Wild Money Moves Make for Constant Odds Fluctuation in Final Days

October 26 - November 1 US Elections Betting Coverage

Mercifully for all concerned the 2002 US Presidential election has only one week to go. Democrat Joe Biden has been bet up roughly 30 cents since Thursday’s final debate to win the election. Yet polls are showing that President Trump has gained strength in the so-called battle ground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, and even Minnesota where the election will be decided. Much like was the case in 2016 when "journalists" all but guaranteed a Hillary Clinton victory the same can be said for Biden. Almost all conventional "wisdom" has him winning the election. Yet there have been some nervous tells from Democrats this week. Starting with Joe Biden himself.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Joe Biden -190

Donald Trump +145

2020 US Presidential Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Last Thursday’s debate had a winner on each side depending on which side you asked. Yet it is Joe Biden that has gone up in esteem and price in the eyes of gamblers. What makes this even more bizarre is that the scandals keep piling up on Biden in the final days of the election. This is in a similar pattern to the wiki leaks scandals that helped topple Hillary Clinton four years ago. There could be some bargain hunters that swoop in to take President Trump at plus money near the end of the campaign.

Joe Biden Hides With "Four Corners" Strategy

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a simple strategy that has been relatively effective for his chances. It is to hide in his basement and say as little as possible. Biden’s biggest boast is that he is not Donald Trump. And for millions of blind raging haters of the president that is more than enough. What Biden is doing reminds older college basketball fans of the Dean Smith North Carolina four corners game. It’s all about holding the ball and milking the clock to the end.

When Biden has come out of hiding it’s been an embarrassment. He yelled at and insulted Trump supporters at a sparsely attended rally last week. He ranted about being tired of "smart guys" in an alarming show of poor temperament. All of which points to a sense that Biden sees the walls potentially closing in on him.

Email Scandal Shows He’s No Everyday Joe

One of the most nauseating aspects of Joe Biden is his phony "Everyday Joe" persona in which he tries to pretend at being a blue-collar guy from Scranton when he is actually a supreme A-list beltway insider swamp monster that became a multi-millionaire on a government salary.

More emails have been revealed showing that Joe Biden’s son Hunter was shamelessly selling access to his father and the Obama administration. While the mainstream corporate "news" media refuses to report the goods, many Americans are finding out on their own from social media and alternative media sources. Some "journalists" are even asking Biden about the scandal which brings out a short outburst of temper before he storms off back to his bunker to hide.

Biden is hoping the scandal stays out of the mainstream for another week. Yet the scandal is gaining traction despite the efforts of the "news" media to kill it.

Harris Can’t Giggle Away Her Extremism

On a Sunday night interview on 60 Minutes Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris was asked by friendly "journalist" Norah O’Donnell about having the most radical left voting record in the US Senate. Harris, who comes to the campaign shallow and completely unprepared from the one-party state of California, nervously tried to blow off the truth with giggles. It was the most poignant moment of the program.

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