Trump Set to Cave on DACA

July 13-17 US Elections Betting Coverage

In the 2016 election Donald Trump pulled off the biggest upset since Super Bowl III when he defeated Hillary Clinton based on a campaign that, among other things, was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration. It was a full throated “America First” campaign on borders and the economy.

Trump’s economy was doing fine until COVID-19. And he has cut down on illegal immigration. But the DACA issue is one that he has barked a lot about while being tepid in his actions. Now Trump is saying that he will soon have a comprehensive executive action on immigration reform that would likely spare deportation of DACA residents. Of course, this has sparked a combination of bewilderment and the question of just what is Trump up to?

Meanwhile Joe Biden, who is a documented plagiarist of the first rank, is touting a “Buy America” agenda that would seem to be straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. And with a fully compliant “news” media covering up Biden’s 40-year record as a full throttle globalist he just might get away with it.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +135

Joe Biden -150

All Others +5000

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

There was not much in the way of movement on the betting odds for the 2020 Presidential election this week. In some ways its remarkable that Trump is in the game at all. He has had a terrible month and the lingering effects of COVID-19 on the economy haven’t helped either. As for Biden, he is eventually going to have to come out of his bunker and face crowds and at least some questions, though not likely from “journalists” that have shamelessly become nothing more than Democrat publicists without even a hint of faux objectivity any more.

DACA Flare Up

President Barack Obama infamously broke out what he called his “phone and a pen” and broke the law right in the face of the American people. He gave amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens that were dumped in the United States by their parents. Although Obama’s action was acknowledged to be illegal nobody dared to hold him accountable, just as was the case on nearly all other issues of his eight-year presidency. Of course, Trump made a huge issue out of it as a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign against illegal immigration. Once in office, however, Trump has blustered about it without doing much in the way of action.

In 2016 Trump often ranted and raved about politicians being “all talk and no action.” Yet increasingly that is how Trump’s base is starting to see him. He incessantly tweets complaints and threats about various issues without actually doing anything about it. There is a sense among the “Deplorables” that Trump is a lot of hot air. While there have been some moderate success stories on the immigration front it is nowhere near what was promised. Now Trump coming out in favor of DACA amnesty is seen in the same way as President George H.W. Bush breaking his “no new taxes” pledge made in the 1988 campaign that got him elected.

Biden Tries to Sandblast His Record

This past week Vice President Joe Biden emerged from hiding in his Delaware bunker and said that he would implement a “Buy America” plan that sounds a lot like the 2016 Trump campaign. Biden wants to win back the blue-collar states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin that Trump ripped from Hillary Clinton in the greatest Presidential election upset in modern history.

Biden’s problem is that he has a 40-year record as a globalist and was Vice President under Obama when the rich got richer at a greater rate than at any other time in American history. Outsourcing of jobs, the shutdown of factories, and the full throttle sellout to China were all a major part of Biden’s efforts and record.

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