2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Odds

2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting

Olympics Tokyo 2020 Betting

For the first time ever, an Olympics will take place in an odd-numbered year. The COVID pandemic forced the 2020 Summer Olympics to be pushed back a year. However, it appears to be all systems go for the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The 2021 Summer Olympics are slated to begin on Friday, July 23, 2021. They will run for 16 straight days before coming to a conclusion on August 8, 2021. Tens of thousands of athletes from around the world will gather in Tokyo, Japan for this event, and we will likely see over 200 nations represented.

These Olympics will feature several new sports. Three-on-three basketball, relay race cycling, and freestyle BMX will all be making their Olympic debuts. The Tokyo Organizing Committee also added karate, skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing for at least this Olympics.

2020 Summer Olympic Sports (Categories)

Aquatics, Artistic swimming (2), Diving (8), Swimming (37), Water polo (2), Archery (5), Badminton (5), Baseball (1), Softball (1), Basketball (2), 3x3 basketball (2), Boxing (13), Canoeing Slalom (4), Canoeing Sprint (12), BMX freestyle (2), BMX racing (2), Mountain biking (2), Road cycling , (4), Track cycling (12), Equestrian Dressage (2), Equestrian Jumping (2), Fencing (12), Field hockey (2), Football (2), Golf (2), Gymnastics Artistic (14), Gymnastics Rhythmic (2), Trampoline (2), Handball (2), Judo (15), Karate Kata (2), Karate Kumite (6), Modern pentathlon (2), Rowing 14), Rugby sevens (2), Sailing (10), Shooting (15), Skateboarding (4), Sport climbing (2), Surfing (2), Table tennis (5), Taekwondo (8), Tennis (5), Triathlon (3), Volleyball (2), Beach Volleyball (2), Weightlifting (14), Wrestling Freestyle (12), Wresting Greco-Roman (6).

2020 Summer Olympics Odds are available right now at BookMaker.eu on many of these sporting events, so be sure and check out the latest odds. Also on the board are odds on countries to win Gold Medals, beginning with the USA, China and Japan.

2020 Olympics Total Medals Odds

Gold Medals Won by USA

Over 46.5 +146

Under 46.5 -184

Gold Medals Won by China

Over 36.5 -150

Under 36.5 +120

Gold Medals Won by Japan

Over 27.5 +126

Under 27.5 -157

Odds are also available for Germany, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Russian OC, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain, Kenya, Poland, Brazil and Canada.

The USA and China are favored to win the most Gold Medals and odds are posted on which country will win more.

USA To Win Most Gold Medals

Yes -700

No +456

China To Win Most Gold Medals

Yes +524

No -850

List of Olympics Host Cities

2021 Tokyo, Japan
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2012 London, United Kingdom
2008 Beijing, China
2004 Athens, Greece
2000 Sydney, Australia
1996 Atlanta, Georgia
1992 Barcelona, Spain
1988 Seoul, South Korea
1984 Los Angeles, California
1980 Moscow, Soviet Union
1976 Montreal, Canada
1972 Munich, Germany
1968 Mexico City, Mexico
1964 Tokyo, Japan
1960 Rome, Italy
1956 Melbourne, Australia
1952 Helsinki, Finland
1948 London, United Kingdom
1936 Berlin, Germany
1932 Los Angeles, United States
1928 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1924 Paris, France
1920 Antwerp, Belgium
1912 Stockholm, Sweden
1908 London, United Kingdom
1904 St. Louis, United States
1900 Paris, France
1896 Athens, Greece

The very first Olympics was held in Athens, Greece in 1896, as Pierre de Coubertin wanted to invoke the memory of the original Olympics in ancient Greece. They ended up being a smash hit, and Paris became the second host for the modern Olympics in 1900. France’s capital became the first city to host the Olympics twice, but we haven’t seen the Summer Olympics return to the country since 1924.

London is the only city that has played host to the Summer Olympics three times. The city hosted the 1908, 1948, and 2012 Olympic Games. Paris and Los Angeles will soon join London though as those cities will be the hosts of the next two Summer Olympics.

All-time Olympics Medal Table (Top Ten)

United States 1,022 795 706 2,523
Soviet Union 395 319 296 1,010
Great Britain 263 295 293 851
France 212 241 263 716
Germany 191 194 230 615
Italy 206 178 193 577
China 224 167 155 546
Australia 147 163 187 497
Sweden 145 170 179 494
Hungary 175 147 169 491

The United States has lapped the field in terms of production at the Summer Olympics. America is the only country with more than 1,000 gold medals, and the defunct Soviet Union is the only other nation with more than 300 gold medal wins. The US currently boasts more than 2,500 total medals, and they have garnered the most medals for six straight Summer Olympics and picked up the most gold medals in five of the last six Olympic Games.

Great Britain was a consistent contender at the early Summer Olympics, and they have been much more competitive in recent years. After grabbing just one gold medal and 15 total medals at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, this nation redoubled its efforts to put athletes on the podium. The UK won the third-most medals at the 2012 London Games and the second-most medals at the 2016 Rio Games.

Although China did not participate in the Olympics from 1956 to 1980, they have been the biggest threat to the United States at these competitions since the collapse of the Soviet Union. China has finished at least fourth in the medal count at every Summer Olympics since the 1992 Barcelona Games. They had their best performance yet at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning 100 medals in their home country.

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