DNC Convention Bounce Goes Bust with Gamblers

August 24-30 US Elections Betting Coverage

United States political tradition almost always shows a “bounce” in the polls for the party that just closed its annual four-year meeting. For the bizarre year of 2020 a new normal is the moniker for almost every endeavor. Following last week’s Democrat convention Joe Biden failed to impress gamblers. In fact, the former vice president dropped 10 cents in price compared to before the convention. Gamblers were wavering on Biden before the convention. Four days later they are even more skeptical. President Donald Trump has stopped the bleeding. While its to early to say that he has momentum he has at least gotten off the mat.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +115

Joe Biden -135

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Over the past two weeks Donald Trump has gained over 50 cents in price with gamblers who are starting to doubt Joe Biden’s long-term viability. Good economic news is helping Trump as is the erratic performance of Biden, who can’t be trusted for long in an uncontrolled setting.

Democrat Convention Falls Flat

Ratings for the Democrat convention were not only flat but significantly down from 2016. Many passionate Democrat commentators grudgingly admitted that the event was a bore. Worse yet was the negative content. The Democrats submitted no actual agenda other than “Orange Man Bad.” They bashed Trump for four days and screamed “racism” at all things Republican. Michelle and Barack Obama, two of the wealthiest and privileged humans on planet Earth, were particularly bitter. As was 2016 loser Hillary Clinton. Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris offered tasteless cotton candy for her acceptance speech, which was a reminder as to why she flopped miserably in her run for the Democrat Presidential nomination. Joe Biden’s speech was a combination of the same platitudes and left-wing grievances that have been on the Democrat’s marquee for generations.

Democrats Hidden Agenda

Even detractors of President Trump will admit that they at least know where he stands. With the Democrats its never that easy. With the lone exception of abortion anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Last week’s Democrat convention offered little in the way of an agenda. Which leads to the question as to why that was.

The Democrats can never truly admit what they stand for. “Green New Deal” ideas that will kill manufacturing jobs and increase energy prices are not appealing to voters. Giving free tax payer benefits to immigrants here illegally is another non-sell. So too is the constant pitting of the races against each other highly divisive. All that the Democrats have left is “Orange Man Bad” and screaming “racism” at anyone and everyone against them.

Sophisticated voters are right to ask “what are the Democrats hiding?” Low information voters are turned off by the incessant negativity. All of which is why Biden gained nothing from his convention.

Trump Correctly Pinpoints Actual Opponent

Last week President Trump said that his actual opponent is not Biden but instead the “corrupt media.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Further, the comment is a testament to the President’s astute political antennae.

Journalism is dead. Its’s death has been slow but steady. It began in 1992 when “news” was that incumbent President George H.W. Bush was presiding over the “worst economy in 50 years.” The day after he lost to Bill Clinton, we never heard about that bad economy ever again.

When George W. Bush barely won the Presidency in 2000 the negativity against him was constant. Especially in the later stages of his Presidency when the media helped propagandize the country into a recession. But when Barack Obama ran for President in 2008 “journalists” became publicists for the candidate. At that time objectivity was not even attempted. Following Obama has been the most negative coverage against a president in history with Trump. A “journalist” is now known to be a Democrat with a byline.

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