Week 5 Ugly Dog Picks

Week 5 Ugly Dog Picks

If you want to win money betting NFL games then you need to be willing to take teams no one else wants to bet. I refer to these teams as ugly dogs and you really have to hold your nose sometimes when you bet on them, but history has shown that going against the public works. We are off to a good start this season, going 11-6 in the first month of the season and the great news about Week 5 is that the one team that has hurt us, the Miami Dolphins, are on a bye week. Let’s take a look at the Week 5 Ugly Dog picks.

Week 5 Ugly Dog Picks

Washington Redskins +15.5 vs. New England Patriots

The race to the bottom of the NFL could be interesting this season, as there are quite a few really bad teams. We haven’t won a game yet this season taking the Dolphins, so it is good they have a bye this week. The problem for us is that the Redskins look almost as bad. The difference is that the Redskins do have some talent. The Redskins have some major question marks at quarterback, so we don’t even know who is starting this week between Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins or possibly even Colt McCoy. What we do know is that Jay Gruden can’t coach and that he will screw up this offense regardless of who is under center. The Patriots should win this game going away, but this is still the NFL and anything is possible. This one is ugly, but that is the point of this column, so we’ll take the Redskins plus the points as an ugly dog.

New York Jets +14 at Philadelphia Eagles

The Jets were thought to be a good team before the season began, but they now look as bad as ever. They might be improved if Sam Darnold comes back this week, but we probably won’t know that until later in the week. Regardless, the Jets are going into Philadelphia to face a superior Eagles team. Very few people will want anything to do with the Jets this week on the road, regardless of whether or not Darnold plays. The Jets are one of the teams that have yet to win a game this season and it seems unlikely they will win this week. The Eagles are going to be very popular with the public so that helps our cause a little bit and keep in mind we just need the Jets to cover the spread. We’ll take the Jets plus the points as an ugly dog.

Denver Broncos +6.5 at Los Angeles Chargers

Do you realize that the Broncos are 0-4 and tied with Miami, Cincinnati and Washington for the worst record in the NFL? Not many people saw this one coming, as the Broncos brought in Joe Flacco to upgrade the offense. Flacco looks like he is done and there is no doubt that Vic Fangio is not cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. The Broncos got bad news this week when it was announced that defensive end Bradley Chubb would miss the rest of the season. Will the Broncos rally around and play well this week after losing one of their best players or will they just roll over? Many times a team will rally after losing a key player, but Denver has more problems than just losing Chubb. What helps us in this game is that it is a divisional game and the Chargers are nothing special. Los Angeles is just 2-2 and they don’t inspire a ton of confidence. It seemed unlikely that the Broncos would be a team we would have in this column before the season began, but that is the case after four weeks. We’ll take the Broncos as an ugly dog in Week 5.

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