2020 US Presidential Elections - You Don’t Deserve to Know

October 12-18 US Elections Betting Coverage

In 2016 Hillary Clinton suffered the biggest upset loss in the history of United States Presidential politics to Donald Trump. A major reason as to why was her arrogance. Clinton bragged she would throw coal miners out of work and refused to answer questions on her policies and questions of personal corruption. She came off as above the people and paid the ultimate price for it. Now Joe Biden is doing his best, or perhaps worst, imitation of Clinton. Last Saturday when asked whether or not the American people deserve to know his intentions for packing the Supreme Court, he flatly stated that no, they DON’T DESERVE TO KNOW! Once again, a Democrat has spit in the face of the American people. Once again, a Democrat has acted above the voters. Now comes the biggest question of all. Do the American people have enough self-respect to give a damn?

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Joe Biden -200

Donald Trump +170

2020 US Presidential Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Gamblers continue to flock to Democrat Party nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden as he has gone up in price 70 cents since Trump closed the gap after the Republican convention.

Do Voters Even Believe They Deserve to Know?

Apparently, millions of American voters, perhaps a majority, believe that they don’t deserve to know what a presidential candidate will do about increasing the size of the Supreme Court. They also have no problem with a presidential candidate that vows to throw people out of work. And end fracking with the distinct purpose of increasing energy prices to spread misery in the name of “saving the planet.” For that matter millions of voters are perfectly OK with a presidential candidate and major party that looks the other way in silence to the political violence of ANTIFA and related left-wing extremist organizations. And so too are these millions of voters fine with Democrat politicians who become multimillionaires on governments salaries as their children become wealthy at jobs they are not qualified for, based purely on political connections. But if a president makes a provocative tweet on Twitter those same people will become apoplectic. And one wonders how the Republic can survive.

The fact that Biden won’t directly answer questions about court packing shows not only his unbridled arrogance and sense of entitlement but also the predicament that he is in. Biden can’t stray too far from the far left base that drools at the thought of court packing. So, he tries to straddle both ends of the spectrum. But saying the American people don’t deserve to know is quite a disrespectful tell. Perhaps Biden believes it doesn’t matter. And perhaps he is right.

Poll Shows Most Americans Believe They are Better off Compared to Four Years Ago

The schizophrenia of the American voter never ceases to amaze. Last week polls showed that 56% of Americans believe that they are better off than they were four years ago. These same polls show that voters agree with President Trump on the issues. Yet they are turned off by the tweeting and the “noise.” So, does this mean they will accept the fact that Biden will govern against their will and damage the Trump economy? In many cases that just might be the case.

All throughout the Obama Presidency, Barack Obama would score higher on personal popularity ratings than on his policies. Time and again people said that the country was on the right track but that Obama was a great guy. Really? This is where the American people continue to perplex gamblers, pollsters, and the campaigns.

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