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Handball Betting OddsHandball is a team sport played by two teams of seven players each (six field players and a goal keeper). Both teams try to get the ball into the other team's goal; for this, they must throw the ball with their hands. The team with the most goals at the end of two 30 minute periods is the winner.

Modern handball games are played mostly indoors, but there are variants of the game played outdoors and even on the beach or over sand fields.

Goals are scored quite frequently; usually both teams score at least 20 goals each, and it is not uncommon for both teams to score more than 30 goals. This was not true in the earliest history of the game, when the scores were more akin to that of ice hockey. But, as offensive play has improved since the late 1980s, particularly the use of counterattacks (fast breaks) after a failed attack from the other team, goal scoring has increased.

General game rules and the goal of the game are similar to soccer. Handball betting is done with 3 line odds. The prices given to bets on draw are higher as handball games do not end with a draw very often. Usually, betting rates for a draw are almost 10-15 times higher than the rest. You can win a lot of money if you lay right bets for a draw several times.

Despite the fact that handball betting is not very popular, online bookmakers provide many betting options on this type of sport. You can lay bets on handball league games, played between clubs in many countries. The most popular national leagues among them are leagues in Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Spain. Team competitions in handball are not limited to national leagues. There are other international organizations in Europe, where club teams compete with each other. Champions League games that start in September are among the most popular ones.

Handball Champions League games are played in two different categories by men and women. Bettors who like to play on handball games can get many betting options during this period. The other international organization, in which clubs teams participate, is the Handball Champions Cup.

The excitement for the game increases during this tournament where national teams participate. During the European Handball Championship, World Handball Championships and the Olympics, television channels broadcast many live games.

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