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Cricket Betting OddsOnline Sports Betting Odds: Cricket is one of these sports which has been tremendously popular worldwide for decades, if not centuries. It hasn't caught on in the United States, but the time is coming when this modified form of baseball will certainly make it into the mainstream as soccer did, if for no other reason than that the rest of the world will cause America to take notice at some point.

Betting in cricket though, can be a bit strange since the sport isn't anything like what we see with American sports on a daily basis.

For example, cricket matches can take what seems like forever. Often times, matches (or Tests) are played over multiple days, sometimes as many as five in a row. The matches typically last at least six hours per day.

The object in cricket isn't dissimilar to traditional baseball. A bowler (think of him as the pitcher) rolls a ball up towards the batsman, who hits it and tries to score runs. There are nuisances to the game such as wickets, no balls and boundaries which can produce multiple runs.

Teams attempt to score as many runs as possible while at bat, while the team in the field attempts to get 10 outs as quickly as possible to end the inning. Innings can last several hours.

The biggest cricket competition in the world is the World Cup, an international competition held every four years starting in 1995. The next Cricket World Cup will take place in 2019.

The ICC Champions Trophy is another notable international cricket event, and it's held every even numbered year.

The World Cup brings out all sorts of countries you wouldn't think about being elite in sports. Afghanistan, for example, made its World Cup debut in 2015, while Bermuda, Namibia, Bangladesh, Kenya and the UAE have all made debuts since 1996.

Australia and India are easily the two most accomplished nations in the world in cricket. The Aussies have won the World Cup a whopping five times, including in 2015, while India has won the title twice.

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