Both Parties Falling Short as Summer Turns Hot

June 15-21 US Elections Betting Coverage

Atlanta, Georgia saw a Wendy’s restaurant turn into ashes a few hours after police shot a black man in the parking lot after an attempted arrest turned into a struggle. Rayshard Brooks was sleeping in his car that was said to have been blocking others at the Wendy’s parking lot where he reportedly failed a breathalyzer test and then battled two policemen. During the scuffle, Brooks took away a police taser and pointed it at an officer who shot Brooks dead.

The Atlanta police chief immediately resigned while Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for the immediate termination of the officer that pulled the trigger. Riots ensued with streets and highways blocked. The entire incident was indicative of the weaknesses of both political parties. Democrat-controlled cities are becoming passive war zones while Republicans send out tough tweets with no action to back it up.

So far neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden have gained an advantage from it all.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +117

Joe Biden -135

All Others +8500 or greater

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Joe Biden has become a small favorite to defeat Donald Trump in the November 2020 US Presidential election. Gamblers have had Trump as the favorite until the past two weeks where betting money is flowing to Biden due to the civil unrest, ironically taking place in Democrat dominated cities. All of this shows the strange handicapping factors going into the 2020 race.

Two Countries With Two Alternative Universes

America’s great divide continues as the country is in the process of tearing itself apart. Democrats decry the United States for its “systemic racism” that has permanently held African-Americans down. Republicans point out how far African Americans have come out of slavery and how America has done better than nearly any other country in trying to right its past wrongs. Those in the middle simply want to prosper and be safe, while knowing that there must be a level playing field for all.

Social Media Drives Narrative

A big challenge for all sides involved is social media. What gets lost in the shuffle of the conversation is that the vast majority of Americans do not participate in Twitter. Yet that is where the “news” media and hard-core partisans on both sides take part in the so called “Twitter Wars” where hyperbole, name calling, and insults are the rule rather than the exception.

Social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, are under the control of the hard left. Twitter just started a “fact check” crusade except that the only “facts” it checks are almost always in favor of the Democrats. This gets pointed out by conservatives with links to the facts that get ignored or suppressed by the Twitter brass. The same holds true at Facebook.

Add in the nearly unanimous left wing “news” media in the United States and the narrative is far different from the actual data. “Journalists” are now being more brazen in admitting that their “duty” is destroying Donald Trump instead of objectively reporting the news. It all adds up to a new level of hostility and distrust and a drive towards highly ineffective political “conversations” and solutions.

Trump Fails to Act on Bold Tweets

Certainly, the Democrats don’t score well with cities such as Seattle surrendering several blocks to ANTIFA, with Minneapolis resembling a war zone, and now with Atlanta on edge. But also, not helping is the man that boasted he would. President Trump told Seattle to clear out ANTIFA or he would do it for them. He has tweeted several times his demand for “Law and Order!” But he is yet to actually back those tweets up with action. All of which begs the question “Why vote for Trump if he won’t step in where the Democrats fail?”

Perhaps former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gave an argument that could be used. Gingrich said that the choice is not between a flawed Trump and perfection. Instead the choice is between a flawed “Trump and a nightmare that would end America as we know it.”

With the economy reopening and more unknown events yet to come, this election is going down to the end.

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