Full Court Liberal Press Helps Biden Betting Handle Grow Over Trump

August 3-7 US Elections Betting Coverage

One important factor in American politics that has stood the test of time is left-wing media bias. Such bias became more pronounced when Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President after defeating the forlorn Herbert Hoover at the depths of the Great Depression in 1932. Hoover had the roof cave in on him in 1929 and was never able to dig out. FDR was brilliant at building American morale and optimism even as his programs did little to actually move the needle. Yet the press became his biggest cheerleaders.

Since then the full court liberal press has been slapped on every single Republican candidate. Even the great Dwight D. Eisenhower had to deal with this fact of life. The slogan “I like Ike” pertained to all Americans except “journalists” who slobbered over Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and 1956 landslide losses to Eisenhower. And it only got worse from there. “Journalists” literally sang campaign songs about John F. Kennedy on his plane during the 1960 fight vs. Richard Nixon. That same press later prosecuted Nixon for crimes that were ignored when committed by Democrats.

Decades later President Barack Obama was given a total free ride for his eight years in the Oval Office. Bad news was simply not reported at all. But all of that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Now the media doesn’t even pretend to try and be fair. They are the sock puppets of the Democrat National Committee. In essence President Donald Trump is in a fight in which the supposedly biased referees are totally in the tank for his opponents. And its driving the vote and betting odds.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +145

Joe Biden -176

All Others +1300 or Greater

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

All things considered it’s a miracle that Trump is in the race at all. For four years he has been literally lied about in the news media. Pulitzer Prizes went to newspapers that published false stories. And yet much of the American voting public is totally unaware of that fact. What they believe to be “news” is nothing but an infomercial against Trump and for the Democrats. The reality of the situation is that a newscast is an infomercial/donation in kind for the Democrats.

Portland and Seattle Riot Coverage is Pure Shameless Propaganda

If you turn on the evening “news” you would think that Portland and Seattle were experiencing “summers of love” in which peaceful protesters are sticking flowers into gun barrels. What “journalists” are not telling voters is that federal buildings are being destroyed and that innocent lives have been damaged and lost. President Trump was forced to send in federal law enforcement to protect vulnerable businesses and citizens. Yet the “news” portrays him as a raving dictator and fascist. This is what Trump is up against in the 2020 campaign.

Is this America?

Some voters come to find out the truth later through alternative or social media. But millions do not. Such a cover up is indicative of state-controlled media. The type of “journalism” seen in China, Cuba, NAZI Germany, and the Soviet Union. Good news for Trump goes unreported. Fake news is trumpeted. And actual bad news is magnified. Democrats receive no such similar treatment. As if the United States was a one-party state.

Is the National Basketball Association a Tell?

It is interesting to note that the return of NBA games last Thursday drew good ratings. But nowhere near what was actually expected following weeks of hype. The marquee game of the Clippers and Lakers failed to draw as good as the Major League Baseball openers of the week before.

What might be taken from that is the fact that the NBA has alienated millions of fans with its silence about Chinese abuse of human rights while stomping all over the American flag with nonstop bashing of the United States. The NBA has been over the top on its “social justice” campaign. Countless fans have turned the channel in utter disgust.

The TV ratings may be a signal that the silent majority is indeed alive and waiting to vote for Trump. Perhaps Americans don’t hate the country as much as privileged millionaire NBA players and coaches. Or the press for that matter.

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