A SCOTUS Battle for the Ages and First Debate Dominate the Week Ahead

Sep 28 - Oct 4 US Elections Betting Coverage

Just when you think the drama and ugliness of the 2020 Rot Gut Presidential Campaign couldn’t become any worse its about to double down in nastiness and hysteria instead. With the death of left wing icon and Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the tilt of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. For conservative Republicans this is a golden opportunity to gain a supposed 6-3 advantage on the court. For liberal Democrats it’s the living nightmare they have long dreaded and foreseen. Ginsburg had been ill for years. Instead of asking former President Barack Obama to replace her she stubbornly hung on to power all the way to the end. On her deathbed she said that her “most fervent wish” was for the next president to pick her replacement. Then again perhaps he will. One thing is for sure. The next few weeks will add to an already intensely insane political climate and campaign. President Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett. And the left being the left, they have already begun personal attacks on her for adopting non-white kids. And that’s just at the opening kickoff.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump +110

Joe Biden -130

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

The betting line has held steady since President Trump made his gains at the Republican convention. The upcoming Supreme Court battle, Tuesday night’s debate, and the usual unexpected news will likely move the odds in the days to come.

Amy Coney Barrett

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a left wing icon. And someone that routinely trashed the United States and its constitution. She was seen as a “women’s rights” advocate but had no interest in protecting the rights of women to be born. She also had some rather bizarre outlooks on sexuality laid out for all to see in a book that she published. Further, Ginsburg had a nasty and hateful attitude towards President Trump. She tried to outlive his presidency. Instead she may be replaced by one of the most brilliant and conservative justices in American history.

Amy Coney Barrett certainly has the credentials for the Supreme Court. She graduated from the prestigious Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and then went on to Notre Dame for her law degree. By all accounts even liberal justices proclaim her as imminently qualified. However, that will not stop the ugliness that she is about to encounter.

Two years ago, the Democrat Senate tried to literally destroy the life of justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court hearings. Leading the lynch mob was current vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The character assassination was utterly vile. So were the lies and rape accusations that were easily shot down. Kavanaugh was voted in. But only because of the steadfastness of President Trump. When the going gets tough Republicans usually run for the tall grass. Trump commanded that everyone hold their positions. No other Republican president could have stemmed the tide. It was a great lesson on just how nasty the Democrats can get but also a study as to why Trump is President. He is the only Republican in history that dares to fight back.

The Week Ahead

President Trump will face former Vice President and Democrat nominee Joe Biden in the first of three presidential debates on Tuesday night. Of course, Trump faces a stacked deck. All Biden has to do is be able to recite his own name to be proclaimed the winner. The moderator will be Chris Wallace of FOX News, who has the reputation of being a “fair” journalist but is actually a left wing attack dog just like the rest of his peers. As always Trump will be debating two opponents.

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