2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee: Joe Biden Betting

2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee: Joe Biden Betting

Joe Biden Betting

Perhaps more than anything else presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is a political survivor. First elected to the US Senate all the way back in 1972, (the same year Richard Nixon won a landslide over George McGovern in the Presidential election), Biden served in that capacity 36 years until 2009, when he was sworn in as Barack Obama’s vice president. Following eight years as Vice President, Biden took a couple of years to canvass the country in preparation for his U.S. Presidential campaign.

Through the years Biden has been many things to many people. He was never considered a serious Presidential contender as evidenced by his flops in two previous bids. He is so prone to verbal gaffes that he has been likened to a crazy uncle that the Democrats try to hide in the attic. And while he has the carefully cultivated reputation for being a moderate a deeper look at his career reveals that he is not. In fact, he has been a hard-left partisan for most of his political career.

Joe Biden Betting Odds Overview

The Democrats are going to nominate Biden as their 2020 Presidential candidate because of their belief that he is the person that has the best chance of defeating incumbent President Donald Trump. Casual voters that don’t follow politics closely believe that Biden is a moderate from a middle-class background. As is always the case in politics this is a case of image being more important than actual truth and substance.

Moderate in Name Only

In his long career in the US Senate Biden cultivated the image of being a moderate due to his plain-spoken ways. But the American Conservative Union, which tracks the voting record of every politician, reveals that Biden voted against the conservative position 87% of the time. That is only a seven-percent difference from his avowed socialist rival in the 2020 Democrat primaries Bernie Sanders. A true moderate would have been near the 50% range.

When Robert Bork was nominated for the Supreme Court in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, Biden led the charge with one of the ugliest smear campaigns in American political history. Hardly playing the role of moderate, Biden joined with Ted Kennedy in destroying Bork’s career based on innuendo and hysterical accusations which were unfounded.

Failed Presidential Bids

Biden has previously run for President twice with bids in 1988 and 2008. In 1988 he was utterly humiliated for being caught red handed in plagiarizing comments from a British Labor Party politician and then lying about it. Additionally, Biden was forced to admit plagiarism while a student. The incident made Biden come off as an intellectual lightweight and shallow.

In his next Presidential bid in 2008, Biden never had a chance as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton dominated primaries with Obama ending up as the nominee. During that campaign Biden added to his reputation for being a gaffe machine when he stated that the African-American Obama was a “clean” candidate. But Obama picked Biden as his running mate and “designated white guy” to balance out the ticket.

Vice President

During the 2008 Presidential election Biden frustrated Obama for his stream of verbal gaffes and bloopers. Obama reportedly blew his stack while on the campaign plane with aides in frustration over Biden’s numerous errors. But the Obama-Biden ticket won going away. While Vice President, Biden and Obama adjusted to each other and formed an effective partnership for their agenda.

2020 Campaign

Biden had to forsake the façade of his moderate image in the 2020 Democrat race in order to appease to its radical hard-left activist base. Biden said he was willing to sacrifice blue collar jobs for the environment, give free health care to illegal aliens, and shamelessly pandered to his politically correct base in promising to pick a female running mate along with vowing to nominate a black female Supreme Court justice.

Biden, like President Donald Trump, now faces an uncertain world and campaign being dominated by the coronavirus.

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