Brewers on top, but the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals still relevant. Meanwhile, in the NL West, four teams could conceivably win the division, though the surging Los Angeles Dodgers and current front-runner Arizona Diamondbacks seem the heavy favorites.

Going into the break, the Rockies—who are holding on in the NL West—have a fun series against the Mariners who are still hoping to make the NL West a race despite the Astros being heavy favorites. That series in Colorado could be a fun one to watch as the thin air in Coors Field could keep it interesting.

After this weekend, all teams will have four days off to recharge and, for those slumping, hopefully reset and open up the second half playing better baseball. The time off should also afford better health to a number of key players.

Next week, the only baseball we have to look forward to will be the Futures Game on Sunday, Home Run Derby on Monday and MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday.

The curse of the Home Run Derby will be worth watching. Traditionally players that take part in the derby see a downturn in production in the second half. One of the main players to watch in that regard is Max Muncy who has been, perhaps, the biggest surprise of the first half, helping to lead the Dodgers back into relevancy.

Another key player to keep an eye on in the derby is Bryce Harper. It’s hard to imagine he regresses further. He’s had a tough year despite getting the All-Star nod. His average is down to .215 as he’s basically been getting homers, walks or recording outs. His big swing this year isn’t likely to change much for the derby. In fact, if he shows well in the contest, he may be a rare instance where the derby helps him for down the stretch.

After Monday, all attention turns to the All-Star game. The two leagues are tied in the long, storied history of the game, though it’s been the American League that’s owned the National League lately. With the AL boasting some of the best teams this year and the NL showing more parity will the AL once again win the game? It’s seems likely though we’ll have to wait for the weekend series to conclude before finding out.

MLB Series Previews for Week of July 12

Angels at Dodgers Series Preview

MLB Games of the Week for Week of July 12

Blue Jays at Red Sox, Friday, July 13

Yankees at Indians, Saturday, July 14

Mariners at Rockies, Sunday, July 15

Home Run Derby, Monday, July 16

MLB All-Star Game, Tuesday, July 17

Cubs at Cardinals, Thursday, July 19

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Baseball Betting - How to bet on MLB

Money Line Betting

In a money line bet, the player is only concerned with which team will win the game. There is no run total, but a favorite and underdog is still selected by the sportsbooks and determined by different odds.

A tipical baseball betting line would look like this:

  • Atlanta Braves - 130
  • LA Dodgers +120

In this example, the Atlanta Braves are favorite to win over the Dodgers. The numbers provided are the odds that each team is given to win.

A $100 bet on the Dodgers would win $120. But a bet on the favorites, as they are more likely to win the game, would pay $100 for every $130 wagered.

Run Line Betting

The run line in baseball betting is the equivalent to a point spread in other sports. The run line is usually set at –1.5 or +1.5.

The tipical baseball run line would look something like this:

  • Atlanta Braves - 1.5 ( +110)
  • LA Dodgers +1.5 ( - 130 )

In this example, the Atlanta Braves are a 1.5 - point favorite, while the Dodgers are considered a 1.5 - point underdog. The number signifies how much is to be added or subtracted from that teams ' run total at the conclusion of the game. In the example, 1.5 is to be subtracted from the Atlanta Braves ' final score, while 1.5 will be added to the Dodgers ' final score. The numbers next to each run total are the odds the bettor will receive on a winning bet.

A bet on the Atlanta Braves means the team has to win the game by at least 2 runs. If the bet is placed on the Dodgers, the team can loose the game by one run ant the bet would still win.

Total (Over/Under) Betting

A bettor can make a single wager on whether or not the combined run total for the game will be over or under set ammount, which is determined by the sportsbook before the game.

this would be a tipical over/Under betting line:

  • Atlanta Braves / LA Dodgers O6½ - 105
  • Atlanta Braves / LA Dodgers U6½ - 115

The numbers next to each total are the odds the bettor will receive on a winning bet. Access live betting lines from your mobile device at BookMaker sportsbook! You can wager on sporting events as they unfold on television with BookMaker's live betting platform. Real-time spreads, totals, props and moneyline odds are all available by clicking here so start betting with BookMaker today and also get MLB Articles!

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  • Jul 17

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    • 1945
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    • +110
    • 1946
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    • -130
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