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NBA Eastern Conference Betting

NBA Eastern Conference Betting

There has been a different winner of the Eastern Conference in each of the last four years, as the Cleveland Cavaliers won in 2018, the Toronto Raptors in 2019, the Miami Heat in 2020 and the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021. The Bucks and Heat are contenders to win the Eastern Conference again in 2022, but they are not without competition, as the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are serious contenders. All five teams are listed at single-digit odds to win the Eastern Conference. The Bucks are the defending NBA Champions and boast one of the top players in the league in Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks are a slight favorite in NBA betting odds to make it to the NBA Finals again.

The Brooklyn Nets have had an injury-riddled season and they won’t even finish the regular season in the top six in the NBA standings, meaning they will be part of the play-in tournament, but they still have the second-lowest odds behind Milwaukee. When healthy, the Nets are a dangerous team with superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving leading the way.

The Boston Celtics made a charge late in the season and they are listed just behind the Nets in Eastern Conference odds. The Celtics are just ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers and their superstar players Joel Embiid and James Harden and the Miami Heat who were leading the Eastern Conference standings for much of the regular season.

NBA Eastern Conference Winners (2000)

2022 Boston Celtics
2021 Milwaukee Bucks
2020 Miami Heat
2019 Toronto Raptors
2018 Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 Cleveland Cavaliers
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers
2015 Cleveland Cavaliers
2014 Miami Heat
2013 Miami Heat
2012 Miami Heat
2011 Miami Heat
2010 Boston Celtics
2009 Orlando Magic
2008 Boston Celtics
2007 Cleveland Cavaliers
2006 Miami Heat
2005 Detroit Pistons
2004 Detroit Pistons
2003 New Jersey Nets
2002 New Jersey Nets
2001 Philadelphia 76ers
2000 Indiana Pacers

As far as Eastern Conference dominance goes, it's the Boston Celtics, and it's everybody else. The C's had the greatest run in NBA history in the 1950s and 1960s. They won the East 10 consecutive times from 1957 through 1966, a mark that probably is never going to be matched again. Of those 10 East titles, Boston went on to win the NBA Finals all but once in 1958 when they were beaten in six games by the St. Louis Hawks. The Celtics then went on to win the championship in 1968 and 1969 after getting beaten by the 76ers in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1967.

Of course, the Bulls went on their great run in the 1990s with two three-peats to cap off the Michael Jordan era. LeBron James had four straight East championships with the Heat and two NBA championships to boot in that run, and four straight with the Cavaliers with the title for "The Land" that James coveted so much.

Eastern Conference Finals Results By Team

Boston Celtics 21 2010
Philadelphia 76ers 9 2001
New York Knicks 8 1999
Miami Heat 6 2020
Chicago Bulls 6 1998
Detroit Pistons 5 2005
Cleveland Cavaliers 5 2018
Washington Wizards 4 1979
Orlando Magic 2 2009
Brooklyn Nets 2 2003
Milwaukee Bucks 1 2021
Golden State Warriors 1 1956
Indiana Pacers 1 2000
Toronto Raptors 1 2019

The franchise known as the Golden State Warriors has more Eastern Conference titles than the Hawks and Hornets combined. How about that! Of course, the Warriors used to play in Philadelphia, and that's when they won the NBA title in 1956. Aside from that, at least all of the teams who have won East titles are currently Eastern Conference teams.

The Hawks and Bucks also went to the NBA Finals when they were members of the Western Conference back then. The Hawks did so as the St. Louis Hawks in the late 1950s and early 1960s, while the Bucks were in the West in the 1970s. Charlotte, the East's newest team, is the only one to have never played in the Eastern Conference Finals. Toronto was on that list as well until the 2016 season when it was beaten by the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Amazingly, there have been 10 different teams represent the East in the NBA Finals since the Bulls last went in 1998. It doesn't feel like it's been two decades since Chicago was the dominant team in the East, but time flies for sure.

Everyone is obviously still trying to chase down the Celtics for the most Eastern Conference titles. Boston had more trips to the NBA Finals in the 1950s and 1960s than any other team in the East. It'll be quite a while until anyone else can say they represented this conference 10 times in the Finals, and that wouldn't even put that team halfway to where Boston is at with its 21 Eastern Conference championships.

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