Rock Westfall

Since 1989 Rock Westfall has been a sports gambling handicapper, writer, and radio commentator. The Winner's Circle of Sports handicapping champion has covered all sports extensively throughout his career with an emphasis on college football and the National Hockey League.

Latest article written by Rock Westfall... Since opening operations in 2000, the Minnesota Wild quickly developed the reputation for being the most boring team in the NHL. Defensive hockey has been Minnesota’s Marquee for the past 20 years. But head coach Dean Evason is changing all of that. Following his appointment as interim coach one year ago, Evason sought to open up the offenses. And the NHL betting results have impressed observers and gamblers. Minnesota is winning big while entertaining fans in the process. By contrast, the St. Louis Blues are a disappointment. St. Louis bears little resemblance to their 2019 championship team. ...  More

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