Economy Set to Ignite as Democrat Controlled Cities Burn

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Last week the left-wing website Politico published an admission by some unnamed Democrat Party operatives in which they confessed being worried about a robust third quarter of economic growth that would be so strong as to ensure the reelection of President Donald Trump. Those fears may be justified as Trump was able to boast the success of a remarkable jobs report last Friday that caught everyone off guard because of its dynamic numbers. Indeed, the economy is already showing positive signs of being ready to take off like a rocket even in the midst of civil unrest and riots in many major American cities. Most believe the real election factors are yet to come with five months to go.

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It was good news vs. bad news for President Trump last week. He was not getting good poll numbers in regards to his performance on COVID-19 as well as on the civil unrest that followed the brutal police killing of George Floyd. Offsetting that was the strong economic news of Friday and the Democrats surrendering innocent citizens to the mobs in cities that they control. While nobody really came off looking good. the Democrats managed the impossible in appearing far worse than Trump, who has been quite erratic with his bizarre tweets over the past two weeks. All told the week was a loss for both sides and changes little. Some gamblers are betting that Biden may have profited from this week. Trump is now a small underdog to win reelection.

Strong Jobs Report, Strong Words, Questionable Inaction

Last Monday President Trump gave a strong speech about the right for peaceful protest in sync with the need for law and order. He made it clear that there was a distinction between peaceful protesters and rioters. He also threatened to send in the military where cities and states failed to protect their citizens. Yet New York City in particular burned for several additional days with no Presidential action.

Perhaps Trump is letting the Democrats hang themselves. If so, they are doing a magnificent job. Indeed, every city that was dealing with violent unrest was a Democrat run stronghold starting with New York itself, where mayor Bill de Blasio has become a laughingstock that not even Democrats have an ounce of respect for. As a matter of fact, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who himself has now been exposed as incompetent and useless, felt the need to say that if de Blasio couldn’t get his city under control that he would take over Gotham himself.

All told the Democrats have fallen right into Trump’s trap of proving that they are soft on crime and willing to sacrifice countless innocent people in order to virtue signal their political correctness. Most heartbreaking were videos of African Americans that lost all they had spent a lifetime building in the violence that these worthless Democrat politicians appeased.

Meanwhile the Friday jobs report is indicative of an economy that is set to catch fire. Certainly, it is reasonable to assume that the US economy has reached rock bottom. It has to grow even without government action. But when you add the favorable business climate and infrastructure that Trump has created confidence is high that a boom is at hand. Even Trump’s recent poor poll numbers indicate that Americans believe he offers the best chance for economic recovery leadership.

Democrat Scrutiny

Democrats are finally facing some accountability where none usually exists. African Americans have been their most loyal constituency but they have had their eyes opened over this week of anarchy. White liberal politicians refused to protect black citizens from the chaos. Screaming “racism” for years these politicians have been in charge of the cities in which the police have brutalized and neglected black citizens for generations.

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