2020 US Presidential Election Odds - Battleground Kenosha

September 7-13 US Elections Betting Coverage

In 2016 Donald Trump stunned the world with the biggest upset in the modern history of United States Presidential politics. A big part of that upset was his winning the state of Wisconsin. Before the 2016 election, the last time that Wisconsin went Republican was all the way back in 1988. 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton was so sure she would carry the Badger State that she didn’t bother to waddle in for even a single visit. Trump, on the other hand, campaigned throughout the state even as its Republican leaders avoided him like the plague. Trump’s efforts impressed Wisconsin voters much more than Clinton’s aloof arrogance. Trump won the state by a thin yet decisive margin. The result was a bellwether of what was to come. And of what could come again. Kenosha, Wisconsin is a normally quiet and working-class town a half hour south of Milwaukee. It’s not so quiet anymore. In fact, Kenosha could decide the 2020 Presidential election.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -105

Joe Biden -115

2020 US Presidential Election:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

Donald Trump continues to ride the momentum of gamblers that have bet him up 75 cents over the past month. The betting odds are now even. Of course, in dealing with Trump a normal news cycle can dramatically shift by the hour. But gamblers like what they see. As for Biden he has been chasing Trump’s tail over the past two weeks. The documented plagiarist is at it again copying every move and issue that The Donald utilizes.

The Precise Way to Read the Polls

What has been most interesting in the week that has passed since the Republican National Convention is the fact that there have been no national polls. Or more likely is that the national polls have not been released yet. Which of course leads to the question as to why that is so? The only rationale answer is that the polls have moved in Trump’s favor. And since the “news” media is nothing but publicists for the Biden campaign it would stand to figure that they won’t report good news about the President.

But beyond the unquestionable bias of “journalists” who are actually Democrats with bylines is another tell. After three months of silence, as innocent people were killed and or had their homes and businesses burned out, the Democrats finally called for an end to the violence. Now why on earth did their three-month mute button end? Well, there can be only one rationale reason. Their poll numbers are in free fall.

The best way to read the 2020 US Presidential election polls is to simply study what the Democrats say and do. If they are silent at times of rioting and looting, they are appeasing their crazed hard left billionaire donor base and polling well. If, as is the case right now, they are pretending to be against the violence after three months of silence, it’s a clear indication that Trump is winning on the Law and Order issue.

Kenosha – A Tale of Two Visits

The Democrats told President Trump to stay out of Kenosha. Which of course meant that he gambled and came. And as usual Trump’s contrarian bet paid off. Good crowds formed along the ashen ruins of the riot destroyed city. Trump called out the Democrats for appeasing the riots and vowed for law and order.

Joe Biden then read his falling poll numbers and chased Trump’s tail to Kenosha two days later. A couple of supporters were on hand. Later at a question and answer session an African-American citizen said that she refused to use the scripted question she was dictated to ask. Biden pandered in an embarrassing way to black Americans. Increasingly African-Americans are seeing through Democrat rhetoric as they increasingly suffer under their rule.

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