2020 US Presidential Election Odds - What Was Trump Thinking

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One of the great mysteries about President Donald Trump is how he consistently "steps in it."Gamblers and Trump supporters have both learned to never get too comfortable with the President. Last week is another classic example. Trump had gained around 75 cents on the betting lines over the past month. Then the story about Bob Woodward’s new book "Rage" about Trump exploded last week. Trump was interviewed 18 times by the "journalist" that made his fame in the early 1970’s Watergate scandal. Any Republican that would allow an interview with Woodward is misguided at best. To allow Woodward to tape the interview borders on insane. Trump not only allowed it but was eager to cooperate with Woodward. He would even make time to call the author himself. The best description of this ordeal has been “touching the flame.” Trump just couldn’t help himself. And now he’s having to put out a firestorm. Again!

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -105

Joe Biden -130

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Gamblers have bet the line 15 cents Joe Biden’s way this week after the revelations about Trump’s taped interviews with Bob Woodward. As is usually the case with Trump after the initial firestorm the prices always come back the President’s way. Also factoring into that is the American public has no retention skills or memory. Two months from now nobody will care.

Playing it Down Hysteria

On the taped interviews with Woodward, President Trump said that he wanted to downplay the virus. At first glance that quote is a bad look. However deeper thought makes it perfectly understandable. Trump didn’t want to panic the nation any more than the situation already did on its own. Everyone’s current hysterics ignore that fact. Such folks should be asked if Trump was supposed to scream “panic time” from the oval office.

Democrat Priorities Were Impeachment

Last January the Democrats were obsessed with their impeachment scam. As the coronavirus was spreading their entire focus was on a phony show trial of Donald Trump. Trump warned of the dangers of the coronavirus numerous times and at the 2020 State of the Union speech. He quickly initiated a Chinese travel ban and was called racist and xenophobic for doing so.

Further, the Democrats displayed a cavalier attitude about the coronavirus. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paraded around China Town in San Francisco urging citizens to visit, patronize, and celebrate there just as the virus was exploding. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was instructing everyone to go out on the city and enjoy the Chinese New Year parties. Again, this is when knowledge of the virus spreading was out in the open.

Countless videos of Democrats ignoring science and data to urge Americans not to worry about COVID-19 have been posted on Twitter. Democrats and their faux solemn faces at the impeachment hoax during this time are also plentiful. What is missing is the American "news"media having a desire to show them.

Trump’s Media Addiction

Regardless of the truth and actual context of this situation Trump played with fire and got burned. Woodward has burned every president he ever interviewed or dealt with. Trump had to know that. Further, Trump certainly knows that "journalism" is a 24/7/365 infomercial against him labeled as "news."

Trump is undeniably addicted to media publicity. And has been since his days as a New York City real estate tycoon, celebrity, and sports owner/personality. His experience as a reality TV star makes him the most media savvy president since Ronald Reagan. This begs the question on whether or not he knew what he was doing all along.

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