Trump Seizes Initiative and Closes Gap with Biden

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President Donald Trump has had enough. The Democrats overplayed their hand on a second stimulus package that was lit up like a Christmas Tree with a laundry list of items that had nothing to do with stimulus or unemployment relief. Instead of slamming his head against the far-left wall Trump took page one out of President Barack Obama’s playbook. To recall Obama, in his unbridled arrogance, sneered after he led the Democrats to a slaughter house landslide loss in the 2014 mid-term elections that he had “a phone and a pen.” The man that “esteemed” “Presidential Historian” Jon Macham proclaimed to be God on the cover of Newsweek twice spent much of his term issuing executive orders including the blatantly illegal DACA decision.

Trump has followed suit with his own executive orders that include immediate payroll tax relief and further extension of unemployment benefits. Once again, the president has gone where no other typically gutless terrified cowering Republican would dare visit. Which is why he won and is president. This comes on the heels of strong re-employment numbers last week as the economy begins serious recovery.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +130

Joe Biden -161

All Others +10500 or Greater

2020 US Presidential Election Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee

Kamala Harris +108

Tammy Duckworth +775

Susan Rice +215

Gretchen Whitmer +720

Karen Bass +1405

Elizabeth Warren +3224

Val Demings +3351

Michelle Obama +3884

Keisha Lance Bottoms +8000

All Others +10000 or Greater

2020 US Presidential Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Donald Trump is 15 cents more expensive compared to last week which could well be a sign that the worst is over for him. Gamblers are once again showing a willingness to bet on the president winning reelection after a strong week of performance.

Further, as much as they try, the Democrat steno pool that masquerades as “journalists” reporting “news” hasn’t been able to cover up Joe Biden’s mental decline and what more Americans see as dementia.

Biden’s ads are nothing but fluff and platitudes with no real specifics. And the electorate is catching on to the fact that Biden and his party refuse to condemn the violence that is still taking place in many Democrat run cities, mostly by white liberals, who have hijacked the substance of the importance of black lives and police brutality.

Trump Shows Nerve to Gelded Old Party that Perpetually Lacks It

The Republican Party was caught off guard and stunned when Trump dominated for his hostile takeover in 2016. Affectionately referred to as the Grand Old Party (GOP) to many frustrated and disgusted donors and voters, mostly from the middle and working classes, GOP instead stood for Gelded Old Party. In particular Republican voters became disillusioned at how passive and terrified its elected officials acted against Obama. And then when the Party was primed to nominate Jeb Bush, potentially the third Bush family member within 24 years, the rank and file rebelled.

Donald Trump set himself apart from the rest of the Republican Party. He was willing to bring the brass knuckles and fight dirty and nasty. Just like Democrats have always gotten away with since the founding of their party. Polite losers that “played by the rules” and didn’t fight back were not what voters were looking for.

Once again with his new executive orders Trump has done what no other Republican would dare to do, at least since President Richard Nixon’s bold strokes of 1971 when he closed the gold window and introduced temporary wage and price controls.

Previous Republicans would have cowered in fear about media and Democrat criticism. Trump laughs at it. And while doing so he is helping the economy and millions of people who desperately need it. As President Gerald Ford once said “good policy is good politics.”

Trump has now regained the initiative. Now his supporters hold their breath and wonder what his Twitter account will do to undermine it all yet again.

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