Rock Westfall

Since 1989 Rock Westfall has been a sports gambling handicapper, writer, and radio commentator. The Winner's Circle of Sports handicapping champion has covered all sports extensively throughout his career with an emphasis on college football and the National Hockey League.

Latest article written by Rock Westfall... The Detroit Lions visit the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon in Week 3 NFL Preseason action on CBS. As training camp opened, there was tremendous excitement for the Lions and Steelers. First round draft picks Aidan Hutchinson of Detroit, and Kenny Pickett of the Steelers have triggered the hopes and dreams of their fan bases. Following the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers are grooming Pickett as their next quarterback. Hutchinson arrived in Detroit from the nearby University of Michigan, where he was an All-American. Although the Steelers made the expanded NFL playoffs, it was obvious they didn’t belong. The Kansas City Chiefs blew them off the field. ...  More

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