Trump Rally Half Empty but Streaming Numbers High While Biden Hides

June 22-28 US Elections Betting Coverage

Saturday’s highly anticipated rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma to kick off President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign was a mixed bag. The arena was half full for a wide variety of reasons including mischief by so-called TikTok teenagers. But as liberals celebrated with joy at the visuals of a half empty arena, what was lost in the noise is that the event drew a massive streaming audience on YouTube. So, while Trump supporters may not show up as they once did, they are instead still connecting to the campaign from the convenience and safety of their own homes. Meanwhile Joe Biden remains hidden in his Maine residential bunker as polls are coming out that a majority of Americans believe that he is in the beginning stages of dementia, even as he leads the polls against Trump!

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: 2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +120

Joe Biden -144

All Others +9000 or greater

2020 Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Odds

Kamala Harris -127

Stacey Abrams +3200

Elizabeth Warren +2100

Hillary Clinton +11000

Val Demings +420

Tammy Baldwin +11000

Tammy Duckworth +3200

Michelle Obama +2200

Gretchen Whitmer +7500

Michele Grisham +3300

Susan Rice +600

Keisha Lance Bottoms +1700

All Others +15000 or Higher

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

The marathon Presidential race will be decided in the next five months. A lot of what is going on now is noise, like the early stages of a boxing match or the opening series of a football game between two teams that a probing for advantages. Ultimately the election is going to be a referendum on Trump. And that is going to be based on how well the economic reopening goes in hand with the streets becoming safe again.

Trump Sets Campaign Tone of Labeling Biden the Puppet of Radicals

One thing was made very clear by President Trump at the Tulsa rally. He will be hammering the Democrats as radicals that hate America and its history. He made note to everyone watching that the 20 most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. He also said that Biden is so mentally out of it that he will simply be a tool and vessel of the radical left and their anarchist agenda. He pointed out all of the rioting, violence, and destruction of recent days and how the Democrats did little of note to stop any of it.

These are the themes that Trump believes can carry him to a reelection victory. In that manner the Democrats have played right into his hands. Yet Trump has also undermined himself with bizarre tweets that at times seem out of touch with the concerns of millions of Americans thrown out of work due to COVID-19. But when those folks turn to the left and see Democrats doing nothing and saying less about the most radical elements of their own party it all seems utterly hopeless.

Tucker Carlson Issues Warning to GOP

On his number one rated show last Friday Tucker Carlson lowered the boom on the Republican Party with great precision and without fear. Carlson correctly pointed out that Republican voters expected that Republican elected officials would protect them from the type of lawlessness and thought police that have emerged over the past two weeks. Carlson’s takeaway line was that “voting doesn’t work” and that Republican voters have gotten nothing at all in the way of protection from a feckless Gelded Old Party that refuses to stand up and fight against what voters believe to be the lawless radical left.

Even Trump himself has blustered threats about coming in to restore order in cities such as Seattle only to later back off and say that everyone should just watch the Democrats let the radicals destroy cities, monuments, businesses and actual people. Carlson’s opening monologue on Friday was a bitter epiphany for Republican voters that have now come to the conclusion that neither party will stand up for the in a crisis.

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