Two Thirds of Late Money Goes to Trump with One Day to Go

November 2 US Elections Betting Coverage

Love him or hate him there has never been a presidential candidate like Donald Trump. And there never will be again. Trump, age 74, has proven once and for all to be the most energetic presidential candidate in American history. Over the past week Trump has barnstormed the United States of American with a relentless blitz. Crowds are packed with cars and lines backed up for miles. Gamblers are not oblivious to these scenes and sense that the late energy is with the president. The bigger question now is whether or not its going to be enough for Trump to win reelection. The late money over the past weekend says Trump is going to pull victory out of the fire. But the left wing “news” media and “expert” “journalists” still call for a Biden victory.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Joe Biden -188

Donald Trump +188

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Over the past weekend two thirds of all betting money placed on the 2020 United States presidential election went to Donald Trump. The combination of good economic news and Trump’s ferocious energy and campaign make the Hidin’ Joe Biden strategy pale in comparison.

Best GDP in History

Last week the third quarter gross domestic product numbers of the United States were revealed and it shattered all records. The economy grew at a whopping 33% rate in the third quarter. The “news” media did all it could to suppress the story but it is slowly getting out. This is where Trump’s aggressive nature makes the ultimate difference. He is making sure that everyone knows about that record setting growth. And he is playing tapes that show Biden’s promise to shut down the economy, raise taxes, and end energy production. In other words, he is showing Biden in his own words promising to destroy the economy.

Biden Corruption Scandal Enters Mainstream

Along with the good economic news has comes a barrage of Joe Biden corruption news involving his son Hunter. Emails and tapes reveal that Hunter Biden was selling access to Joe Biden with foreign governments, including China. It was the worst possible look in a campaign in which Joe Biden has tried his phony “Everyday Joe” and “Blue Collar Joe” and “Joe from Scranton” routine.

Biden has been exposed as a swamp elitist insider that says Americans “don’t deserve” to know his plans for the judiciary. He pretends to be for the blue-collar boys of Pennsylvania but has spent decades selling their jobs out based on his policy decisions, if not for more selfish and sinister reasons. Despite the “news” media’s efforts to kill and block the story it has gotten out and helped move the election towards Trump.

All of this has made Joe Biden increasingly ill-tempered and yelling in anger at his few sparsely attended events.

Who Can You Trust?

Depending on which side you are on you can find a poll and a prediction to your liking. Of course, the mainstream “news” media, which is now out in the open as the publicity department for the Democrat Party, is all but guaranteeing a Biden win. Conservative media shows plenty of polls in which Trump has the advantage in battle ground states such as Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and of course Pennsylvania.

Final Tells

Nate Silver, a sage of the left, says that without Pennsylvania, Biden’s chances are dim. This came after months of Silver saying the election was in the bag for Biden. Silver is hedging. Why?

Finally, in Democrat cities buildings are being boarded up for post-election riots. Now if Biden is a sure thing, why would there be the expectation of violent riots?

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