2020 Republican Presidential Nominee: Donald Trump Betting

2020 Republican Presidential Nominee: Donald Trump Betting

Donald Trump Betting

He is hated by millions, bashed 24/7/365 by most of the media, but is also President of the United States. Donald Trump did the impossible by defeating heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Many consider it the biggest upset in modern US political history. Perhaps the New York Jets 16-7 win in Super Bowl III as 18-point dogs to the Baltimore Colts rates as the sports equivalent.

Yet Trump’s win, while an upset, was not an accident. Indeed “The Donald” has a keen sense of what the voting public is thinking and has masterful command of how to use the media, even one so completely stacked against him.

Trump will enter the 2020 race as the favorite to win reelection.

Trump the Candidate and President

In 2016 Donald Trump took advantage of a situation in the Republican Party that had reached a boiling point. Republican voters became fed up with what they saw as a feckless party that was unwilling to take the fight to the Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular.

This perception of the Republican Party being gutless cowards went back to the days of the previous two Grand Old Party Presidents; George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) and his son George W. Bush (2001-2009). In both cases the Bushes tended to play nice until it was too late.

In particular George W. Bush saw his second term end in flames and failure as the Democrats and media relentlessly pounded him with no response. Indeed, “Dubya” believed that it was “undignified” for a President to respond. Later his top advisor, Karl Rove, admitted that the administration’s lack of fight proved to be a catastrophic mistake.

Subsequently, in the 2008 and 2012 elections against Obama, Republican voters became frustrated with the Marquess of Queensberry style of naïve and gentlemanly politics of losing Presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney. Trump backed both men but also believed that they had “choked.” Trump especially lambasted Romney for blowing what he believed was a highly winnable 2012 election against Obama.

When Trump announced for President in the summer of 2015, the media was shocked at his bombastic antics and the way he would never retreat and instead double down on what the media considered to be outrageous statements. In this way Trump separated himself from the crowded Republican field that played by the old rules. The more that the media screamed, the more daring that Trump became. Republican voters lost their minds. They finally had a candidate that would fight back!

On substantive issues Trump bashed the Democrats for being wasteful of tax payer funds. He attacked them for selling American jobs out to cheap overseas labor and for not protecting the border on immigration. His statement that without border security you don’t have a country struck a nerve with millions of voters. Without question, Trump tapped into what then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called “the voices that nobody else heard.” And did so in a way that no other Republican possibly could have.

As Trump brawled on a non-stop high energy campaign, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton took it easy as she expected to coast to victory. In essence she was reading her own headlines. Headlines written by an American press that has become so biased as to be considered a full-ledged propaganda arm and partner of the Democrats.

Clinton also carried the tremendous baggage of financial corruption and vicious abuse of the women that her husband was accused of sexually assaulting. Unlike typical mild-mannered Republicans of the past, Trump went around the “news” media cover up and let everyone know about it. As a result, many voters became turned off at Clinton’s sense of entitlement.

It is now understood that the unconventional Trump was the only Republican that could re-draw the electoral map and beat Hilary Clinton. The rest of the GOP field was using an old and tired losing playbook. Trump’s defiance of conventional wisdom proved to be political genius.

As President, Donald Trump has kept his “America First” promises. Additionally, he has presided over the best American economy since Richard Nixon’s 1969 powerhouse. Unemployment is at record lows, including for blacks and Hispanics. Gas prices are at their lowest levels in a generation. And Trump refuses to cower to other countries. He says the fact that Europe doesn’t like him means that he is doing his job at representing America first.

Donald Trump is not your father’s Republican. He can be uncouth, rude, obnoxious and boorish. Yet he is also a gut-fighter ready to brawl in the dark alley versus the Democrats. Add that to a strong economy and he will be difficult to beat in 2020.

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